One of the boys
Author: bexielouisee

Chapter 1
Chapter one

All my life I have had boy friends, played boy stuff, read boy magazines, worn boys clothes (I know what your thinking, why would you, your a freaking girl!?) Well thats just me. One of the boys. To all you girls out there who are confused by my reasoning of becoming one of 'them', well you should probably understand my side by the time you've read this. Boys can be idiotic, weird, confusing, smelly, offensive, sexist, and many other things but they're good guys deep, deep, DEEP down inside.
My mum doesn't understand why I am friends with the guys either and my dad disagrees because he knows how guys 'think', and unfortunatly, so do I. Mum is the typical girly mum who always wants to drag her kid out shopping even though they don't like it and expects to do make-overs on eachother, but when I told my mum I hate doing those things she trys to change me. CHANGE ME! That's what sort of mum I have. Not the 'your fine the way you are' or the 'don't change for anybody' mum. The total oppisite. But she does like the boys I hang out with, and when I say like, I mean LIKE. Ugh! Have you any idea how weird that is? Your mother thinking your friends are hot!? It's weird and I tell you now, you do NOT want to experience that kind of embaressment.
My dad on the other hand, like I said before, totally detests this idea, I mean, you would have thought after 15 years living with me he would be used to this idea. But no. Everytime I go hang out with the boys I always have to be home by a certain time, but when I hang with my girlfriends, no time whatsoever! Yeah, I may have had a kiss or two but that was only for a dare, for all he knows, I might be kissing Natalie or Ellie (not that I would).
Natalie and Ellie are the only two girlfriends I have, and to me, two is enough to keep the girl that is inside me, inside. The weird thing is Natalie and Ellie are completely different. Nat is the shy, sweet, pretty girl and Ellie is loud, positive and upbeat. Some how though, we are all friends.
"Izzy, your friends are here!" Mum shouts from downstairs at 8.
"Sure! Be down in a sec!"
I check myself in the mirror. I've got on my uniform which is a white blouse, maroon tie with white stripes, maroon V-neck jumper, black trousers and black shoes. Yeah, we have to wear a uniform which totally sucks, and I thought going to school was punishment enough. Personally I think they make us wear uniforms just to torture us some more. Teachers are evil.
I skip the stairs two at a time, say bye to dad but when I get to the door, mum is at the door talking, or should I say flirting with, Liam and Jason. Liam has brown hair that flips to the side, with a cap covering most of his hair, green eyes and his smile is to die for! I really shouldn't be drooling over one of my best friends, especially the one I have the most fights with, but he is just so darn cute, not like 'I would so date him' cute, because, you know, friends and all, plus he has most of the school after him (girls that is).
"Hey Jase," I look at Liam and scowl playfully at him. "One minute." I run to the kitchen, grab a cereal bar and back to where the doosh bags are waiting, "OK lets go!" Then slam the door behind me.
I give them both hugs, one arm around each of them and they squash me in a bear hug so I can bearly breath. "Can't ... breath" I gasp before they let me go and chuckle.
"Looking forward to first day back Iz?" Jason asks. Jason has Light brown hair with streaks of blue still left in it from this summer, black eyes and is also the peace keeper with me and Liam, he only walks with us so we wont beat the crap out of eachother before we get to school.
"Jason, let me ask you a question" I say. "You ask me the same question every year, what do you think my awnser is gonna' be?" I ask, raising my eyesbrows.
"Never know, aliens might have changed you." He shrugs.
"Wouldn't that be a miracle?" Liam butts in.
I turn to face him. "Excuse me?" Hand on hips scowling.
"Your excused." He has that smirk on his face! I know I've missed him as he's been away all summer, but that smirk? No way.
"We havn't even made it to the end of Izzy's road and your already arguing?"
Liam and I look eachother, turn to Jason and say, "Yep."
He just shakes his head and mutters under his breath, "Fantastic" sarcastically.
"Isn't it just?" I say, with a big, sarcastic grin smothered all over my face. At this Liam bursts out laughing and I join in, we may fight but we do share the same sense of humor. That's the only reason were friends.
On our walk to school we knock for Chris who, thankfully, is always on time.
"How are you on this fine day Christi-" I start to say as the door opens but it's not Chris at the door. It's his dad. Oops. "Hi Mr Rowan, how are you?" As I as that question, I hear a chuckles from behind me. Remind me to kill them.
"Hello Izzy, grand thankyou. Hope your ready for the day ahead." Chris's dad says in his normal formal manner. Chris is like his dad in that way. He's smart, polite and a real gentle man. The guys are for ever asking him 'why don't you use your looks to get girls instead of your brains to get grades?' He always gets annoyed with this speech, but truth be told, it is quite comical watching his tantrum.
"As ready as I'll ever be thanks." And smile politly before Chris walks swiftly out the door, past his dad and and up to us.
"Wassup Christian" I reply smugly, knowing he hates that name, whilst the 2 boys slap him on the back.
"That stupid name." He replys back drly, I just smile sarcastically.
Chris has black hair that is always combed neatly to the side, his light brown eyes are always the feature that stands out the first time you look at him. He's quite tall for his age, about 6ft 2,I'm 5ft 8. Most of the guys in our group are taller than me, wait let me make that all of the guys even though I'm quite tall for a girl.
Suddenly, Jason halts to a stop and we all stop with him apart from Chris who is obviously eager to get to school.
"CRAP! Crap, crap, crap..." He mutters, whilst we're all looking at him, confused, and Chris finally realises we've stopped and starts walking back to us.
"What?" I ask, but when he doesn't reply I hit him to wake him up. "JASON!"
He jumps back, startled. "I forgot my homework."
I raise one eyebrow at him, since when did he ever stress about this sort of thing? "You forgot your homework..."
He nods slowley. "That's what I just said."
"Since when did you ever stress about homework dude?" Asks Liam with a weird expression on his face.
"Since I had Mr Clive for my Maths teacher!"
We all burst out laughing, because we know he isn't going to make it through the year let alone a single lesson with Mr Clive. He is strict as hell and I swear he hates every single person, apart from his wife which, quite frankly, we are all suprised he even has one. He has bad breath, even worse body odor and his belly sticks out of his shirt.
"Your ... totally ... gonna' ... die!" I try to say in between giggles.
"It's OK, I got that one, for the first one you divide two by ...." As Chris is rambling on we all stare at him, bemused. "And then for the second-."
"Ok, Ok, I can't listen to anymore Maths crap, we've got ten more minutes of freedom and I would like to use it doin' something useful like ...." He looks around for a second."I got nothing, lets just not talk school until we actully get to school. Maybe not even then but whatever."
"Lets just walk." I say, rolling my eyes at him, whilst Chris and Jason work on Jason's Math. Chris isn't like the rest of us, but somehow we're friends and have been since year 1 when he helped me spell my name. From then on I used him as my personal helper.
When we get to the school gates of Southview high (I know weird name),Olly, Chase and Sebastian, the rest of the crew, are waiting and they immidiatly squash me in a group hug, me in the middle. Whenever we hug, I swear they want to sufforcate me. All the boys slap backs and do whatever they do, the reason I don't do that stuff is because I don't want to get read marks all over my back, I may be a tomboy but I'm fragile.
"Izzy! I missed ya buddy!" Chase wails, picking me up and spinning me.
"CHASE! PUT ME THE HELL DOWN!" I yell, trying to hit him in the shoulder hard enough but he only finds this amusing and starts to laugh. At this point every one outside is now staring at us in amusement. I hate getting attention. I can hear the guys laughing-at me probably-and I glare at them. That makes them laugh even more!
"Ok, ok, keep ya' hair on!" He yells and drops me down-literally-making me fall on my butt. Whilst Chase can use his muscuar build and strength to beat up the Football team, not that he does, he also uses it to annoy the hell outta' me. His green eyes are now looking down at me, filled with laughter and one hand held out to me. I refuse and struggle back up off the concrete ground. I pull his straight black hair, (I swear he straightens it but I never ask, hm, maybe I should), which makes him yelp like a girl and I crease up laughing. Now the shoes on the other foot! Ha, take that Chase!
"Yo girlies! When your done chasing each other around the playground, hook me up with sweet cheeks eh?" I whip my whole body around at the sound of Jake, the school Football team's "The Wolves" Captain, staring at me with the other members of the team trailing behind him. He has Black, spiked at the front, hair, evil blue eyes and his lips pulled up in a smug expression. His strong arms are in his trouser pockets, while the rest laugh at him like he's some sort of greek god. Well that's what girls seem to think of him. Seriously though, Liam is way better looking.
I march straight up to him, ignoring the other guys behind me telling me not to, I'm pretty sure this is attracting more attention but who cares? Everyone was looking at me anyway, I stand right in front of him, hands on hips, blood boiling and I have to crane my neck a little to look straight into his eyes.
"What you can't ask me yourself? Too scared you'll get rejected like the helpless little boy you are?" I spit out at him. He raises one eyebrow looking as cocky as ever and moves his head closer to mine so were nose to nose.
"Little Miss brat can't take a joke?" He whispers so that I can feel his breath on my face. I hear a couple of 'Oo's' from behind him, This really annoys the heck outta' me.
"My problem is that you judge people you don't have the decency to get to know because of how they look, now if I acted that way, I would be treating you like trash because you look like you've just come out of the dump." I growl, teeth clenched. I know I have suprised him and the rest of his clan because of the wide eyed, open mouthed expressions on their faces. To top it off I decide to add a sarcastic smile and strut off back to my boys with a smirk tugging at my lips.
"Nice goin' Izzy!" Chase is the first one to say, with a proud fartherly grin, and gives me a high five.
"Where'd that come from?" Asks Olly, eyes wide just like everyone else's.
"My voice box." I shrug, and ruffle his short blonde hair. Olly is the smallest of the boys in our group and the second smallest including me. He hasn't got much muscle, or strength, but is flat chested. He mostly keeps his head down, stays out of the spotlight unlike the rest in the rest in the group apart from Chris of course.
The only person I havn't spoken one word to is Seb because he's either listening to his emo music or avoiding me by hiding his long-ish black hair over his face or turning to someone to talk to, for which reason I am always confused about. He always seems to find ways to not have a decent conversation, it's normally just a nod or a simple 'hey'. He only hangs out with us because he's Chase's cousin, but the rest seem to like him well. He's in year 11, the year above us, so he gives us theads up on what year 10 is going to be like and help us with our home work, 'us' being the others but they help me so it's cool. When Seb and I were waiting for the rest of the crew, at a bus station, it was MEGA awkward, the only words that were spoken was 'hi' and he replyed 'hey', not 'wassup?' like he does to the other guys. I guess he just doesn't like having a conversation with me.
Were all walking into school when I realise something and stop dead in my tracks making Jason bump into my back.
"Woahh, why the sudden stop?"
"Were missing a person." I mutter, while looking around for Liam, face full of concentration.
"He's over there talking with Brianna." He says, pointing over to where he has one arm on a lamp post and the other in his pocket. His typical flirt pose.
I roll my eyes. "He can do way better." muttering under my breath, because in all fairness, he can do so much better than a girl who spends more time applying make-up and putting in hair extentions, then actually going out.


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