Unfinished Tales
Author: Polaris Zark

Chapter 16
Zilkar the Warrior: Book 1: Elve Killer

*****Mild Gore. Enjoy*****

In a dark green ugly thorn bush in the forest, two bloodshot, angry eyes were looking at the trees, waiting for movement. The creature, who owned these eyes, was a terrifying creature of the night. But day was approaching.


In the trees where the creature was looking, but far from the creature’s sight, there were Elves making their way silently but stealthily through the woods in the creature’s direction. There were about ten Elves. They each were armed with swords, but many of the Elves had their swords sheathed and had other weapons like bows and arrows, or spears, even heavy, frightening axes and clubs.

One of these Elves was called Zilkar. He was the third youngest, only fourteen years old. The other younger ones were only there to watch, but they did have short swords to defend themselves. Zilkar had green eyes, but he did not have a white of the eye, he had a blue of the eye, which was quite weird for any humanlike creatures except for Sprites. Some people said he was half Sprite, but Zilkar knew that was not entirely true. Zilkar had pale green skin and dark purple hair which brought out his eyes.

Zilkar had his sword sheathed and was holding a bow. His shield was over his shoulder, and behind his shield was his leather arrow bag.

A man called Xyt, pronounced ‘zwite’, who was holding an axe suddenly screamed and swung his axe to the ground. A spine shivering sound filled the air. It was a mixture of squelching and crunching.


The creature was still staring out in the direction of the Elves. When a scream sounded, the creature recognised it as an Elve scream. The creature said something under his breath. It was hard to decipher what he said because he said it as quietly as possible, because he didn’t want to disturb the forest. What he said was probably something along the lines of “fool”.


The Elves stared at the remains of a fox. If a human was to see this fox, he wouldn’t know it was a fox straight away unless he was a very good biologist. The Elves only knew it was fox because of the smell. A human wouldn’t have recognised it because all there was was a pink mixture of a fox’s insides and bones and skin and hair. Everything was mixed together, and it made the texture of the liquid baked beans are in. How it got like this was a mystery but Xyt did have very good axe skills.

As the what was a fox sunk into the ground and stained the fallen pine needles, Xyt went to a small clearing a short distance away from the group and kneeled. “Forgive me Brizkark, Lord of the Forests,” he said quietly. “I was stupid to not pay attention to the smells that inform me of what is danger and what is not. It was a tragic accident and I will repay his friends and family when the time is right.” Xyt looked up. The first beams of sunlight went over his face. His skin was pale green as was any Elve’s, his hair was dark red and his eyes were yellow. He was a very plump Elve and he was very clumsy.

He closed his eyes to keep the bright sunlight from harming them. He relaxed and tried to keep the guilty thoughts from getting to him. Once he’d done that, he would get up and carry on with the patrol.

He felt a shadow come across him. When he opened his eyes he saw a large elk looking down on him. “This is not the first time you have clumsily killed an innocent beast, Xyt,” said the Elk.

“Forgive me, Brizkark,” said Xyt.

“I heard you the first time. But maybe your prayer of apology isn’t enough for me to forgive you,”

“I...” Xyt didn’t know what to say.

“I am afraid I can only forgive you once you have repaid his loved ones as promised, and you’ve repaid your other innocent victims’ loved ones, as promised,”

“I will do that when the time is right,”

“The time is right for all of your victims, Xyt, it has always been right. Now I must go. Watch your clumsiness.” And with that he sped off and seemed to fade away.

Xyt got up and joined the others. They gave him a brief stare and carried on as if nothing had happened.

*****Thanks for reading. More is to come. Please leave feedback. I will return the favour if you have books out there. Thank you very much.*****


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