Unfinished Tales
Author: Polaris Zark

Chapter 7
Journey to Kroll

Journey to Kroll

Drub looked at me with sorrow; I lay on the floor drench in blood. He neighed loudly, for help.

                He was my horse, my battle horse, the horse I went on goblin hunts with, and gremlin hunts with, we’d even encountered orcs on our journeys.

                He was a young horse, his coat still shiny, his mane still fine, his tale still wispy, but he was also foolish.

                He knew it was suicide, for my own sword was planted into my guts. The blood drenched the blade and the handle.


We hadn’t seen each other for a long time, Drub and I. That’s probably why I committed suicide.

                I missed the sound of his voice, and his light brown hair, and I couldn’t help feeling isolated from the rest of my life.

                I didn’t know where he’d gone, or why he’d run away, but it made me sad. Or was it me running away from him?

                Anyway, it had only been a week or two, and I was already feeling depressed.

                And when Drub returned he found me lying on the floor drenched in blood.

                Why? Thought Drub, Why did he do this, what was his cause? He neighed again, louder, but no one came.

                That’s when I opened my eyes.

              “I fooled you, you gullible little horse!” I shouted. I then laughed and patted his neck. “This is goblin blood you idiot!” I said, insensitively.

                But Drub, didn’t really think it funny, he was relieved but, he felt really sad. He butted my hand away.

                “Hey come on Drub,” I laughed, “I know you’re not an idiot, it was a joke, I got you bad!”

                But drub just galloped away kicking me in the guts. I felt like I’d been hit in the guts. Oh yeah, I had. But I didn’t realise he would take it badly.

                “Drub!” I called, desperate for him to come back, “Drub, I’m sorry! I promise,” I gulped mid sentence, “I promise nothing like that will happen again!” I screamed.

                Tears welled in my eyes. “You’re an insensitive item of idiocy!” I said to myself, hoping he would return.

It was then when I realised life wasn’t the stupid one at this moment, it was me.


Drub followed the danger signs, the markings, hoping I wouldn’t go after him, but at the same time, hoping I would.

He heard me scream, and he hesitated. ‘I promise nothing like that will happen again!’ he heard, but then what he heard afterwards made him gallop on, even faster; ‘you insensitive item of idiocy!’


  I felt like being kicked in the guts again by a horse, because I hadn’t died. Yes, I felt like actually dying this time, I felt like eating my fist with food poisoning.

I lay on the floor, resting against the tree clutching my stomach. I just realised how much that kick hurt, and how weird it is for Drub to kick me.

I tried to get up; holding on to a branch sticking out above my head, but it was in an awkward position.

I had to push myself up, but that didn’t work so I had to stay there.

A little face appeared in the trees on the other side of the road. It was a long curved, beak like nose, with green skin, a mouth with sharp teeth, and eyes that made you shudder; red bloodshot eyes.

“Ni, he, he!” snarled the goblin.


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