One of the boys
Author: bexielouisee

Chapter 3
Chapter three

As soon as the bell rang at 3:05, I shot up from my chair and rush out of school to meet the others outside. I walked home with Chris and Jason as they're the only ones that walk my way and Liam is else where, say my good-byes and walk through the green painted front door, (don't ask me the reason for the colour, I don't know why but my parents chose it.)
"I'm home!"I shout to no one in particular.
No response.
That's weird.
"I'M HOME!" I try, louder.
Still no response.
I rush around the house opening and slamming doors, looking under beds, opening and closing the windows, even looking in cupboards! When finally I notice a note in the sink. Why is it in the sink? I think to myself. Weird. The note reads:
Izzy, mummys gone 2 salon, dinners in fridge, wont b home til late. Take care, no partys or boys.
I roll my eyes as soon as I read the first 2 words, mum always calls herself 'mummy' even though she knows I don't call her that, and then I read on further which makes me makes me want to roll my eyes again because she goes to the salon every freaking week.
I dial Nats number, she picks up on the fourth ring.
"Hello?" She sounds breathless and it sounds like she's ... wheezing?
"Uh, Nat are you ok?"
"Huh? ..... yeah .... fine why?"
"Have you been running or something?"
"Uh, yeah... I've been trying to chase after Lacy for the last ten minutes." Lacy is her new puppy staff, cute as hell!
I chuckle. "You wanna' come round for a bit? Mum's out doing god knows what."
"Sure, be over in 10 minutes-oh wait is Ellie coming?"
"Yea, well I havnt exactly asked her, why?"
"No reason, I'll knock for her then we'll come over."
"Sure, catch ya in a bit." I hang up, guess I don't need to waste my credit calling Ellie after all.
8 minutes later and the doorbell goes. I run to the door, expecting it to be Nat and Ellie, swing it open and say. "Come in!" But as I look around to see who is actually at the door there's a cocky looking guy, looks around my age. He's stood outside my door step, casually with his hands in his pockets, whilst I sweep my gaze over him from head to toe. He's wearing blue converse, faded jeans that fit him snugly, and a black leather jacket over his plain white t-shirt that shows the outline of his abs perfectly, his chocolate brown hair is windswept-like, abit like Sam's but better, that contrast well with his tanned skin, sparkling warm brown eye's looking back at me and a crooked smile on his face, one eyebrow raised. He's goodlooking, but I wouldn't say he god-like-take-your-breath-away good looking.
"Do you normally just invite random strangers in?" The strangers voice rings in my ears.
"Do you normally turn up at strangers doorsteps?" I shoot back at him. He looks taken back, so I guess I've done my job.
"Only ones my mum orders me to go round and intruduce my self to." Ohh he's good. He's smirking so I guess he knows it, looks like I have another cocky little boy on my hands. I'm an expert in these types of Idiotic children.
"And you are?" Eyebrows raised.
"Matt, you?"
"Hm, normally intruducing yourself implys you telling me your name, not me telling you mine."
"Normally this would be the part where you intruduce yourself."
"Yes, normally it would but-." I see Nat and Ellie behind Matt, gawking at his behind and making gestures. You have no idea what it's like to hold my laughter in. "Um, oh hell, I'm Izzy."
"Nice to meet you Izzy," He's staring intently at me which makes me feel uncomfortable and I start to fidget, trying not to look behind Matt.
Silence. This is awkward. I glance behind him and see Ellie making kissy faces and Nat staring incredulously at her. Oh hell. I let out a small giggle.
"Something funny?" He raises one eyebrow, which, I must admit, looks quite sexy.
"Nope," I'm trying not to burst. Awkward silence again which is making things a hell of a lot worse.
Then it happens.
I burst into laughter and if I could look up right now, I have a suspicion he'll be looking at me like I'm a mad woman, but I can't help it. It's so freaking funny! I finally look at him and my suspicions are confirmed, he's looking at me like I've just asked him if he could give me a piggy back ride down the street nude.
"Sorry... It's just...." I manage to gasp out.
"Just what?"
"Nothing don't worry, just remembering some thing funny." I look behind him and, fortunatly for me, they've hid else where. "Um, well nice meeting you." Polite smile.
"You too," he turns around, walking back across the road with one more glance over his shoulder. Phew.
"What the hell Izzy!" Ellie screams, startling me.
"What!? WHAT!? He is totally hot and you say WHAT!?"
"Nice to see you too Ellie"
"Whatever, we need to talk, tell me everything!" She screeches whilst dragging Nat with her. Poor Nat.
When Ellie has pushed us all in our seats, I mean literally, pushed us, she starts firing questions like they're the questions she needs to live.
"What did he say!?"
"He said he lives across the road from us an-."
"OMG! We can totally spy on him! What was his voice like?" What sort of question is that!?
"Uh, normal?"
"A guy like that can't have a 'normal' voice." She panics, shaking me. Oh well isn't this just relaxing.
"What do you mean a guy like that?"
"I MEAN a guy that yummy!"
"You only had the back view of him..."
"EXACTLY!" She has a mischievious grin on her face.
"You need help." I roll my eyes, all the while Nat is looking back and forth from me to Ellie.
"No YOU need help my friend."
"Mmmmhmmmmm, that's what I need," and roll my eyes again.
"What's that suppose to mean?" She fumes, putting her hands on her hips, her angry pose.
"Nothing my love," I grin sarcastically at her.
"Can I butt in?" Nat's soft voice fills my ears.
"No." Ellie and I say at the same time.
"Just carry on."
"Ok, well since were talking about boys-."
"Really hot boys!" Ellie interrupts.
"Right, anyway, what happend this morning with you and Jake is it?"
"He was just being a doosh as always and I put him in his place, although I have a feeling it wont be long until he comes up with some smart comment," I sigh.
"You can own him anytime of the day." Says Nat
"Sure can, this is boys were talking about here, and your an expert," adds Ellie.
"Hm, I am arn't I?" I say, grinning mischieviously and we all bust out in fits of giggles in my living room.
We spend the next 2 hours drawing on eachothers faces, prank calling random people and dancing to rock music, (it actually lets self esteem off), until they both have to leave and an hour later, at 7, mum comes home. She wrote that she would be home later in her note. Eh, well I'm not complaining.
"Mum?!" I wail, from my bedroom.
"Yes, honey?"
"Nothing, just checking it's you!"
"Hey mum?!"
Still silence.
I breathe in a big breath of air and use all the force I can. "MUMMMMMMMMMM!"
"Love you!"
I hear a sigh, then. "Love you too baby." I smile at my nickname, because she rarely ever calls me that and go back to my laptop, check my Facebook, shut my laptop, brush my teeth, take my make-up off, get changed in my PJ's and plop into bed for an early night.


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