Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 67
Don't go, don't give up, don't let go of me.



My mind kept replaying what happened earlier-- how my mom and dad told me about what happened in the past while I was kissing Ethan; how my flesh was woven with the same DNA as his, how I was conceived in the same womb as he was, how my mother and his father had fallen in love at the wrong time, how it was considered forbidden because on how my grandparents used to despise Carlos, Ethan's dad-- my dad, and how they have waited years until they meet again, and decided to marry each other after being separated for so long-- after raising their kids as if they never knew each other, as if they both had different parents because they were raised to think that way.


Being inlove with Ethan was so sinfull in all ways, but it made no sense to me how it would be wrong to say that being with him feels so right and that nothing else mattered when I was with him. Isn't that this kind of love was something that could never go wrong? He was family-- and isn't it that family love was always so indestructible? He was the right one for me, in my opinion that is. But then... "How am I supposed to hold on, when you're the one letting go?" I whispered through his ear as he ran his hand up my inner thighs. I was so ready-- ready to surrender everything that I have just to make him stay. But maybe, just maybe, I was being unreasonable.


He stopped touching me, and I felt his body move away from mine. "N-no!" I cried desperately. "D-don't stop!" I grabbed him around his neck and hugged him close, slamming his body against mine. "Don't go, don't give up, don't let go of me..."


"Lexi, but I'm--" He tried to say, but I cut him off immediately.


"You're my brother! My mom told me! Dad told me! But who cares? No one has to know! no one has to care!" I said, sobbing again. He grabbed my hand and pulled it away from him, fully distancing himself from me as he sat down.


"Alexine this isn't right, it was never right." He said calmly. "And you know that." He reached for my hand, helping me sit up from the pile of clothes that was now scattered on the floor. "But... Please don't blame yourself for it. I'm the one who's older, I should've known better than for it to go this far."


I reached for his hand and let him help me up, and wiped my tears as I sat down. "Are you... Saying that I'm childish."


"No," He said as he wiped my tears with the back of his hand. "Still, Lexi, it's not right. Those feelings that you have, it will go away soon enough. When I'm not around, you won't have to feel that--love."


I stared at him, and at that moment my eyes seemed to have gotten tired from crying. It all felt pointless. My tears wouldn't fall anymore, even though I still felt like crying, what overwhelms me is the feeling that somewhere inside me, a huge hole has been carved deep, leaving me broken--incomplete.


I hated Ethan.

I hated my brother.




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