One of the boys
Author: bexielouisee

Chapter 6
Chapter six

The rest of the week we ignore the jocks, which had most of the boys in tantrums because they say and I quote 'we need to teach them a lesson'. I may want to beat the crap out of all of those tramps but I'm not getting into any more trouble or they will call my mum. Yeah, I may sound like a wuss but she has these rules about behavior in school. Very strict rules. All of the other times I have talked back to the teacher or whatever, they gave me a warning and sent me on my way. But I don't want to risk it again. Matt has been ignoring me aswell, not even a glance in my direction, joining in with the rest of them, flirting with girls like Brianna, actually I swear he did actually flirt with Brianna once or twice. I know what I said to him was harsh and I regret it but the truth is I kind of miss him and the others taking the jiff out of me. It was like our own little game to see who would crack first. So call me mad! Ellie has been on my case aswell about this whole thing and keeps telling me to 'talk' with the jocks. Hell no am I doing that. Talking is for girls. Nat and Olly are still acting weird around eachother which I quite frankly don't understand, it's like they're nervous to be around eachother. I'm still working on that though.
So here I am, sunbathing in the front garden on a Sunday afternoon, sun high in the sky, multi-coloured bikini on and trying to get a tan on my milk white skin. I'm listening to a song by The all American rejects, nodding my head to the tune when a shadow comes over me. It's only been 10 freaking minutes since I got out here! I pull my ray bans off and put them ontop of my head to see if I'm okay to stay out here before it rains, but the shadow isn't a cloud. Its a person. And that person is Matt, looking all handsome-like, warm brown eyes laughing down at me, warm gaze sweeping over my half naked body and suddenly I feel exposed. I jump up off my Spongebob towel and start screaming at him.
"What the hell!?" I hit his upper arms which are suprisingly hard with muscle. His brown hair is spiked up at the top. It looks good.
"Just thought I'd pay my neighbour a visit, turns out she doesn't welcome it." He says in a sarcastic tone.
"What would you do if you saw a freakishly large man standing over you when your half naked?" I start but then add, "Wait don't answer that."
"Good save."
"Look I'm trying to sunbathe, what do you want?" I put my hands on my hips.
"I was just getting a hose from the front and I saw you."
"And the hose is for...?" I promt.
"Pool. Little sister." I suddenly realise that he has no shirt on and is in red and white swimming trunks, showing off his gorgeous abs. Wow. I guess he'll be going in the pool aswell. "Enjoying the view?" Raising his eyebrows. I feel my cheeks heat up and look away to cover my blush.
"Aw, isn't that nice," I put on a sarcastic smile, ignoring his other comment.
"That's just the kind of person I am."
I snort, adding under my breath, "if only."
"Look, I don't know why you went all crazy on me my first day of school, and I doubt sitting in your chair is the reason. I just want to know why." His voice is stern and serious, his face looking troubled.
"I didn't go all crazy on you..." I totally did but who am I to admit it?
"So you randomly shout at innocent people for taking your seat? That just proves what they say about you right."
"You are not innocent-wait what do they say about me and who says that about me?"
"You'll have to answer my question first." No heck way.
"No chance."
"Well I guess I better get going to fill up that pool..." He stretches, arms out, which makes his muscles flex. Double wow.
"Wouldn't want to keep your sister waiting." I cross my eyes and raise a neat eyebrow. Truth is I so want to hear what 'they' are saying about me and who the hell 'they' are.
He turns slowly around, walks 2 steps and turns back around, "Are you pissed at me because I'm a jock or something?" I freeze. He's totally right.
"A jock? Pfft, that's none of my buisness," I manage to squeak out, while looking around distractedly.
He gives me a skeptive look, "Hmm," rubs his chin, "Does your voice always sound high when your lying?" I gulp.
"No?" I squeak out AGAIN. Darn it.
"Are you sure-."
"Izzy! Who's yuor friend honey?" Mum's voice interupts us from the front door. Could this get any worse?
"He was just leaving, and he's not my friend."
She gives me a knowing look and turns back to Matt, batting her eyelashes. Seriously? She's 41, old enough to be his mother and one more thing-she's MY mum.
"Why don't you come in for a bit? Izzy never has friends over." I stand there in shock whilst she imbarrises me, lying to him! I so do have friends over, just when shes at work.
I turn to look at a-yet again-amused Matt. "He has a pool to-"
"I'd love to Mrs Mason, thanks." Then he walks off, following mum. That little ...
I sat down awkwardly on the cream white sofa, trying my best not to just plop down because we had 'guests'. Matt sat down beside me with the same awkwardness as mum came in with popcorn and sat next to dad on the other sofa. Dad mumbled his greetings to Matt but kept looking over at him with a slight try-to-cover-up scowl. It failed. But I don't think he noticed the scowl because he was too engrossed in the Football which was playing on TV. I just sat there in awkward silence, trying not to shout at the TV like I usually do when my favourite team, Man united, are playing but the rest of the living room arn't having the same problem as me because they're screaming at the TV like I normally do and it's actually hurting my ears. Now I know why mum tells me off for screeching.
At half time, dads scowl seemed to have gone as he sat back against the sofa, one arm around my mum, which I still find disgusting by the way, and starting to talk football with the ignorant person next to me. Dad supports Chelsea, who are playing Man united, and beating them 4-3 so far and apparently so does Matt! Mum's the only one who doesn't support a team.
It's weird how none of us support Portsmouth and yet we live in Portsmouth. I grew up playing football with my dad since the age of 6, never joined any clubs because I was happy playing with my dad at the park which we used to go to every sunday before our sunday roast to make sure I would eat all of the meal. As I grew up I made friends Jake, I know weird, Chris and Jason. We were all friends in junior school, but high school changed us. Jake started hanging out with 'the cool group' which left Chris, Jason and I but we soon found our group. Jason was the one who made all the friends but me and Chris trailed in his footsteps. The guys were'nt that enthusiastic about me at first but I soon put them in their place and it all worked out.
"Chelsea are so gonna' own Man U," Matt brags next to me.
"No way! Everyone knows Man U are backing down to go for the win in the second half, just you wait," I smile smugly. Truth be told, I know they were trying their best, I just didn't want Matt to see I knew that.
The door knocked in the rythme of Chase's secret knock. Please don't let it be him, that's all I need. "I'll get it!" I rush to the door and swing it open to Chase, Chris, Liam, Jason, Olly and Seb. Chase and Olly holding popcorn and Seb and Jason holding large drinks in their hands. They're all staring at my bikini, mouth agape, I guess they've never seen me in one before, I let it slide though and open the door wider for them all to come in.
Liam struts in first, looking like he owns the place, greeting mum and dad and is paused on foot as I shut the door and we all follow him in. The boys do they're normal greeting to mum and dad. They all pause awkwardly in the same place as Liam. Oh boy. I squeeze through the huddle and try to smile the best reasuring smile I can conjour up.
"Uh, Matt came to watch the game with us..." I watch as their eyes all widen switching from me to Matt to me again.
Chris is the first to snap out of it. "Sorry we're late, dad started talking to us about how footballers need to know math to play." Rolls his eyes then walks to an empty spot on the floor and gracefully sits on the fluffy carpet. Jason and Chase follow with mumbles of 'we bought popcorn' and 'lets get this thing done', Olly sits on the armrest, his usual spot and Liam slowly walks infront of my place on the sofa and sits down.
I run upstairs and pick out a blue tank top and board shorts to chuck on over my bikini, run back downstairs and sit back down, Liam rests his head on the back of the sofa and I cross my legs in my seat.
I look over at Matt, he's sitting in the position he was in before, legs open, both arms lock behind his head, but the way he's sitting is slightly stiff. I guess he feels kinda' awkward. I give him a reasuring smile, he smiles back but it doesn't reach his eyes. I look at mum, watching the whole exchange in confusion then at dad who seems slightly tense I'm guessing because of all these boys around his 'little girl'. I look over at Chris, Chase and Jason sitting right infront of the TV whilst waiting for the game to come back on watching an advert of somesort.
"The game hasn't even started yet, why are all if you staring at the screen?"
All 3 look at me like 'are you serious?' and gesture to the screen infront of them, only moving slightly out of the way so I can see Beyonce's head. Ah, they still have that obsession with Beyonce. I roll my eyes, grab a handful of popcorn from Olly, shove it in my mouth and start playing with Liam's smooth hair.
He slaps my hand away like a girl."Dude you've got popcorn fingers, go wash em' or you don't get any of my hair." I roll my eyes AGAIN.
"Be right back then!" I hop off the sofa, head to the kitchen, wash my hands and run back before my seat-.
"Get out of my seat Liam!" I search for a pillow and Matt hands me one, chuckling, whilst Liam growls at him. "Thanks." And begin wacking Liam but he doesn't budge.
Chase springs up off the floor and rugby tackles me to the ground and everyone bursts out laughing while I'm practically getting squashed because of Chase's weight on me. I begin punching him in the arm, everyone still laughing, and push him off of me so he rolls on the floor. Yeah, you need muscles if your one of the boys. I pose in a macho man pose in victory.
"Never mess with a girl!" I start to laugh with the guys when I stop instantly. Mum and Dad are still in the room. I look up at them and Mum is laughing but Dad has a completely oppisite expression. He's glaring in my direction, a glare that says 'we'll talk about this later young lady'. I avert my gaze to the TV.
They all notice my sudden stop in laughter and look in the same direction. They stop and Chase and Liam rush back to where they were sitting and I get my seat back. Oh yeah. The game is starting up again so we're all quiet apart from the sounds of popcorn crunching.
"You've got pretty impressive guns for a girl." Matt whispers to me, amusement in his voice. Is he flirting?
Despite my hating of him I grin back."It's all the hitting I do." I whisper back.
He raises an eyebrow."Remind me not to get on your bad side."
"You've done that already." I smirk. Thats right Matty boy....Oh! New nickname!
"I'm hurt." He clutches his heart dramatically and puts on a fake hurt expression.
"You'll get over it big boy." I ruffle his hair. It's smooth and not too thick. Just perfect.
Our whispering had gotten loud enough for aparently my Mum to hear our conversation because I see she has that pleased smile on her face. She always gets over the top about everything I do. This is just normal for me to be hanging out with the boys.
"GOAL!" I jump in my seat at the sudden outburst of Chase as he runs around our living room. Man United have scored!
"WOOOOO!" I join Chase while the others in the room has a miserable look on their faces apart from mum. Chase and I are the only one's who support Man U in this room hence the lack of enthusiasm.
"TO ALL YOU NON RED DEVIL SUPPORTERS, I HERE BY DECLARE THAT MAN U ARE GONNA' OWN YOUR ASS!" Another mistake made. I'm not aloud to say 'ass' along with the many other words I'm not aloud to say but do anyway. I ignore Dad's warning glare, but know he'll have it in for me tonight.
After one last highfive we sit back down in our seats and I begin playing with Liams hair. It's so fluffy and soft, a little like a dogs but not as dirty. Jason, Chris, Olly, Liam, Matt and Dad begin grumbling on something about it being just luck, but I don't care if it was luck or not. They still freaking scored!
"Keep talking Mason, Chelsea will win and you know it." Matt says with a sly smile.
"Oh really? Is that a challenge?" I raise an eyebrow, we've captured everyones attention apart from Liam's, who's still watching the game.
"Depends if your man enough to handle it." The boys 'ooo' including Liam who is now listening to our enchange.
I lean in so my face is just inches from his and try not to be too distracted. What the hell is wrong with me? His eyes flicker to my lips, linger, then snap back up when he remembers everyone is watching us-including my parents. "Well?" I raise both eyebrows in expectant.
He moves away and sits up straighter. So do I. "If the best team-Chelsea-win, you have to spend every break time with the jocks for a month." He has that sly smile on his face.
"And if the all time best Football team win?"
"Didn't we already discuss them?"
"Not Man U, we didn't." I growl playfully.
"Well that's your pick."
I grin devishly. Oh yeah I'm so gonna win this thing. "You'll be wearing bright red lipstick and gay liner tomorrow at school." His eyes widen and I see abit of weariness in them, but it soon goes. Liam, Chase, Chris, Jase and Seb are all laughing histarically, Olly has a frown on his face, Mum looks amused and Dad looks angry. Yep, I'm definatly gonna get it, but you know what? I don't give a damn.
"Uh, you know you'll end up losing right?" Olly says nervously. I turn to him.
"Izzy Mason never loses. Geez Olly you should know that by now." I grin at him. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head making his blonde hair swish, a slight smile on his lips.
"We'll just see about that."Matt says and relaxes back in his seat to watch the rest of the game. We all follow suit.
I watch the game, nervously chewing my fingers, a habit I do when I'm nervous or shy, wondering what I'll do if I actually lose this bet. My whole reputation will be ruined! My life will actually suck for the next month. Like hell suck not just suck. It will be like Greenday splitting up and never being remembered again. It will be that bad. Shut up brain! Man United can win this game easy.
My worse nightmares are confirmed when I hear almost the whole room erupt in 'YES!' or 'BOO-YA!' and 'IZZY IS SO BUMMED!" Wonder who shouted that ....
I slap both hands over my face and groan loud. This can't be happening. "Bets off!"
"No way! You would so make me go to school with wako make-up on!" Matt whines.
"Yeah, so?"
"So, it's not fair!"
"We'll miss ya buddy!" Chase chimes in while laughing."
"Have fun with the jocks Iz!" Olly continues the torture.
"I thought I'd never see the day." Seb mutters but I still hear it.
"Okay, Okay guys I get it, but the games on even over." I shout over the laughing and shouting.
"Honey, it was over the second Chelsea scored." Mum gives me a sympathetic look but still carrys on chuckling and everyone laughs even more.
"Do you want me to give you your uniform tomorrow morning?" Matt says with a big grin on his face, totally knocking me right off.
"What?! You said just to spend break times with you!" I smack his strong arm with the back of my hand.
"Only joking Iz, but you'll need luck." I raise both eyebrows at him because he called me by my nickname.
"Sorry, I just-uh....I thoought that, um." He stutters which makes me laugh. Matthew Jacobs, uncomfortable, is amusing to witness, but I let him off the hook.
"Yo, I was kidding." I smack him playfully.
He looks up at me and smiles, a genuin smile. "Well ya know."
I give up on torturing him and the guys and I spend the next 2 hours playing Monopoly, with Mum and Dad in the room because Dad insists not leaving me alone with these boys even though I spend every single day with them at school without him. Well not Matt. Yet.
I'm texting Liam in the evening and he's telling me something about some girl he's trying to get, but she wont take him at all, which I'm actually taking note about, normally when he talk about girls I completely shut him off becase they're all the same. Aparently not this one.
I hear 3 solid knocks on my door and I know this is it. "Come in." I shout from my bed.
Dad opens the door, wearing an expression of anger and annoyance, walking towards me and sits on the edge of my bed. "Princess, about today, I wasn't happy with those punks putting they're hands all over you." What!? Punks!?
"Dad first of all they're not punks, second if this is about the bundling thing that's hardly 'putting their hands all over me'" I make speech marks with my fingers.
"I know how the teenage boy mind works, believe me I was one once and I saw the way that Matt boy was looking at you."
"Oh dad please, not this again." I groan, then quickly text Liam: 'Hvin da tlk wid dad hlp me!'
"Honey we need to talk about this, I don't want you doing that silly bet."
"Were just playing dad, stop overreacting." I'm slowley becoming angry.
"It's probably not just playing to them, believe me I-."
"Yeah you know, I get it but please I've been hanging out with these guys forever, when have they ever made a move on me?"
"How would I know since you don't tell me anything?" Dads voice is ice cold.
"How can I tell you anything if you never listen to my reasons!? You always dissaprove of me hanging out with them and yet I still do because you don't listen or care enough to do anything about it! It's just words dad! You never do anything about it!" I shout, suddenly very angry with him. How the hell can he tell me what to do when he doesn't take notice of me half the time?!
"Don't talk to me like that young lady! I'm your father, you'll do whatever I say!"
"Which is what dad?!" I shout even louder. "Get out of my room. I'm tired." I say sternly, slam my laptop shut and turn my back on him without another word. Opening the new message from Liam, I read: 'Gdluk Iz, dnt go too ape sht on him'. Too late..... That reminds me, Matt never really did fill up that pool of his. I feel sorry for his sister. Now I need to get prepared for the torture of a whole month....


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