Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 10
Body and Mind.

03:26 aboard the covenant ship of the prophet Mercy.
“I have no idea why Marcus would do such a thing Mercy. Good thing you had him placed in a healing chamber after he hit the floor. Look, I know Marcus has a lot to take in Mercy, but the fact of him seeing his mother as a prophet in the Covenant army made him do this.” Jessica turned her attention out the window. Mercy looked over to Marcus in the healing chamber wiping her tears away.
“Marcus means the whole world to me Jessica. I gave up everything to see that he stay’s alive and unharmed. Please, once Marcus gets better take him back to your planet. I don’t want to argue or anything, just do as I say.”
“Under stood ma’am but what happens if your elite guards attack us?”
“They will do no such thing before my command. They know their orders, and they will not go against them. Take my baby home, and protect him with your life Jessica. I beg of you.” Jessica looked over to Mercy who still had tears running down her eyes. She then turned her attention to Marcus lying in a chamber of healing plasma. She knew what she had to do from here on out, she must protect Marcus with her life. Cocking her pistol in hand, she looked back at Mercy.
“I will do what needs to be done. When shall we leave Mercy?”
“Soon my dear, right now we cannot send any ships out. My ship will have an inspector aboard inspecting my minion’s. If you could get a ship of your own to leave here, that would be excellent.” Jessica pressed a button on her helmet once and placed her exact same hand she pressed it with on the glass of Marcus’s healing chamber. Feeling the cold touch against her warm black sub-based armor sent chills down her spine. Within three seconds she heard a voice coming from an open com’s channel.
“This is the colonized ship Spirit of Thunder; can you hear us clearly over there Jessica?” Jessica spoke softly to who is speaking.
“Yes I can hear you loud and clear. We need a pelican sent to a covenant flag ship, Mercy’s voice. Marcus is wounded and there will be a covenant inspector onboard soon. If that inspector sees us on Mercy’s ship, we are all going to die. We need that pelican here ASAP.” The commander aboard Spirit of Thunder signals a pelican to make an immediate retrieval rout. Jessica calmly looks over to Mercy and nods to her.
“Might want to open your hanger bay and warn your troops that a bird will be picking us up. We don’t want anyone or anything to be harmed now Mercy?” Mercy nods making her way to her control panel.
“Minions stand down in the hanger bay. A ship will board for a pickup. I repeat all minions stand down now.” Every elite and grunts in the hanger bay exits to their barracks. A black pelican enters the hanger bay, docking next to a Phantom and a Spirit drop ship.
“This is pelican echo 451 requesting the two of you to hustle up. Spirit of Thunder will not wait for a long time. If we are not back by 00:30 minutes we are stuck here. Jessica I hope to god you heard me.”
“Yea I heard you Samantha we are on our way. Keep the hatch open because we need it to attach a chamber on the back.” Jessica, along with some help of Mercy’s elites, detached the healing chamber from the infirmary. Two of Mercy’s hunters helped carry it down to the hanger bay. Jessica was following close behind them making sure they don’t drop the chamber.
“Echo 451 we are entering the hanger bay now. Prep the pad locks to secure a chamber.”


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