Unfinished Tales
Author: Polaris Zark

Chapter 6
Creative Burst

“George, school, up!” shouted Mum. George scowled and pulled the duvet over his head. School. He’d forgotten. He’d forgotten the holidays were over. He’d forgotten he needed to pointlessly slave in front of the teachers. Listening to every word they say and then having to put effort into it. Effort. It takes effort to put effort into work. Especially school work.

                “GEORGE! UP!” Mum screamed at full volume causing George to shudder. Under the echoing sound, George stood up and got dressed. He would be in a bad mood today, and he’d be in a bad mood on purpose.

                He dragged his feet down the wooden hill. It was so early in the morning. When he reached the bottom he scowled at his mother and sat down: if you can really call what he did a sit. It was more of a collapse. The spoon felt heavy in his hand, especially when at the end sat a heap of cornflakes drenched in milk. This brought back memories of discomfort. No longer would George be waking up at ten o’clock and eating luscious croissants every day. No, now he’d be having a quick bowl of cornflakes and he’d be off, into the dreaded place known as ‘school’.

                School. A place where heartless grown-ups lurk, who tell you off even though they’re not your Mum and Dad, is school. A place where people stare and smirk when you are not a good slave, is School. School is a place where people feed on your misery when you can’t get anyone in ‘tig’ or when you can’t catch a ball in PE. School is a place where you get no credit for trying, or where you get punished for misunderstanding.



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