Unfinished Tales
Author: Polaris Zark

Chapter 5
Bowser's Change (Mario FanFic)

Warning, contains mild gore.


                Haunting dreams of red took Bowser to another world that night. He saw a moustache stained with blood. He heard laughing. He saw Mario jumping and landing on his head. Mario just kept on doing it. Each knock would send blood down Bowser’s nose.

                He woke in the morning feeling down. There was a knock on the door. In came a royal, green shelled servant, Dervish, by name. The trooper laid his builders breakfast on the basking rock in front of Bowser’s nose. “That’ll do you good, sire,” he said, his tone full of fear. He could see that Bowser looked troubled; the glow in his eyes was one of sorrow. He was about to say something about it when he thought that small talk would be safer before he left. “Did you sleep well, sire?”

                Bowser stayed staring at the wall before him.  He came to when he smelt his breakfast. Dervish asked him if he’d slept well. Bowser’s eyes became bloodshot. Sleep well? He remembered that dream that was so real. What kind of person would ask him that question?

                He crawled off the rock on all fours, and so quickly grasped Dervish’s neck. Dervish was startled by Bowser’s sudden outburst. He wriggled free of the king’s firm grasp and made for the door. He felt a fire ball heat up his shell. Quickly, he wriggled out of that too. The door was inches away from his front paws. Bowser grabbed the shell and threw it at the servant’s legs. Dervish fell backwards.

                A stone ceiling was Dervish saw. Then a paw with sharp claws entered. He felt on claw stab into his neck. A spike from Bowser’s brace pierced his nose. Then he felt searing pain. Blood clouded his vision. All he felt was pain. But he died and it was all over. In a few moments Dervish had been ripped to shreds.

                In the mess of gore lay the green shell. Bowser felt angry with himself. Dervish was a loyal servant. Bowser had extinguished his life. He snapped up the breakfast and put on his braces.

He picked up the shell and the entrails and quickly put them in there. He would bury Dervish.

                He left the shell on a shelf and stormed through the doors of his chamber. Many servants bowed as soon as they saw him. Others broke the law by not noticing Bowser. Bowser didn’t care. He just barged through the place.

                Passing Peach’s dungeon, Bowser sent a rogue fire ball through the bars at the screaming damsel. She dodged with little effort.

                “Bowser, why do you keep kidnapping me?” she screamed. Bowser stopped, and looked at her.

                “Kidnapping you?” laughed Bowser. “You think I’m kidnapping you, huh?” his laughing stopped and a serious expression formed on his face. “The truth is,” he began, his nostrils smoking, “I couldn’t admit it at the start,” his words made Peach’s mouth open wide when she heard them. “I... I love you...” he stuttered.

                “Really?” said Peach, thinking up a plan in her head.

                “No! Now stop screaming, you little brat!” he snarled, ferociously, and heading down the corridor chortling.

                When he got to the throne room, and was sitting there watching the kingdom, Mario entered. It was so sudden that Bowser sent a rogue fireball out of the window by mistake. He’d been pondering why he was kidnapping the girl. Was it because he was jealous of Mario? Was it because he did love her? He’d been routinely kidnapping her, so he’d forgotten why overtime.

                It was when he was just coming to that conclusion when the Italian plumber came in. He’d for told Mario’s appearance since he’d kidnapped Peach, but he had something on his mind.

                “Hey, calm down, I’m here to bargain with you!” shouted Mario.

                “You can’t bargain with me, you little scum!” was Bowser’s automatic response. Mario had  a smile on his face that Bowser couldn’t stand.

                “If you give me Peach then...”

                “Don’t give me that, wise guy! You’re never gonna get your barbie back, pal!” Bowser felt like he was going to burst into tears like a child being taunted. He didn’t know why. He began to laugh.

                “I let you compete in Mario Kart!”

                “What!?” shouted the angry Bowser, instantly forgetting his troubles. How could they not allow him into the racing tournaments? “Come on Mario! I’m a main guy in this thing we’ve got! You can’t let Toad get a place and not me? Who’ve you got to replace me, huh?”

                “Yeah, well who would replace Peach, eh?” argued Mario. “She’s a main one!”

                There was truth in Mario’s words, but Bowser had come across this dilemma too much.

              “I’ll set her free for the races, just the races, and then I’m keeping her. That’s what I’ve done before. I’ll do it again.” Bowser felt a massive bang on his head. Blood streamed down his nose. Red clouded his vision.

                Back at Peach’s dungeon, Peach had a plan form in her head. She poked her head through the bars. A Koopa Trooper named Bill was walking down the corridor. He liked to poke his head in to the dungeon and taunt Peach. Peach hated him. She went and sat on her bed and looked helpless.

                Bill kept her keys. He poked his head through again. But before he could speak, Peach had jumped up and grabbed his head. She held it there causing pain to Bill.

                “Give me the keys!” she said firmly. Bill, frightened gave her the keys. She opened the door. Bill, afraid he might appear as a threat, lay down on the floor pleading for forgiveness. Peach stood him up and looked him in the eye. Bill scowled. Then, she thought ‘nah,’ and jumped up and landed on him, crushing him. They were all bad creatures.


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