Unfinished Tales
Author: Polaris Zark

Chapter 13
The Land of Arkario: Prologue

The Land of Arkario was split into four different realms. Their names: Perz, Krok, Ykqi and Korz. Perz’s name in English is Rock, Krok is Diamond, Ykqi which is pronounced Why-key is knowledge and Korz is a name. Korz is similar to Krorz which means beastly, so most people say it is where the Dark God produced his beings, but some say it is where life itself came to be.

In Korz there is not more rock than usual, nor is there more diamond in Krok, but they still have these names.

Korz is a forest realm, the forest realm. There’s thirty million acres of forest. Giant trees are all over the place.

In the heart of Korz is a hidden giant tree which is three quarters of the size of the largest tree in Twidolia. The tree is known, but not really cared about. In this tree, is the village Ordzoh. To get there, you have to climb up the hole-path in the trunk for a week to get into the village which is at the root of the branches.

In Ordzoh, everything was carved into branches. People practically live inside carved holes in the branches. Fire did not penetrate the bark of the tree, but it did penetrate underneath. Fire places in the houses were made of stone, and around the fires was the wooden wall protected by bark that had been put up.

If there was a fire burning the tree, then the tree would get all the water it could, and drown the fire. If there was no water, then the tree would let the branch drop off.

There had never been a fire on the trunk of the tree.



Ordzoh was a fairly large village. When entered, the first thing you saw was the garden. The garden was what looked like heaps of soil spread out on a flat bit of wood. This was where the trunk split into branches. Flowers on, and because they’re so high, they get more sunlight and grow bigger. The flowers were very exotic, and some were even native to the garden.

Through the Garden was a path. The path was lower than the gardens because the bark had been cut off. When you walked through the path you could look up and see the branches.

In the summer lush green leaves grew, shining as the sun light went through them and in the autumn, it was beautiful to see the orange leaves falling, though it was also a danger that they might fall on you because of their large size.

  In winter, the branches would have loads of snow, and villagers would ski down the natural wooden ski slopes, and in the spring, giant buds would make big round shadows on the garden, and giant nuts would fall, but those nuts weren’t always a good sight when they were tumbling and falling in the village’s direction.

Once you’d walked through the garden path, you were at the centre of the village. It was a big square covered with shops carved into the wood. In the middle of the square was a large stone bowl. The bowl was a hundred metres in diameter. At four points that were an equal length from each other, were steps. These steps were safe to be called the corners of the bowl. Workers climbed these steps and threw wood into the bowl. The bowl was a large fire place.

The branches surrounding the square and the garden mainly consisted of houses and inns. There were some more important places up there though.

Ordzoh was a town of Dwarves and Men but it was mostly populated by elves. The Archers were very skilled; they got the meat from shooting the birds. Farmers got fruit and vegetables from trees and plants in the garden.

In this village, our story begins.     


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