Unfinished Tales
Author: Polaris Zark

Chapter 15
The Zombie


‘Déjà vu!’ those were the last words I remember hearing, before a bullet plunged through my temple bursting capillaries, and maybe veins and arteries.

The bullet ripped my skin as it went through an inch of flesh. It hit the skull, and small shards of bone stabbed some more of my flesh.

The bullet cracked the skull as it forced a hole through the bone. It wasn’t long before the gold and silver piece of streamlined metal punctured the vital parts of the body inside my head.

I lost my mind when the bullet hit my brain, before the nerves even sent messages to it that my skin was broken.

The bullet plunged through the soft tissue of my brain, slowing from the force of the skull. Then the bullet hit the other side of my skull, just able to force its way through getting slower and slower. The bullet smoothly dived through the flesh and the arteries, capillaries and veins on the other side of my head.

It was getting quite slow when it was about to break my skin again, and when it did, it just fell out of my temple and hit my shoulder as I fell to the floor, dead.

Screams erupted all around me. That was enough to wake me up from my slumber.


On my pillow lying beside my head, was an aging copy of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ by Tolkien. The book was closed, with the tattered bookmark crumpling under it.

“Damn,” I said, instantly forgetting my dream. I had fallen asleep reading, and hadn’t put the bookmark inside the book, which meant I had lost my page.

I opened the book to read the rest about how Gandalf found out the information about Gollum and the ring, but I opened it on a page which had a song written on it. I studied the song for a while thinking about it. I wondered what tune the fat Dwarf was singing.

Then I noticed the alarm on my bedside table was going off. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed this when I woke up, but I was aware that it had been going for a long time.

After pressing the button to silence the device, I checked the time that was being displayed beneath the glass screen

 It was 08:48. I had to be at school in a quarter of an hour. The alarm had been going off since seven thirty. I didn’t realise that the high pitched ‘bleep bleep’ had been repeating itself for so long.

I immediately got up, dropping the book on the bookmark, and running to the lavatory. The door was locked. I stood still a second, and heard the gentle sound of rushing water from the shower.

I groaned, and ran back into bed, and quickly got dressed for school.

At ‘St. Brown Rd, Secondary School’ the pupils had to wear ridiculously smart uniforms: A dull grey tuxedo with a black bowtie, and grey shoes. They didn’t sell those ridiculous shoes for the pupils, so you had to find some posh all-grey shoes in shops, or over the internet. My family couldn’t find any grey shoes, nor could we find any black shoes that would fit. I just wore normal shoes, like many other pupils.

When I was dressed it was five to’, so I just ran down stairs, picked up my bag, and jumped through the door. It took me around ten minutes to get to school, with a mixture of running and walking. When I got there I was breathless.

I was shouted at madly by an angry form teacher asking why I was late, and then he shouted at me more when I tried to answer him. I didn’t really listen to what he was saying, because I was too busy thinking about how stupid I looked, and how stupid he looked.

He wore the same clothes as us, although teachers could wear whatever they wanted as long as it was formal. He had greying ginger hair, and a shiny bold patch. He was very wrinkly, unless the wrinkles were caused by his anger. His brown eyes were on fires from the depths of the hottest volcano. He was about seven feet and he was very fat. I didn’t know how he got through the door.

When I had finished laughing at him in my mind, my thoughts wandered to when I was travelling to school. When I had jumped through the door, I walked down a path which was between two patches of soil with weeds growing all over the place. To the left was a big oak tree which shaded the front garden. I opened the gate, and started running without bothering to close it. I ran along a pavement .     

*****Dun, dun DUUUUUUN! A pavement? Biggest cliffhanger ever. No, I can't even remember writing this, but I'd still like to know myself, what the significance of the pavement is. Something to do with the Zombie apocalypse? Hmm. Ratings and feedback are much appreciated, and I'd be happy to rate yours too. Thanks.*****


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