Souls for Whom Jesus Died (NZ)
Author: Inventunus

Chapter 2
Prompted through a Dream

I had learned the importance of the Spirit of Jesus prompting me, four years before the Bank Guard, in a rural area of New Zealand. We got to know Dr Harry and his wife Sue. They were friendly to us but were unbelievers, initially quite opposed to Jesus. As time wore on and our friendship developed there was a softening but still a reserve about any talk related to God.


One night in the mid 1990s, God gave me a dream in which I went to Sue, shared with her the gospel and she gave her life to Jesus. I woke that morning and felt a divine imperative to speak to Sue that morning. Initially I tried to argue with the Lord. Who is ever led by dreams these days? Sue hadn’t been soft towards the gospel before. Why should she be any different today? What about Harry? He was the more opposed of the two and what would he think of me talking to his wife about Jesus? His surgery was at home, what’s more. But the conviction in my spirit grew and I knew I had to go. The one small consolation I remembered was that on a Thursday Harry was usually out of the area doing a locum.


I phoned Sue, received permission to visit, sat her down at her kitchen table & asked if I could show her a small booklet about the gospel & what that meant. She said I could. Praise God. I’d only just begun when H walked into the kitchen. “Hello Murray,” he said. “What are you doing here today?” I replied that I was talking with Sue about a few things. He was in a hurry out so didn’t ask me what things! It took about an hour to explain and almost at the conclusion, Harry arrived home, looked in on us and said, “Murray, you’re still here! What are you talking about?” With a quick arrow prayer, I replied honestly that I was telling Sue about Jesus. Without hesitating Harry replied, “Oh, is that all? Perhaps you should be talking to me instead?” It was a strange reply and I asked him what he meant. Harry replied, “My father died in the UK yesterday.” Harry was wanting some sympathy and I gave it to him then (& several days later when my wife & I visited them both. He wasn’t, I discovered then, really interested in the gospel.) With that, he left Sue and I, and returned to his office.


 I asked Sue if she’d understood everything, believing she had for she was an intelligent woman & had been asking questions along the way. She nodded. I showed her the sinners prayer at the back & explained what it was asking. I told her I’d love it if she could pray this prayer from her heart and receive Jesus. But I sensed she needed time to think this through carefully on her own so I prayed with her and left her. All through the day I interceded for Sue.


The following morning I drove my car down to the local primary school to take the Bible-in-Schools lesson. About to get out of my car, I saw Sue drive up to drop her children off. I paused. She caught my eye, came over to my car and I greeted her. She smiled and said quietly, “I said the prayer last night, Murray.” My spirit leapt in me. “What prayer was that, Sue?” I asked, giving her an opportunity to tell someone (me) about her decision. “To receive Jesus into my life.”


Without the dream, I would have avoided sharing the gospel, reasoning Sue was not ready. I had underestimated the powerful moving of the Lord in her life. The Lord needed someone to go to Sue and He chose me, through a dream. What had I learned? The same thing as I later learned speaking to John at the bank. Lesson 1: Run with the initial first thought (“share the gospel with S.”) Warning: Watch out, after the first thought, for subsequent thoughts which Satan will quickly throw in to put me off. Action: If there is any way I can start a conversation with a stranger, do it now.


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