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Author: froggie

Chapter 13
Sashas POV

Sasha's POV
Luke comes and opens my door and helps me get out of the truck. Luke's hands are sweaty and I don't feel good. My hands drop to my stomach subconciously, and I don't notice it until Luke looks at me and his eyes drop to where my hands are resting. I self conciously move my hands away from my stomache and Luke grabs one of my hands and we walk into his house. Luke calls his parents and we walk into his kitchen and he pulls out a chair for me and sit down, he sits down beside me and we wait for his parents. "No matter what happens, I'm going to be here for you" Luke says I nod my head not trusting my voice. Lukes parents walk in the kitchen and see us sitting down at the table and join us. "Well  Sasha, your looking great! I hope the chicken soup helped. Luke was so worried about you when you were sick." Lukes mom tells me with a smile. She's not going to smile at me when she finds out I ruined her only son's life. Luke grabs and squeezes my hand. "Well, mom, dad, thats why we both are here. Sasha didn't have the flu, she's pregnant." His parents look at me and then look back at Luke. I bite my lip so I don't cry. "And its yours?" his dad asked. "Yes, it's mine." Luke said. His dad nods, his mom looks at me. "How far along are you dear?" I try to talk but I just start to cry, his mom gets out of her chair and hugs me. "Shush it's ok, everythings fine." She says something to Luke but I don't catch it. I stop crying and sniffle. "So your about 2 and a half months." Lukes mom says, I nod.  She grabs my other hand and squeezes. "Ok, well that gives us about 6 and a half months to get everything in order." I look at Luke, and he quickly avoids my gaze. What did I miss? "So, you told your mother?" She asks I nod my head and my face drops. Mom was so dissapointed in me. I feel tears slid down my cheek, and I'm quick to wipe them off. "Well, Sasha, if you ever need a place to stay for awhile while things cool down. You can always stay here"  I find my voice and say thank you.


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