Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 64
I trust Ethan.



 Days had passed, and I didn't bother to ask my parents about the truth. I just went through my daily life. I skipped breakfast, I skipped dinner, and so did Ethan. The house was always quiet, my parents never really asked for bonding time with all of us. A good idea, maybe. No one really told me about Ethan leaving either, nor did I ask any of them about it.

I hated goodbyes.

I hated letting go.

"Heya." Irvine nudged me on my rib. I looked sideways to look at him, his face gleaming with yellow and orange because of the sunset. "Tomorrow's judgement day. What's your plan? And-- What's my part in it?" He smiled, as if he meant it to be contagious so I'd smile back.

I gripped the metal railings tightly, not because I felt like I wanted to jump on our school's rooftop, but because... I don't really know. "I have no idea." I said with all honesty. "Say goodbye. Move on. Get on with our lives. That kinda thing."

Irvine looked away, and so did I. I let the wind mess my hair up, for some reason it felt nice against my skin. I felt so brittle, yet so strong. Two feelings that aren't supposed to blend in one. 

 "Move on, huh." He murmured. "No one really moves on unless you go through the process of acceptance. And by that, I meant that you should really ask your parents about it."

I chuckled, almost too softly that it was probably just me who heard it. "You know, Irvine." I looked at him in the eye. "I trust Ethan. If he thinks what he's doing is right, then it probably is."



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