Unfinished Tales
Author: Polaris Zark

Chapter 14
The Robber

*****This one's pretty short, but I like it. MILD GORE!*****

At the police station, I was waiting for a call. I was waiting for my friend to call me, to say he got away from the murderer safely. The mass murderer who had already killed 100 police officers could be about to pull the trigger of some kind of gun, probably a rocket launcher, and send a rocket flying towards my friends face. I could see my friend smile fading into a shriek in slow motion as a small missile pointed at his direction was flying in the air. I imagined a dead, headless body, lying in scorch marks, blood showering the other police men pointing a gun up at the man, the monster, who was pointing his life devourer at another innocent man, and pulling a trigger.


I jumped when my radio called out a robbery at the high street. My boss came in and told me to get down there. Wiping away the thought of headless police men, I headed down to the high street, following instructions. Why my possibly dead or injured friend couldn’t be helping me get this stupid robber, not shooting a crappy revolver at a massacre machine, I wished I knew. But I had to keep those thoughts away, as I headed in the direction of Game Station. When I got into the shop I saw a man with an 80’s orange hair style pointing a gun at an obese brown haired man behind a till, who was looking lovingly at an ‘xbox 360’ tucked beneath the armed mans arm. People were screaming and running out of the shop. I realised the robber was still in the shop, that was after about half a minute of observation. I just couldn’t keep my mind focused, images of dead friends were flashing in my brain. I took my gun out of my holster and pointed it at the robber. I pulled the trigger.  


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