The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 26
chapter 26

Lauranna and Cantalile had worked hard though the night, chanting and chanting as they tried to close the portal completely. When that failed, they regrouped their efforts, streamed their magics together and focused once more on moving the portal.   

It shouldn’t have been such a difficult task, but something seemed to be holding it in place. After several long, exhausting hours of nonstop chanting; the two were at last successful and managed to return the portal to its original location in the middle of a deserted field.

They attempted one more time in vain to close to portal but were given no reward for their efforts. At last giving up and exhausted from their struggles, they collapsed on the floor of the seers room in a deep, nightmarish slumber.

In the morning, Cantalile, her advisor and Falfa left to round up the rest of the sorceresses and prepare for the mortal’s arrival. They couldn’t obliterate them on first contact because that meant destroying Brine and Taddy. The last thing they wanted to do was kill Taddy and because of this, they were going to have to strategize and wait for the right moment to attack. 

Twenty four sorceresses waited in a circle around the portal, using their magic to blend in with the bushes, boulders and trees around them. 

They tuned their minds together, joining their magic as they waited. Ready to give the mental signal when the time was right.    

 For two days they waited in complete silence. They didn’t move, they didn’t sleep, they didn’t even notice when a bee landed upon their shoulder or a squirrel dropped a nut on one of their heads.

Twenty four sets of eyes never once left the spot where they knew the first man would appear. Twenty four sets of hands waited with out-stretched fingers at their sides, the magic bubbling in their fingertips. Twenty four pairs of lungs moved up and down in unison as they waited. They were linked together; all in until the end. They were all separate; yet they were one.

The farm and the brown world that surrounded it came into view, lingering in the distance like a cloud of death. Brine was thankful he was on the horse because he was sure that if he had of been marching, his legs would of given out at the sight of it.

 Haden Smiled as he rode up next to Brine and slapped him on the back, knocking the air out of his lungs as he strained to keep from colliding with Taddy. “Are you ready to conquer the worlds once and for all my boy? Riches beyond your wildest dreams lay within reach!”                                                     

Brine couldn’t speak but knew he had to play along. He forced a thin smile and nodded as he regained his composure.

Datameon, who demanded a horse the day before rode up and stopped next to Haden on the other side of Brine. He grinned a wicked little grin as he surveyed the landscape before allowing his eyes to rest on Brine. “I’ll take the sorceress now.” He said in a thin, seedy voice, staring hard at him in a menacing matter.

Brines eyes grew wide with the King’s. Haden looked at him then to Taddy as recognition suddenly flooded across his face.

“Sorceress?” He questioned, the anger rising in his tone.  “What do you mean sorceress?” Brine demanded, reaching to draw his sword. “I won’t tolerate blasphemy from a beggar.” He started to turn his horse toward Datameon, ready to behead the old man.

King Haden’s thick arm stopped him from venturing further. “Did you know about this commander?” He asked in a low and dangerous tone. 

“I most certainly did not.” He retorted, sitting tall in his saddle. “She is no sorceress; she is the unlawful Queen Valencia, outlaw and criminal.” “That is not Queen Valencia.” The old man cackled.                

”What do you mean?” Brine demanded, looking extremely offended. Inwardly, he could feel his entrails burn as they caught fire. Taddy had gone stiff in front of him. He wasn’t sure she was even breathing.  

King Haden leaned forward in his saddle, examining Taddy as if looking for the flaws in a near perfect diamond.  She shrank back at his gaze, trying her best to hide in Brine’s tunic. Her heart was pounding beneath her breast and she could barely breathe. She had no idea how the old man figured it out.

"How do you know?” Haden asked Datameon, his eyes never leaving her flesh as he examined her. Datameon cackled happily, moving from side to side in his saddle as he made himself more comfortable.  

“Two things.” He said. “First, she reeks of magic, but more importantly, her eyes are green.”

Brine snorted. “What does it matter if her eyes are green? Lots of people have green eyes.”

“True” He said, lifting a knobby, tan finger and pointing it at Brine. “But, Queen Valencia does not.” He added as he slid his finger to point at Taddy’s face. “I have been to Capance on several occasions. Traveling as I often do. Queen Valencia has eyes the color of her voice. Eyes that would freeze the hottest flames without hesitation. Her eyes are as blue as the sky and as cold as the snow.”

Haden’s gaze slowly started to make its way to Brine. His eyes doubled in size and his mouth wide open. “You knew?” he said, the anger frothing from his lips in deadly torrents.

Brine leaned back slightly in his saddle, as if trying to distance himself from the evil taint of magic. “I swear to you my king, I had no idea. She must have bewitched me. On my honor, I swear.” He was beginning to sweat beneath the heavy red and purple cloth. The sun was high overhead and the dusty air left his mouth dry.  

Haden’s hand was floating very slowly towards his weapon. His huge eyes glued to Brine and his mouth still agape. He rubbed his tongue across the tips of his top row of teeth as spittle formed in the corners of his wide open lips.

“What is your take on this Datameon. Do we have a traitor amongst us?”

“Just the sorceress as far as I can tell.” He replied in a happy, upbeat tone, obviously pleased with himself. “But why don’t we ask the little witch?”

Haden’s hand stopped moving towards his sword as the corners of his mouth started turning upward. “That’s a good idea. How about it sorceress? Is he helping you knowingly, or did you enchant him as well?” 

Taddy straightened herself up, throwing her shoulders back and pointing her long, slender chin in the air. “He knew nothing.” She said with a quiet calm. “It was all a part of my plan to capture you and take the world of the mortals for myself. I thirst for power and wealth. I long for control. It was my idea. This mortal was simply nothing but a mere pawn in my elaborate plans.”  

Datameon cackled. “Elaborate indeed. You have lost all your magic. How on earth would you ever take control of a mortal king without it? Nothing but a stupid, ignorant women. That’s what you are. Magic or no magic. In the end, all you women are the same.”  

Taddy’s green eyes blazed with fury. She had to think fast. “I was planning on taking control through the power of seduction. First I was working on this idiot behind me.” She said, thrusting her head back to indicate Brine. His cheeks turned red with the sting of her words.  

“Once I had him under my thumb and longing for more and more of my touch, I was going to turn him against the King. It was my desire to make him kill the King in the middle of the night. I already planted a seed of loyalty in his head the first moment I laid eyes on him, when my magic was still strong. It was almost mine old man. I would have had the mortal world within the week if you hadn’t of ruined everything. I will have your skin for this when we go back through the portal.” Her green eyes burned red with hate. The venom dripped from her tongue like thick droplets of blood as she mentally ripped Datameon apart; limb by limb causing him to falter and disconnect from her gaze.                                          

Haden took a step back, aghast at the things she just said. Repulsed by how in-depth her plans were and how close to death he was. “We cannot go through the portal with her still alive. We need to kill her now before she gets her power back and kills me!” Haden said, his large gut heaving up and down with fear as he eyed her cautiously.

Datameon threw his head back and burst into hysterics, almost falling off of his horse as he roared in laughter. The horse shifted uncomfortably and whinnied as it tried to get Datameon to stop thrashing on its back.  

“She couldn’t harm a bug!” He giggled in glee, still twisting about as he neglected to try and control his fun. “She said that so you would kill her! If we kill her, then anyone waiting on the other side of the portal will show no refrain and blow us to pieces the moment we step through. She is our leverage! Give her to me so that I can use her to shield us once we make it through. As long as I have her to protect my body, I can weave my magic and we will be victorious! There is nothing those sorceresses could do to stop me! I am Datameon. I am the oldest living Sorcerer in the history of the magical lands. I have unbelievable amounts of power stored inside my body that I could not use here. Give me the sorceress and I will bind her magic. Give her here and we will be victorious. Those sorceresses will have no choice but to bow before their rightful king! Listen to me, do as I say and you will be able to breed a whole city of Sorcerers as great as I!”

Haden let the air out of his lungs as his thoughts won over to a feeling of ecstasy. Everything he had been taught as a child about joining the magical world to his own and conquering it was finally coming true. Soon he would be the most powerful thing to ever walk the face of life itself. Soon he would command more power, more magic, and more wealth than he ever thought imaginable, then he would breed a whole army of powerful Sorcerers and they would capture the Girelight. Then he could use her magic and align every planet in the universe. Then he would rule them all! 

Datameon, happy with the king’s reaction directed his horse toward Brine and came to rest next to him. “The girl.” He said, holding out his hand to pull her in front of him. Every fiber of Brine screamed not to let her go, but common sense told him this was a life or death situation. He untied her from his saddle and pushed her roughly over to Datameon. He grabbed her by her bound arms and roughly yanked her on to his mare. She let out a grunt with the force, but otherwise did not react. She stared straight ahead towards the barn, refusing to look Brine or anyone else in the eye. Her lips were set in a tight line and her Black hair lay unmoving against her dirty red dress and pale white skin. 

“Whose side are you on?” Haden’s voice cut through Brine like a hot knife. He glanced over at the king who was staring at him with deadly intent. He took in a long, deep breath before putting on a pompous air.

“Yours of course.” He said with confidence, giving Taddy a hateful glare. “Your no longer under the sorceress’s spell?”

“No majesty. I wish nothing more than to see her dead on the ground.” He replied. His voice laden with hate.

Haden glanced over to Datameon who sat watching them intently as he stroked Taddy’s thick locks. Disgust evident in her face and tightly shut eyes at his touch. Datameon slowly closed his eyes and nodded gently that Brine spoke the truth. A content smile on his lips. “Good.” Said Haden. “Then let’s get a move on.”

As Haden and his army of over three hundred thousand men started lurching toward the Barn; wild screams assaulted them from the bushes and trees surrounding them.                                                                           

In the distance, men and women broke free of their cover and came charging at Haden’s army like the plague. Before they even reached them, flying spears and arrows started raining down on the King’s men.                                                                                                                                                                                         Mass chaos erupted as men who had been struck toppled to the earth while their comrades suddenly broke formation to meet with the oncoming foe, not even bothering to wait for their orders.                

Before they could get more than a few feet, Datameon started shrieking at the top of his lungs. “Stop! Stop! It’s a waste of energy! We can’t afford to waste time and effort on these wretches! We will deal with them when we come back! Cease the attack and turn around!”                                                                       

Spittle flew from his red face in fury as he tried desperately to stop the soldiers from attacking. They were wasting time and they were already exhausted from the constant onslaught of the last few days, having lost near to fifty thousand men due to the surprise attacks from their opponents.                                         

They had done their best not to engage, but rather to keep moving. Datameon continuously had to tell the king that they were nothing but bothersome flies in the grand scheme of things and a couple of fallen men was worth saving the rest of the armies’ strength to fight the sorceresses.                                       

Brine and Haden, as well as several of his other commanding officers barked out orders to stop their men. At last, they finally got everyone to start turning in the right direction. Once they saw that their men were following orders, Datameon took the lead and charged ahead toward the barn, Haden and Brine on his heels as the rest of the army tagged along in hot pursuit.                                 

Datameon ran through the open barn doors and straight toward the wall of the barn. Although Haden frowned and tried to slow his horse at the prospect of running into the barn door; he’d already gained too much momentum and could not stop himself in time. He closed his eyes and gripped the reigns of his horse tight as he braced himself for a painful collision, but it did not come.

When he realized that the horse was still running even after it should have smacked into the barn wall, he opened his to a pitch black world.  He could hear horse hooves and the cries of surprised soldiers behind him, but could see nothing. He called out for Datameon. In the distance he could hear Datameon instruct him to keep going.                                                                                                                          Soon the air around him was filled with the deafening sound of feet slamming onto the ground and confused soldiers yelling out. “Keep going” Brine’s voice called through the darkness. “Keep going!” One of the commanders echoed.                                                                                                                                               Datameon was beside himself as he raced through the blackness. It had been a long time. Hundreds of mortal lifetimes since he was last here. He could barely contain his excitement as he pushed his boney body into Taddy’s warm flesh. She cringed at his touch. Unlike Datameon; she was not eager to go back. She knew what was waiting once they reached the other side and it wasn’t pleasant.  

They ran as fast as they could through the pitch blackness that enveloped them. After an indiscernible amount of time; a white light appeared in the distance, shedding a precious small amount of light upon the charging men.   

It was soon followed by more lights of oranges and yellows. They appeared not only overhead, but on both sides of the thin, spider web like platform beneath their feet as well, lighting up the area just enough so that everyone around them could see the silhouette of their comrades and avoid any more of the nasty collisions that had already taken place several times in the pitch blackness.

The white translucent ropes of the web like bridge materialized to the sides of them, arcing up high in the air and becoming more predominate under their feet.   

Brine could hear gasps of surprise and awe float up in the darkness as the thin lines shimmered of their own accord. “Keep going!” he commanded, looking around at the star infested universe.

Here and there, two round balls identical in size dotted the starry landscape. Some were green, some swirled in orange and white stripes. Some were purple and others a dull blue with thick brown spots. Brine smiled at the eye like spheres remembering what Lauranna had told them about those being twin planets.

Up ahead, he could see Datameon and Taddy’s silhouettes as they galloped on. His heart ached for her. He let her down and now they were all going to die.

A sorcerer. The sorceresses said there was no such thing. That men in their world might have magic, but they could never possess that kind of ability. Obviously this man was dangerous. Brine hoped and prayed that he was faking the whole thing, but deep down he knew that Datameon was indeed a very powerful foe.    

His conscious pounded viciously inside of his brain. He knew that this man really was as treacherous as he seemed to think he was. Brine felt ill when he realized that he was following this monster into the sorceresses’ world where they would be waiting, completely unaware of the danger he was bringing to them. 

Then he thought about Keara and his heart gave out. He did everything he could think of to protect her. He thought she would be safe with the most powerful sorceress in the world, but if what Datameon said was true, then she was nothing more but a sitting duck. When Haden found her, he would rip her apart limb by limb and it was all Brine’s fault. He wept silently to himself in the near darkness as he clutched his heart. It was his job to protect her and he had failed. 

He thought about slaying Datameon and soon the idea over took him. Before he could even realize what he was doing, he dug his heels into his horse, urging it to go faster. He sunk low in his saddle and slowly started reaching for his sword, keeping his eyes fixated on the old man’s back as he drew ever closer.  

Right as his fingers touched the steel; the stars ahead suddenly began to vanish. Behind him, he could hear the rebel armies’ cries as they burst through the portal in hot pursuit.

The sounds of men being struck down rang through the atmosphere and filled his thoughts. He turned to see if he could see any of the fighting but realized he could not. He couldn’t see anything. As he turned back around in his saddle, looking for Datameon, he realized all of the stars were gone as well as the ropes of the bridge. He couldn’t see anything or anyone.

His ears were filled with the sounds of battle and his heart sank with realization that he was too late to kill the old man. By the time he found him, they would be in the world of magic and he would be defenseless.

Without warning, he was suddenly assaulted with bright, blinding light as a lush green meadow with mounds of wildflowers in shades of pure white and brick gold scattered here and there. Tall brooding trees with long sweeping branches and small, delicate leaves sped into view. A stream babbled in the back ground and the blue, blue sky smiled down on them. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. 

Up ahead, Datameon came to a complete stop. He was sitting tall in the stirrups, Taddy’s throat wrapped in one arm, a long silver blade pressed against her flesh. The sun glinted off of it, making it wink with a warning of death.  

Brine froze at the sight of her as Datameon scoured the empty field with murder in his eyes. Behind them, men spilled from the invisible portal like water tumbling off a cliff. They were still running but slowed down at the sudden change in scenery. They stood wherever they stopped, staring around at the empty landscape as if waiting for ghosts to appear. Other than the noises from the incoming army and the babbling stream, the land around them lay quiet and still, as if in a great and peaceful slumber.

They waited and waited as Datameon continued to stare out into the nothingness. No orders were given and no one moved from where they landed.

An hour passed as more and more men continued to spill out of the portal. Still, they waited. The field was filling up and soldiers swelled the center, trickling out onto the sides and covering the grass like a blanket. More time passed and more even still, until finally, the rebel army made their way to the portal. They tumbled out, still fighting those unlucky enough to get in their way.  

The sorceresses who watched them come watched as men and women, boys and girls piled out and continued attaking fiercely. The soldiers lost track of staring at nothing and turned to fight them. Haden, Brine, Taddy and Datameon remained still, staring at the landscape with full intensity and ignoring the battle behind them.

“Now.” Lauranna’s thoughts rippled through her sister’s minds. They all slowly lifted their hands as one, casting a powerful spell as they tried desperately to connect with Taddy. They found her energy and connected themselves to it as each thought about her part of the spell.

When the time was right, they directed their spell not at the fighting masses nor at King Haden, but rather towards Datameon himself. They threw the spell at him, imagining a glowing ball of blue and white energy. It materialized as it hit the atmosphere and raced toward Datameon, skirting Taddy as it locked on to him; but mid-way through, something went wrong and it changed direction, heading back toward the sorceresses with deadly precision.

Datameon thoughts cut through theirs. “Did you really think her magic was her own?” they heard him say. Every sorceress paled, their skin turning almost translucent as they realized their mistake. 

The deadly ball of energy hit the ground in the center of them and burst apart with a large booming sound. It exploded on impact as fatal shockwaves sped in each of their directions.


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