The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 23
chapter 23

King Haden always thought himself a smart man. The smartest man he’d ever met. He relished in that idea. He was King, he was smart, he was powerful and he would soon control the entire world. His father and his grandfather before him and his great grandfather before that and so on and so on until he lost track completely of how many people it really was had talked about the aligning of the two worlds.                

When he was a young boy; he was forced to study it for hours every day. Four thousand years ago, his family did something very, very stupid. They killed the sorceress. Instead of using her to learn about the bridges between the worlds, they burned her at the steak and because of their stupidity, she escaped.

Although they let the sorceress escape, King Kalip was not completely daft. He knew that somewhere out there in the emptiness between the worlds, she was floating around. They had seen her from time to time. In the middle of a war field, at the bed side of a sick and dying man. She would come. She took them when they died. Took their souls. It was believed that she ate them to exact her revenge on those who wronged her.   

They tried to capture her but no one ever managed to do it. As the years passed, they saw her less and less. Although Haden’s father saw her once on a battlefield, Haden had never seen her. It didn’t matter though. At this point and time, he knew he couldn’t capture her. She was too strong and she was magic. He was just a man; for now.

King Kailp knew there was a chance that she wasn’t the only one among them from the other world. They found a couple of them on a few chance and rare occasions. But none were sorceresses. Some said they had small magical capabilities, but none of them could use them in the mortal world. They wandered through the portals on accident, or came down for a little fun and got stuck.  Some came because they were ready for a change.

The castle did their best to sound them up. They pumped them for information and learned everything they could. Soon after they burned the sorceress; it became clear that the most powerful people in their world were women, Haden’s ancestor, King Kalip put out a decree that all women were evil. It was a genius idea. It empowered the kingdom and allowed Kalip to take control of a very large portion of the world in a very short period.

At the same time, it stripped all power away from the women. If there was a sorceress among them, they would find her. She would be flushed out by her natural instinct to lead and control the masses. To fight back and protect the women that were now considered criminals. Then they would capture her and use her.

Those who they captured from the other world proved to be most peculiar. They did not age the same as the inhabitants of the mortal world. They aged at a much slower rate, out living generations of kings.  

They were pumped for information or experimented on to see if the magic could be extracted and used. Over the years, throughout Kalip’s great grandson’s reign as well as his son’s and grandson’s, they bred with the people from the other world, trying to create a magical being in their own world without success. 

Eventually, there were no more magical beings from the other world in the royal dungeons. Those who bred with his ancestors lived and died the same as the rest of the people in his own world. There was one, however, that managed to survive. He was one of the original people who had traveled through the portals. His name was Datameon. 

Datameon had escaped from the castle when he was rather young. A small boy when he ventured through with his mother, who was a witch. Kalip’s men captured both of them but the boy was stick thin and slipped through his shackles, escaping into the woods.

They spent years searching from him but they never found him. He wasn’t too much of a concern. He was only a small boy and therefore incapable of causing any damage. Chances were the wolves had long since made a small and quick meal out of him.

Soon after Haden came to power, he raided a village in the east, easily over taking them and joining the lands to his growing empire. He sentenced everyone in the town to death for resisting his rule.  While his soldiers raided the town and rounded everyone up, Haden lost himself in thought, the taste of victory still sweet on his tongue. The desire for more drawing his eyes to the woods and in the direction he assumed the next town would be.

Even though he couldn’t see the town through the thick, dark trees the whiteness of the fugitive’s clothing did nothing to camouflage him as he tried to sneak away. Enraged that this man thought he could outwit the king, but excited at the prospect of a chase, he eagerly dove into the woods after him.

It wasn’t much of a game, when the old man heard the king’s footsteps, he stopped in his tracks, throwing his scrawny, weather beaten arms across his face and dropping to his knees. Disappointed that the man hadn’t given chase, the king thought to execute him on the spot, but as he drew his sword, the old man at his feet begged for the king’s mercy; muttering something about King Kalip, the portal and not running anymore. Stunned that anyone walking the earth in this era other than he himself knew about King Kalip, Haden stopped, the sword poised above his head, glistening venomously as the blade grew impatient to taste fresh blood.

“What is the meaning of this?” He hissed, rage and curiosity intertwining themselves like vines engulfing a trellis. “How do you know about my grandfather?” he asked, too lazy to figure out just how many greats should have been placed in front of the word grandfather.

“My name is Datameon.” I am three thousand eighty five years old.” He had said, throwing Haden off guard. The grand blade trembled in his hand, the tip dipping towards the old man’s exposed shoulder. He shuddered as he watched it, but didn’t dare try to run.

“Then the stories are true.” Haden whispered, his eyes as large and dark as boulders. Datameon studied the king’s reaction and slowly grew bolder. “I know what you seek.” He told Haden. In a dark and sinister tone. “Soon the time will come.”

Although magic could not exist in the mortal world, it could fester. There were things every now and then that could survive the normal tribulations of men. Datameon was one of those things.  

Haden looked down at the small man who had straightened himself into a crouching position and moved several feet away from the menacing blade. “Do you know where the portal will be and when?” He asked hopefully. 

Datameon shook his bald, shiny head in the negative. “But I know the time is growing close. Let me live and when the time is right, I will help you find it. All I ask in return is a chance to help destroy the High Queen Sorceress myself. If it wasn’t for her grandmother, I would have never been stuck here. My mother wouldn’t of been captured and tortured by those despicable soldiers. I have spent near to the last four thousand years looking for a way back. I have lost my chance at a normal, happy life because of what those stupid women did. Please, grant me my life and I will grant you their kingdom.”

Haden couldn’t believe his luck. For years he studied the documentation about the magical people and his families’ endless quest to create one of their own. There had been long, countless hours wasted that he spent locked in his father’s bed chambers, memorizing and imprinting every last detail of their family history.

King Kalip tried to take over the entire world. He was on a mission and doing quite well, razing cities and killing protesters. He more than doubled the size of his kingdom in less than half a year, but then that sorceress came and ruined his army.

She destroyed most of his forces and immobilized them, keeping them from taking over the rest of the world. When they brought her down and burned her body, her soul escaped, but it was charred by the fires, blackened as it exited her corpse. The evil taint of it killed several of the bystanders, taking their white, pure souls with it.

Kalip seized the opportunity to bring his people under his thumb. He decreed all women in power to be corrupt, evil beings who would do the same to anyone who got in their way if they were not controlled. By doing this, he gained control of his men, created a shared feeling of worry and panic, and brought everyone together in the fight for a common cause.

“Protect your children from yourselves because the devil may have already stolen your soul!” He told the women. It worked perfectly and over time, his army regrouped, doubling in size. The empire grew and grew. Everyone was happy to follow his rule because they believed his word would keep them safe from themselves.

Over the next four thousand years, Kalip’s massive empire had broken away; some fighting back against the ruler of the time, others simply forgotten about. When Haden took over, the kingdom was the smallest it had been in well over four thousand years.

Haden hated that. He wanted a massive empire. Like Kalip; he wanted the world, but unlike Kalip, he wanted more than that. The prospect of ruling both worlds made him as giddy as a small boy receiving his first real sword.

Datameon was an interesting man, small and boney, bent with age and dressed in a most peculiar way, always refusing the luxury of shoes. He had a youthful quality about him and that strange little leather pouch that seemed to hold a lot more than any bag ever should. He never appeared to go hungry or without, even though he refused aid from Haden and was little more than a pile of old knotted bones. The bag was magical, Haden knew it had to be, but Datameon refused to let him even touch it.

“If you touch it, it won’t work anymore.” He said. “It hasn’t been tainted like everything else.” Haden didn’t know what that meant, but any time he asked, Datameon denied him a reasonable answer. It didn’t matter to Haden though. He needed Datameon and Datameon needed him.  Now the time had come for him to make good on his promise and Haden was quite satisfied with that. 

Soon he would have the world of the sorceresses. Soon, he would be able to learn the ways of magic. Then he would capture Girelight and force her to help him take over the universe.


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