Poppyseed and Sunflower
Author: Inventunus

Chapter 19
The Epilogue

          After an excited breakfast, the twins raced off to fetch Peter and Paul. The boys had missed their friends and were delighted to see them safely home and eager to hear the whole story - as were their parents.  The girls’ mother invited everyone for a welcome home morning tea and as they all gathered, Mark brought out a long sheet of paper which he hung on the lounge wall.

        “Pencil rubbings, father!” Poppyseed said in happy surprise.

        Sure enough their father had cleverly taken a copy of every new picture in the King’s special room and added each beside the last, until the whole story was laid out. In this way the twins could use the pictures to help explain all their adventures.

      Here is a list of all the pictures:

1)     Monkeys swinging happily in the Great Forest.

2)     A dove drops a small locket onto a branch.

3)     Charlie puts healing leaves on Gina’s leg.

4)     Charlie falls through the waterfall into the cave.

5)     Poppyseed and Sunflower meet Charlie’s family in the cave hollow near the King’s door

6)     The trio leave Safeland farewelling the twins’ parents.

7)     An opening is found under the Great Wall.

8)     Happy faces, a white rabbit and a feast.

9)     Somersaulting Hootoos.

10)  The twins in quilted beds at Prince Inn.

11)  Leapfrog on Table Mountain.

12)  Cherub and Serub out for afternoon tea.

13)  Charlie with polka dot mushroom all over his face.

14)  George and Charlie at Captain Eglon’s gate.

15)  Poppyseed running into a cave chased by a beautiful bright rainbow.

16)  George and Charlie returning safely to Safeland.


       Of course there is more to tell. Lots more. You want to know what became of the monkey’s parents … and whether the prince succeeded in his plan to make the four lands into one kingdom … and whether the captain was ever heard of again … and what further adventures happened with the Hootoos (large and small), Eze, Dreamy, the Funnyville friends (and more Farmer Brown stories), the Mountainville people … ?

       Then you also might want to know about the Desert Mice, the Norse Mountain Men (Lars, Pauli, Tomas, Anders and Lennart, Sven and Boris), the Deep Lake creature, the Great Eagle (with whom Charlie had the pleasure of a brief acquaintance), the Swamp People, King Adonai, Sonland … Oh, so much more to tell.

      Well, this much only can I say. When the twins and monkey brothers  went back to the King’s room that afternoon to check the cave  pictures out for themselves, there were several more pictures.

      At the sight of the first, Charlie and George let out a cheer and clapping. There inside a mountain log cabin sat their parents happily enjoying a huge deer banquet with 5 rugged mountain men.

      In the second picture, a whole group of monkeys were setting out from Westville. So that’s where those who had escaped had gone, they all said together!

     The next series of pictures answered the rest of their immediate questions: the prince and captain were together on horseback heading east from Eastville with a crowd of angry people yelling things at them. It appeared that the truth had come out about the real identity of the prince and the plottings of the captain. The people were giving them the choice of prison or being banished from the Four Lands. The pair chose the latter, in search of other lands to conquer.

      In that same picture, Poppyseed spotted Wootoo, Rusty and Mitts (and no doubt the rest were there too) with… the dwarf Hootoos on their shoulders! In amongst the crowd, they were all grinning from ear to ear! Now I wonder who got the Eastville crowd stirred up… !

      The final picture showed the twins and their parents, Charlie and his family, George and his parents, all the monkeys, the Hootoos, in fact everyone you can think of listed above, having a conference banquet in the Great Forest at Charlie’s  home. What a party!


      Which is a good place to finish our story. With encouragement, one day you might even get to hear the rest.


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