A summer to remember
Author: bexielouisee

Chapter 1
The news

"So, what are your plans for summer 2012?" My best friend Emily asks me, laying beside me on my double bed.
"Nothing. I think I just might stay in my bedroom all Summer." I pause. "Apart from getting food."
"Ooo, maybe you could go in hybernation for the Summer, I would join ya but I've got a job to do."
"Damn job."
"I know right, sucks, I can't believe my Mother made me apply for McDonalds!"
I laugh then immediatly stop when she sends me a death glare. Working at McDonalds is so not Emily's ideal work place, she would rather work at a beauty salon or fashion boutique, not in a stuffy kitchen, with loads of other greasy fingered strangers rushing around and sweating.
"Yeah, all that grease on the surfaces-."
"EW! Okay please stop, you go get a job at McDonalds then!"
"Maybe I will." I shout over my shoulder, jumping off the bed and grabbing my Ipod off my desk, flipping through different songs.
"Sure, I'd love to see that." She huffs. "Ohh I love this song! Turn it up!" She squeels as I put on a Greenday song and starts jumping on my bed. I join her air guitaring on my bed with the music full blast, whipping my long blonde hair all over the place.
The door swings open and an anoying Mother stands in the door way. I jump off my bed and run over to turn off the stereo. "Abigail how many times do I have to yell at you to keep the noise down?"
Emily climbs off the bed and stands next to me looking innocent. "Um...once?" I say sweetly.
"You know that tone doesn't work with me, I have been shouting at you for 5 minutes!" Her brown eys glare daggers at me.
"Oh, sorry I didn't hear you."
"Yes, I know." And the awkward silence is apon us... I peek at Emily to see she's looking at the floor clearly uncomfortable and then look at Mum who is still staring at me but with a smile this time. What?
"So, I was just on the phone with Micheala Tate, you remember Micheala right Abby?" She looks excited now.
"The one who used to live across the road from us?" We always used to go on holidays with the Tate family every summer up until 6 years ago when they moved to Scottland, now we only speak to them once a couple of months and havn't seen them since. Mum was always on about visiting them but since we live far in the south and they live right up north we never really had the time to visit them.
"Yes, that's them, well since Lee has a break from Football at college and Dave can get time off work all the family are at home for the summer..." The last time I saw Lee he was 12 years old and annoying as hell, always teasing his brother, Alex, who I was quite close to at the time. Also Dave was 17 and was totally gorgeous even as a teenager with long, black, curly hair. He was the smart type who always revised for tests but playful aswell.
"Whats up Mum?" A sign for her to get to the point. It's always like this whenever she's explaining something.
"Were going on holiday with the Tates!" Okay now I'm shocked. I look at Emily wide eyed and she has the same expression as me then shrugs. I turn me to my Mum and see excitement in her eyes.
"Awsome!" I hug Mum and she squeezes me back tightly.
"Did I just hear that right!?" Claire, my older sister, shrieks, rushing into my room, nail file in hand.
"Yes honey! Were going on vacation with the Tates! Just like old times!" Mum says whilst hugging her. Except she doesn't look happy. She looks disgusted.
"But I was going to spend the summer with Trav!" Trav is her boyfriend who I swear only dates her because of her body.
"Well change of plans honey."
"Arghh! It better be somewhere hot!"
"Whats all this commotion?" Dad's voice booms from outside my door.
"Can you please get these people out of my room Daddy? Please?" I say sweetly. Yeah, I'm a Daddy's girl and I can literally get away with anything.
"So much for sisterly love." Claire roles her eyes and starts filing her freshly painted red nails.
"Beep beep! Comin' through!" Kellan, my younger brother, runs backwards in my room but doesn't look where he's going and knocks into my book shelf. It wobbles a little while everyone stares at it, waiting for it to come crashing down. It rocks from side to side still, not stopping, then falls with a loud crash into the large empty space on my bedroom floor and everyone watches. It's like it is going in slow motion in those films you see. My books are scattered everywhere, probably ruined no doubt.
"KELLAN! For christ sake can't you watch where your dumb ass is going!" I shout at him and begin picking up my books carefully, one by one, checking them for any rips.
"Oops..." He slowely walks backwards out of my room. That little ... Argh!
"Mum look at this!" I whine. I don't mean to sound like a spoilt brat but he did just knock all of my precious books over!
"Just pick them up, we'll talk about everything at dinner." She walks out, Claire behind her and with one glance over his shoulder, Dad follows. This is how it always is in our house hold. Man I need to get a lock.

"Dude, move your ass." Lee, my older brother, says shoving me over so that I knock the popcorn out of my hand and straight onto the wooden living room floor.
"What the hell! I was eating that popcorn!"
"Well now your not, stop bein' such a baby Al."
"Yeah. Dont worry I'll just get some more!" I shout sarcastically and stomp off to the kitchen.
Lee is always an annoying little prick and has been ever since I can remember him being in the family. The only time he's not taking the piss outta' me is when he's at college, which is when I'm at school so that's rarely. But he always thinks he's the big guy in the family and acts tough when really, he's a big baby. I bet his 'friends' don't see him whine to Mum or Dad when I switch over from his porn TV to Spongebob or the time when I totally kicked his ass that time in Call of Duty. If they had they never would have thought twice about being 'friends' with him.
I'm not this weak nerdy guy if thats what your thinking. I'm actually one of the popular kids in school, the guy every girl dreams of dating, not to sound big headed or anything, but that's the reality of it. I mean, I have girls throwing themselves at me 24/7 because of my looks or the fact that I'm on the Football team. But now it's Summer and I'm gonna spend my time indoors doing jack shit.
"Alex!" Leighanne, my younger sister, calls from somewhere upstairs.
"Tasha's not letting me play with Barbie!" Tasha is her twin, but acts the total opposite to Leighanne. Leighanne is kind sweet and shy, where as Tasha on the other hand is a little drama queen.
"Tasha! Don't make me come up there and eat you up!" I always do this, and everytime she thinks I would actually do it. It's actually quite funny.
"But I had Barbie first!" Tasha's high pitched voice sqeels.
"Learn to share!" I walk into the cupboard to find anymore popcorn and search for 10 minutes solid. No such luck. Stupid Lee.I guess I'll just have to starve.
"Whats up lil bro?" Dave, my older brother, says from behind which makes me jump outta my skin. I bang my head on the top of the cupboard whilst trying to get up.
"Fuck!" I rub the back of my head, feeling a throbbing pain.
"Woah! Your lucky Mum isn't here or she'll wash your mouth out with-."
"Soap and water, I know." I roll my eyes. He's an awsome bro but sometimes he can get to ... parental, just because he's 23 and has a upper class job and a model girlfriend. Okay, she isn't a model but she might as well be.
He rubs his hand over his short curly hair and gives me 'the look'. You know the one that clearly says 'don't mess with me'. Yeah that one. "Got any popcorn?"
"I was just lookin' for that, as Lee knocked mine all on the floor." I grimace.
"Tough luck, oh yeah, Mum told me to tell you-.
"Mummy's home!" Mum's voice shouts from the doorway. She's carrying heck loads of shopping bags and struggling through the door.
"You need help Mum?"
She looks over her pile of bags. "Please." Then gives me a warm smile. One of the things I can't do is stay mad at her. Only because I'm a Mummy's boy and would do anything for her. Whereas Dad, on the other hand, I try to avoid as much as possible. He always has his favourite of us kids, and I am most certainly not it.
I pick up some bags, which are extremely heavy, and take them into the kitchem. "What's all these bags for?"
"Oh didn't Dave tell you?" She glares at Dave and he shrugs.
"No...." I glance between Mum and Dave suspiciously.
"Honey you remember The Stevens family right?" Steven family .... think, think, where have I heard that name... Oh!
"Arn't they the one's who lived across the street from us?" We were always out playing with the kids from that family, doing campfires, toasted marshmellows, playing on bikes, riding down hills and every Summer we used to go on these awsome holidays together. Up until we moved to Scottland, the freaking coldest part of England.
"Yes, well I was speaking on the phone with Sue, whilst in town, and decided that since all of the family are home and so are theirs, were going to be going on holiday with them!" I raise my eyebrows. Well that was certainly a suprise... We have'nt seen them in 6 whole years! I wonder if.. "And you remember Abby don't you honey? I remember you both used to be joined at the hip!" She laughs at the same time as putting all the shopping away.
Abby was ... well she was one of my Best Friends and we spent most of the time together either having dinner around eachothers or playing at the park. "Yeah, sure, why?"
She smiles a sly and devious smile like she has some sort of plan. "Well, obviously she's going to be coming, it will give you both some time to catch up, talk about the old times you know?" She puts crisps in the cupboard. "Plus, you have both grown up, and believe me she has grown up nicely. Sue sent me a picture of the whole family, now where is it...." And starts throwing stuff out of her bag.
Despite the fact that I was gonna spend all holiday indoors, I'm actually kinda excited about seeing them all again. They were fun to hang around with. Abby used to have short blonde hair and these amazing blue eyes, she was fun and joyful. I guess I'll just have to find out how she's changed.

"You'll need bikini's, strappys, shorts, sunglasses..." Emily goes through the list whilst chucking me clothes from my wardrobe, some of which I didn't even know was in there. After our Family discussion, we've been told that were going to stay at the beach house we always used to rent out every Summer, Mum says it will be 'just like old times'.
"Em, is all this really necessary?"
She whips around faster than I can blink. "There will be loads of cute boys! Which reminds me, what's his name will be there ...." She continues to looks through my wardrobe. "Alex!"
"Huh?" I'm confused.
"Alex Tate, that guy you used to hang around with, remember?" Yep, I certainly do remember that guy. We spent every moment together but when they moved we just stopped speaking to eachother non stop. I wonder what he's like now... "Earth to Abby?"
"Right, uh yeah sure I remember him." I answer, trying not to sound too obvious.
"And that is why I'm helping you pack your clothes. You've got some hot stuff in here!" I roll my eyes. This is about a family reunion not a freaking summer romance!
"Whatever, just don't choose too many slutty clothes yeah?" I roll my eyes.
"Sure...." She mumbles from inside my closet.
We both pack my suitcase, whilst checking each item before putting them in, ready for the 2 week holiday on the beach. Some of the stuff she's packed I wouldn't even wear in the house, let alone in public, but I pack it anyway to keep her happy. I promised I would text Emily every day to update her on my holiday, then we said our goodbyes when it gets dark, which lasted for about 10 minutes until Dad shouted at me for leaving the front door open and letting in all the cold.
I skip downstairs and pause on the last step, eaves dropping in on Mum and Dad's conversation. "...yeah, well that punk better not get his hands on my daughter." Dad's voice booms.
"Come on Nick, they have'nt have seen eachother in 6 years, it's not like they'll be all over eachother the second they meet. Calm down."
"Guess I just don't want my little girl to grow up."
"What are you doing on the bottom step Abby?" A shy, sweet voice says behind her, making her jump and flop onto the floor. Ouch. "Sorry! Are you okay?" She trys to help me up but I just lay there, head throbbing.
"Ouch." I moan.
"What on earth is going on out here?" Dad's voice comes from down the hall, but only makes my head worst. I wince.
"Dad, shut up please." I whisper, but loud enough for him to hear.
"Don't talk to me like that!" Oh my god, did they not understand the concept of shut up? I look up at his bushy eyebrows pinched inwards, his stocky frame leaning over me, hands on hips.
"My head hurts."
"Oh right, sorry sweet heart, get up and ill give you some tablets." Mum helps me up off the floor and wipes the dust off my back. I smile at her gratefully.
After taking some tablets, saying my goodnights and brushing my teeth, I stand in the mirror removing my make-up from around my light blue eyes, seeing bags under my eyes I panick. Man I need some sleep. Running over to my bed, I hop into it, tuck myself in and drift off to a nice relexing sleep...


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