Mythical Creatures (Undergoing Edits (But hey you should still read it))
Author: Soupcan Sam

Chapter 1


Creature: Abaia

Attitude towards humans: Neutral **Unless you like sushi**

Origin: Pacific Ocean/region

Habitats: Oceans, lakes, large rivers and the occasional swimming pool **It's gotta be a big one**

Magical gifts/abilities: Controls wind/rain/anything remotely related to water

Weaknesses: Exposure to air will dry it out

Strengths: A giant, magical eel; what more do you want?

Appearance: Hide will usually be a murky grey/green/blue color
                        Glowing eyes that can see through even the darkest waters
                        Teeth are very needle-like both in sharpness and size
                        Depending on where it lives it's body will be long and thin or long and fat

Characteristics: Watchful and wary
                             Seldom moves very quickly

Diet: Like a plant it's energy comes from the sunlight and the water around it. Unless it's just    used magic the Abaia will have enough energy to stay on the ocean floor for years before it has to return to the surface

Lifespan: Immortal unless their home dries up

**If you were to look up the Abaia -or any of these other creatures - online, you'd probably notice that it differs from what I have here. I've taken some liberties with the creatures in the book to make them more...real? interesting? angry? I don't know. But what I'm really trying to say is that if you find a mythical creature in here that you want to use, don't be afraid to change it. Or do be afraid but change it despite your fear**


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