One of the boys
Author: bexielouisee

Chapter 4
Chapter four

We got into school extra early today for some apparent reason, not that I'm a nerd or anything. I can actually be rebelious as you very well witnessed yesterday, which I think may be the reason why everyone knows our crew, because were known as being 'rebelious' or something, Nat's words, not mine. Most people would call it popularity, I call it knowing alot of people, yeah it's a heck of a long phrase to use, but I see popularity as stuck up, up there own ass, barbie dolls. My personal thoughts anyway.
On my way up to tutor with Liam I decide to check my self out in the mirror before we head to tutor so I make Liam wait outside while I do my thing.
"Are you diggin' for China in there or what?!" I hear him shout from outside, but I just roll my eyes. Boys.
Whilst I'm looking in the mirror, I hear a couple of girls giggling and dart into the first stall insight, sit with my legs crossed on the seat so they don't know I'm here, and wait for them to leave.
"Ugh, I cannot believe I look like this!" That voice sounds so familiar....
"You look gorgeous Bri," another high pitched, girly voice comments. I knew that voice sounded familiar yet annoying as a kid kicking the back of your chair for an 8 hour flight. Believe me, I know how that feels.
"He's so hot and I'm so ....." Probably talking about Liam again and FYI, I cannot believe she actually likes him. He flirts with all the girls, I guess I could say that because he's one of my best friends.
"Don't you dare say your not hot!" A screech of girly 2 almost bursts my eardrums.
"Well it's the truth, one of my eyelashes are thicker than the other." Crap, crap, and more crap. Oh wait, drama queen!
"He probably didn't even notice, he's totally into you," isn't that a first, I think sarcastically.
"Yeah, he did seem into me didn't he?" Her voice perks up abit. That egotistical barbie doll. I hear 2 pairs of high heels click on the floor, door squeeking open .... it doesn't shut. What the hell? I peek out from my stall but come face to chest with muscular abs, I peek up and sigh in relief that it's only Liam. Then start to freak out.
"What the hell are you doing in the girls toilets!?" I shove him but he doesn't budge. Blast.
"Uh, waiting for you to get the heck outa' here," he says, but adds "plus, Brianna's hot."
I give him a disgusted look,"whatever, lets just go." I say as I drag him up the stairs to tutor.
I've still got a hold of Liam as I walk through the door, coming to a halt as I look at my seat. My vacated seat. Liam snatches his arm from me and struts his way to his seat. I slowely walk over to my vacated seat, wondering what I'm going to say to this dude who's talking to Sam. 'Hey, your sitting in my seat get out.' Too harsh. 'Hello, would you mind if you found another seat?' Too polite. Hell, what am I gonna' say? But by the time I've sorted through my head, I'm by my char. Great.
"Your kinda' sitting in my-." I stop talking as soon as he turns around, "hey, your um.... what's your name again?" I can't believe I didn't remember his name! Probably because I'm staring into those warm, inviting, chocolate brown eyes of his that you could just melt into-.
"Izzy, right?" His soft, low voice speaks back to me.
"Yeah, you are....?"
"You don't remember me? The guy you invited in your house?" Mystery dude looks amused but I can see some suprise in his eyes.
"No-I mean yes I remember you, but not your name," Sam is now looking back to fourth between me and the dude who shall not be named, with a befuddled yet suprised look stuck on his face. This makes me smirk.
"You know I am here."
He ignores Sam and carrys on staring at me, and I feel a little uncomfortable in his gaze. I start to move from one foot to the other, looking around. Big mistake. Ellie's looking in my direction, mouth agape like she's a frog, trying to catch a fly. Real attractive Ellie.
I snap my gaze straight back to Mr still don't know his name, when he coughs purposely, he is now looking at me with an amused expression.
"What?" I snap a little too harsh than intended making him hold up both hands in a 'what did I do?' expression.
"Just admiring the view." He shrugs, as he leans back in his chair inspecting me, his gaze running over my long, wavy, brown hair making me blush a little. Damnit! It's not that I'm anything special, I have plain brown eyes, plain facial features, plain hair colour and a plain 5ft 8 body. I'm slim, yeah I'll say that but I'm nothing special. I'm basically well ... plain.
I scoff to try and cover my blush. "Dude, don't mess with her, she'll go all hard core on you," Sam replys smugly.
"That's because ass's like you and your little 'friends' need teaching a lesson," I spit back, making speech marks with my fingers.
"A little touchy arn't we?" He leans forward so that I can feel his warm breath on my cheek. Ew. I automatically jump back when I hear the screech of Miss Alberry, our tutor.
"Elizebeth! Seat, now!" This makes the class laugh, mostly because of the use of my full name. Curse my parents for naming me that name.
I turn around to face her, "but he's in my seat."
"Yes, and that's where he'll be staying. Eric could you move to the seat besides Charlotte and that will be your place for the rest of the year," she tells the boy in glasses and an afro sitting next to the guy I STILL don't know the name of.
He gets up off the chair and walks over to the seat at the back of the classroom. Now I have to deal with two idiotic children. Great. I slowely turn around and whilst I'm doing so I realise the whole class is staring, this is not my day at all. When I'm sat down I can hear both Sam and dude whispering and try to catch what they're saying.
"Why the hell did you do that?" I hear Sam start off in a harsh whisper.
"What? She's hot. So?" I don't know who they're talking about....
"So, Izzy is off limits. Her 'gang members' will hunt you down for breakfast, lunch and dinner if they found out, and no doubt she'll tell them about this little encounter." What the.... A hot guy thinks I'M hot!? Wait. He's not that hot. Another one of them. Exactly. And plus Sam did say he's one of them. He has to be kidding me. Still, I stare at the floor and listen more. Wait a sec, it sounds like Sam is scared of us....
"Dude, don't worry, I'm just playin'," So he doesn't think I'm hot....One thing I've learned over the years is boys are so confusing sometimes.
I look at the clock. 8:45. 5 more minutes until the bell rings. What to do, what to do... I glance at Liam and he's looking at dude with a deathly glare, when I catch his eye I send him a warning glare telling him to back off and all's fine. But he still doesn't stop glaring, he can get way over the top sometimes.
I risk a glance up at dude sitting next to me, trying to remember his god damned name! He's laughing about something with Sam so I take the time to check him out which is totally not like me by the way. I take in the way his eyes light up when he smiles or laughs, his long eyelashes, high cheekbones, full lips-.
Miss Alberry speaks up again."Matthew would you please come up and introduce yourself to the class?" Who the hell is Matthew?
Dude next to me nods and gets up. Oh, thats Matthew.
"Call me Matt please," he says in the most softness of voice's. All the girls automatically start talking to each other and giggling. Oh. My. God. Really? This will just make his ego bigger than it already is.
"Of course Matt, do go on."
"Thanks Miss," he slowely gazes around the room, stopping at me for a few seconds more and I automatically feel a spring of happiness then stupidity come over me straight after for acting like all the other girls. I look down. "I'm 16 and I moved from Brighton with my dad and sister, I've met some interesting people" he pauses for a heart beat "And I'm looking forward to meeting more in the future. Thanks." And off he walks back to his seat next to. Me. I hate that I can smell his cologne, and feel his presence. Argh I cannot be liking this guy. No, I will not stand for it!
When the bell rings everyone files out of the class in a mad rush including me because frankly I don't want to be late for science, but I also want to get the heck away from Matt as quickly as I can. I complete that task but when I manage to get out of the door I can see Liam coming my way and another barbie doll glaring at me behind his back. Wow this must be important.
"Izzy! Wait up!" Liam's voice booms out but I purposely walk faster, but not fast enough because he is already in step with me. Man he's fast.
"What's up with that Matty boy, he was staring at you like you were the last piece of chocolate left on the plate."
I roll my eyes,"Puh-lease, it's only because he's one of them."
"Yeah, I heard about that, but you didn't see the way he looked at you dude! And don't think I didn't see the way you looked at him eith-."
"Izzy-boo!" Oh dear god. I really don't need this right now so I choose to walk even faster because I do not want or need Ellie's crap right now.
I make it successfully out the corridoor and to science in one piece, but as I walk to my table at the back someone is already in my seat. Wait. Matt is in my seat. Why the hell does this keep happening? It can't be fate because fate is a good thing, this is bad. Real bad. I'm staring at his broad shoulders and messy brown hair when I hear a clearing of a throat behind me. I turn.
"Izzy could you please stop standing there like a lost puppy and get back to your seat," Mr Mac's low gruff voice says from behind me, this makes the class laugh and as I turn around to face him.
"I could but I'm afraid I can't," I say in the most polite mocking voice and this makes the class laugh more.
"Do you wish to have more time to your detention after school?"
"No sir," I mumble and turn back around to see Matt with and amused expression on his face as I drag my feet towards him.
"Are you doing this on purpose or what?" The amusement in his eyes turns to confusion.
"Doing what?" As his gaze moves down and back up my body. Is he seriously checking me out!? This makes me even more angrier.
"You honestly mean to say that you dont don't realise your taking my seat in every class so far?" I ask with raised eyebrows.
"Uh, Jake just said to-."
"Right, Jake told you to sit there so you do?" Stupid dumbass Jake!
"Considering he said no one was sitting here I thought..."
"Look It's bad enough you live across the road from me, now your turning up in all my classes AND sitting in my seats." OK so I don't normally go off on people I've only just met but I can tell this one is gonna' be more trouble than expected.
"Why do you hate me? You don't even know me."
"Argh! You honestly don't see it? Your so full of yourself! Your an ignorant dumbass jerk who can't keep his eyes to himself!"
"Break it up! Izzy you've earned yourself another 15 minutes after school, come sit upfront. Now!" Mr Mac roars. Some 'oooo's' come from around the class but I already know it's Jake and someother of those jerks and I give them the middle finger whilst the teacher isn't looking and follow after him.
All lesson hear snickers and laughing behind me but I didn't need to turn around to know who it was. I hate knowing that they're talking about me and making joke behind my back and knowing I can't do anything about it because of the stupid teacher!
"Yo Izzy! Could you tell me what it says on the board? I can't see!" I knew that was Lucas because of his London accent but, unwillingly, I chose to ignore that comment.
"Hey girl I can't see, your heads in the way!" Another shouts. Ignoring.
"Never knew you were a teachers pet Izzy!" Still ignoring.
"Isn't that sweet, little Izzy likes keeping teacher company!" Ignoring even more.
I cannot believe this! The teacher is even acting like he can't hear a thing whilst everyone else laughs! I sneek a peak behind me and see that Jake has a smug expression on his face and all the others are high fiving at their childishness, then I move my gaze over to Matt and he's also laughing, even the girl next to him is laughing! Should have known better. I snap my head around to my work and try to do some work but, of course, I can't concentrate one bit.


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