One of the boys
Author: bexielouisee

Chapter 5
Chapter five

I hurried out of class the minute Mr Mac finished talking to me about my 'behavior' and only stopped when I reached the door of my Geography room. We had Miss Roberts, Jason's tutor, which means we'll be able to get away with murder for the next year. Another good thing is that I have Chris, Natalie and Olly in this class so atleast I can copy off Chris when I get stuck. When I come in class, 5 minutes late, the teacher still isn't at her desk and people are either texting on their phones, sitting on desks chatting to friends or slouched on their chairs listening to music. I spot Olly in the middle of the class room sitting on the desk, talking to a girl I recognise from Maths with bright red, long hair and very dark eyeliner around her eyes. Yeah, she's one of those punk chic kind of people. I also spot Nat behind Olly talking to Chris, I wonder why Olly isn't talking to them..?
I rush over to Olly to see what's happening. "Hey Olly wolly whats happenin'?"
I ignore his glare at the nickname and the weird glances from punk girl. "Hey," he goes back to talking, as I shrug and walk over to Chris and Nat.
"Hey guys."
"Hey Iz," they say together then chuckle lightly.
"How come Olly isn't with you?"
Nat shrugs then glances at Olly almost ... nervously? "Decided on other company."
"Hey Izzy, I'm uh, having a party next Friday, um, you wanna come?" James may, with blonde shaggy hair, asks me nervously. Yeah, he might have a slight crush on me, he doesn't know that I know and I always pretend to not know this knowledge, but being friends with guys does have its benefactual points. He's not one of those dorky guys, nor the jock types, he hangs around with the normal people of Southview high.
"Yeah, I'll get the other guys aswell," I say this because he looks so hopeful-but nervous-so I decide that, yeah, we all love partys right?
His face lights up with a ear-to-ear grin, " Great, you need my, uh, address?"
I chuckle warily, "That would help, yeah."
"Right, sorry, let me just ...." He begins searching madly through his backback while I stand and wait for him. I actually feel a little bad seeing as all his stress is caused by me.
"It's alright, how about you give it to me at the end of class?"
"Sure," then walks backward to his chair at the front, tripping over one or two table legs on his way. I contain my laughter. He's so sweet.
"Okay class get to your seats, were learning volcanoes this term!" The whole class groans in reponse, including me, as I take my seat in the middle of Chris and Nat, because we've been doing that every year even with different teachers. "Practice makes perfect!"
"We've practiced enough, can't we do a subject like American models?" A boy at the back calls out which earns a few 'hell yeah's and the girls whining.
"Because not all of the class would approve of that Mr Lawson."
"You got that right!" A high pitched voice comes from the back of the room.
"Okay settle down," Miss Roberts trys to calm them down.
We get on with our work, people chatting whilst they work, some not even bothering and doodling instead, but I on the other hand, am determind to get my work done to get me to stop thinking about how harsh I was on Matt. I have never gone off like that on anyone before, I guess my anger got the better of me. After I've completed my work students are still chattering. I glance around the room and catch Jame's eye and he smiles showing his slightly crooked teeth eyes filled with hope. I smile back weakly. I carry on looking around the classroom with walls covered with purple paint and History posters up every where.
The bell rings and everyone gets up, and out in their usual rush to go to break. Olly rushes out with a quick nervous glance at Nat as if scared of her. What the hell? I turn my focus on Nat who is watching after Olly almost ... longingly? I'm in full Sherlock mode now and am determind to find out what this thing going on between them is. I just have to.
Chris, Nat and I walk to break, Nat breaking off onto her usual table, and when we pass the Jocks table they start whispering.
"Hey teachers pet, think you could do my Science homework?!" I hear Cole bellow from behind me and loud laughter comes from there table. I turn my head and glare at them, making them only laugh harder and continue the short walk to our table. Suddenly the laughter dies down making me turn around. I see an extra person leaning over the table. Liam. I can't make out what he's saying but I know it's not to congratulate him. The lunch hall is deathly quiet whilst everyone else tries to catch their discussion. No such luck. I just stand there whilst the voices get louder and louder and turns into a yelling match.
"You think she needs any of this crap from you!?" Liams angry growl echos.
"Oh like her life isn't perfrect already," Cole snarls.
"You know nothing about her!" He grabs fists of his shirt in each hand and pulls him up from his chair.
"Liam! For gods sake, put the tramp down!" I run towards him, nike bag banging at my thighs, trying to get between them until, but fails so I end up hitting him. He wont budge.
"Iz, I wont keep letting them do this to you." He looks like a sad puppy which makes me sad aswell. Yeah, our relationship is confusing.
"I've handled it once I'll handle it again, your just making it worse," I beg him.
"Listen to girly for once, go head off to your home in tramp city," another voice says but I'm to focused on Liam.
"You startin' too, huh Lucas?"
Before he can start one on Lucas too, I shove Liam towards the direction of our table. Hard. I glance back and see all the jocks glaring at our backs apart from Matt who has his head down, suddenly fascinated with his burger. I turn my gaze back around and keep a steady hold on Liam, leading him to our table. Boys are more dramatic than girls. Jeesh.
"What the hell was that pretty boy?" Chase asks, glancing over at their table.
"Don't you piss me off aswell."
"Alright man, sorry." He says defensivly, holding up his hands.
The rest of our lunch, everyone aroun our table hasn't got a clue what to say, so we all remain quiet whilst everyone around us is talking, laughing, texting, kissing, checking themselves out or checking OTHERS out. I can't bare the tension or awkwardness that surrouds us.
"Yo girlies, lighten up abit yeah?" I add abit of humor to my voice hoping it would work. It doesn't.
"Why should we do what the hell you tell us to do?" Liam grumbles from the other end. I'm taken aback.
"Because I'm the one who saved your ass from getting beaten."
"That's true," Jason, Olly, Sebastian and Chris chime in together.
"See, they agree with me," I raise my eyebrows at him.
"Did you know that whatever is a polite term for 'eff off' so technically your swearing at me. Apoligize."
"Hell no!"
"Liam Sharp, apoligize now!"
He huffs. "I'm sorry for swearing at you," he mumbles under his breath.
"Good," I put a smug smile on and begin tapping my fingers on the table to a tune in my head as we all go back to normal and start joking about random things. I look back at the jocks table again and find Matt staring at me with a grim look on his face. I imediatly turn my head back to my table. I don't get what's with him, one minute he's smug, next he looks as if someones died. He switches moods like a pregnant woman.

Writers note: Sorry this chapter is a bit short.


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