Mythical Creatures (Undergoing Edits (But hey you should still read it))
Author: Soupcan Sam

Chapter 5

Creature: Addonexus

Attitude towards humans: Varies

Origin: Unknown

Habitats: Varies; most likely close to an area of concentrated magic **i.e. witch covens,
             dragon nesting grounds, etc**

Magical abilities: Control of the elements, aura sensing, ability to determine and manipulate
                        emotions, healing physical wounds, ability to understand most languages

Weaknesses: Slow aging process - bodies and immune system development stunted
                  Susceptible to many diseases

Strengths: Hard to wound and even harder to kill in battle
               Slow aging process - never physically grow old

Appearance: Diverse as human species
                   Extremely bright and/or colorful aura

Characteristics: Diverse as human species

Diet: Identical to human species; energy from life-source (Halley's Comet)

Lifespan: Created when a human is born the day of a solar eclipse while Halley's Comet (seen every 75-76 years) is also in the sky. Only one Addonexus can be alive at a time as they feed of the energy of Halley's Comet. Their aging process is slower than that of a regular person's. They live for 75-76 years at which point Halley's comet will again appear again, the current Addonexus will die and a new one may take its place.


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