Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 65
You're no fair.



"1..2...3..." I murmured as I counted the bags I had to bring just to be able to bring the necessary things I needed to survive college and being away from home. Being away from home was harder this time, eversince I had the reason to actually stay. Homesick isn't probably the right thing I'd be feeling once I get out of here, but more like Alexinesick.


I've made her hate me a lot, and I was hoping that it was enough for her to forget about me and get on with her life. I knew she'd find someone better, someone she can rightfully have-- someone who isn't her brother-- someone who isn't me.


But maybe today I could be nice to everyone, especially to Lexi. But then being nice to her might just make her sadder than ever, and that's one thing I don't really want to happen.


I heard a faint knock on my door.


"Come in." I said, without even bothering to ask who it was, or to stand up amongst the pile of clothes and my bags.


"Ethan." She said, coming up behind me after she locked the door.


"What's up?" I said without turning to look at Lexi. I just kept grabbing my neatly folded clothes and stuffing it all in my bag.


"You're no fair." She said as she sat beside me on the floor. "I was hoping that I'd be the first person you'd say goodbye to. I feel unloved." She said in a soft whiny voice, trying to sound all cute and jolly. But I knew her well enough to see through it.


"You're the last person I'd want to say goodbye to, Lexi." I said without even thinking, and I deeply regretted it.


"True." She said softly. "Since I was actually the last person who knew about it."


I dropped the clothes I was holding and turned to look at her. "I guess this is goodbye."


She stared at me with her eyes gleaming with tears and pain, and I couldn't help myself but grab her-- and kiss her.


I felt her lips quiver, but I kept my lips locked on to hers, my fingers trying to wipe every tear that seemed to fall endlessly in her eyes.


I felt my heart break.


I heard her heart shatter.


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