The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 24
chapter 24

Cantalile shrieked in horror and Lauranna’s breath caught in her throat. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “It didn’t work!” She wailed, her white face flushing even whiter until it almost looked transparent.   

“Brine and Taddy failed to stop them!” “No. They stopped them from destroying the mortal world. It’s a start.” Lauranna said, correcting Cantalile in a matter of fact mother like tone. The same tone she used so many times with Dana when she was still little more than a girl.

“They are going to come right through the portal. Quickly, we must find a way to close it. It’s been a month and it is still open.” Lauranna was barely listening. She had turned a sickening shade of grey as she sucked on her fingertips. The reality of the situation hitting her in waves of disbelief and horror. 

 “I don’t know how to close it.” She whispered at long last. Cantalile just about fainted. “But the entrance leads right into the palace.” She said; choking on fear as it wrenched its way up her throat. 

“Maybe Taddy can stop them once they reach the bridge.” “Will she have her magic back by then?” “I don’t know. We don’t have any information on that.” “Can you see it in the glass?” “You know that’s impossible, the glass only shows us certain events at certain times between our world and theirs. We cannot control images that have not appeared yet and we cannot see the bridge between our worlds.”

“But there must be something we can do?” “I don’t know Cantalile, I am at a loss." Maybe we need to ask Dana.”

“No!” Lauranna yelled, jumping up from her chair. “Dana will be furious. She will have us all. I can move the portal. I swear I can. I brought it here in the first place; we just have to move it back. There is no reason to alert Dana until after the portal has been moved out of the castle walls.”

“But how did they even know about the portal in the first place?” Cantalile whined. “I don’t know.” Lauranna answered, on the verge of tears.

“But if we can at least move the portal, then when they come through, we can stop them. Remember, we are sorceresses and they are naught but mere mortals.” “But what if some of them have our blood?” “They won’t know how to use it.” “But what if they do?”

Cantalile and Lauranna stared at each other for a long, excruciating moment. “Then we must prepare for war.” Lauranna said at last. “Call all the sorceresses. The time has come to protect our home. At least this time we do not have to worry about losing our magic to mortal soil.”

“Who is he?” Dana’s cold, hard voice ripped through the room like a dragon through a horse’s flesh. Cantalile and Lauranna’s blood ran so cold, that they could feel it freezing inside their veins.               

“Who is he?” She asked again, crossing the threshold of the seer’s room and coming to rest inches from the glass. Her eyes were fixed on the thin old man with the shiny bald head and the mummy like white tunic that hung off his brittle bones. 

"I don’t know.” Lauranna thought, her teeth chattering, in too much fear to physically answer her little sister.

“He is a magic man.” Dana said, gazing at him, almost as if in a trance as he watched him laugh and joke with the pudgy king.

“But he is just a man.” Cantalile recanted. “There is no need to worry over a man.”

 “He is going to destroy my flowers.” She said, snaking around the table as she observed the glass from every angle possible. “I don’t like him.”

“We will take care of him.” Lauranna said out loud, trying her best to regain her cool composure. “

Don’t let him touch my flowers.” She said, deadly warning in her eyes as she stole her sister’s breath.  

“What would you have us do, my Queen?” Cantalile asked as Dana turned to leave the room. She spun in fury to face her, her long red tresses flaming around her.

“I will not have any part in this. I don’t care how you handle it, so long as my flowers do not suffer, I do not care what you do. They are men, you are sorceresses. You deal with it! War is not nice or pretty. War is petty and for the ignorant. I will not allow war in my lands. Ask them nicely to go home. Maybe they will listen!”

She stormed out of the room, slamming the doors as she left. The room shook with her anger and the images in the glass began wavering, threatening to burn out. Lauranna quickly put her hand on the glass to steady it. She didn’t need it going out right now. There was no way Dana would be willing to relight it and she didn‘t know how.

Once Dana was well out of ear shot, Cantalile turned on Lauranna. “Ask them nicely to go away! Is she mad?” Lauranna drew a long breath, her chest rising several inches as she did before she slowly let it back out.

“She is young and naive. She has never had to deal with serious threats. She doesn’t want to think that she will have to go to war. She cannot cope with the thought of death and dying.”

“Maybe we need to let that man hurt her flowers. Then maybe she will be angry enough to stop the mortals.” Cantalile suggested as she scowled in the direction Dana had disappeared

“Stop it. I will move the portal back to its original location, but I need your help. We shall call the sorceresses together and once they are with us, we will wait for the mortals. They won’t get far and Taddy’s magic should be back by then so she can attack them from the inside.” She grabbed Cantalile’s pale, slender white hand.

“We can do this.” She said, looking her deep in the eyes as she rubbed her fingers across the bones and tendons just below the surface of her skin. “We don’t have a choice.”


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