Unfinished Tales
Author: Polaris Zark

Chapter 12
The Cheetan: Chapter 1

Chess Chane Manerube was in the pub in Arizeno. He was having a drink and talking to his friends. They were all talking about going out hunting together. Chess however, was keeping unusually quiet.

“We could get a deer, get a couple, and have a big party if we’re successful, the whole town can come along!” said John enthusiastically.

“You’re over ambitious John. The whole town would not come to a party that we organise.” said Manfred.

“We wouldn’t let the whole town come. Imagine a party with the whole town. Make an image in your mind. It would be so community made, too friendly. We’d have to do it to raise funds for the community hall or something.” said Marley.

“Well not the whole town, but we could make it public or something. Like over a certain age or something.” said John.

“We aren’t going to make some kind of party. Well I’m not anyway. It’s not even an occasion.” said Manfred.

“We have had this conversation loads now. Let’s just organise the hunt.” said Marley.

“I agree.” said Manfred. He cleared his throat. “Who votes that we should go to the desert?” he said loudly. He raised his hand. “The mountains?” he asked. 4/6 raised their hands. “Well Chess?” said Manfred. Chess hadn’t raised his hand for anything.

“Count me out if you’re going into the mountains.” said chess. Chess had a deep, serious voice. His Western accent was the strongest you’d ever heard, you could barely understand what he was saying unless you knew him well.

“Why don’t you want to come?” asked John. Chess looked down and the popping bubbles in his beer.

“Something creepy about those mountains.” he said quietly.

“What? You live the closest to the Mountains of everyone in this town.” said Bruce. Chess took a big swig from his beer, finishing it.

“I have to go now.” he said, and so he did, leaving a couple of bucks on the table.


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