still working on that
Author: froggie

Chapter 8
Lukes POV

Summer is AWESOME, I woke up at 2 how cool   is that?
*Ring ring ring*
 Crap its the phone 
"Hey this is Luke,"
 "Luke, I KNEW Sasha was a whore! I just knew it!" Jenny screams into the phone.
 "Jenny shut up Sasha is NOT a whore! If anyone is a whore its you!" OMG did I just call Jenny a whore? HAHAHA yes I did!
 "Well if she's not a whore why did she come into the store buying a pregnancy test?" Jenny laughed. Sasha bought a pregnancy test? Well it explains the puking. Who did Sash sleep with I'm gonna kick his ass. SHIT I slept with her, and she hasn't dated anyone, oh shit..
 "Luke! WTH, are you there?"
"Jenny who did you tell about Sash buying a test?" I ask calmly.
"Your the first person I told, but I'm going to tell everyone." Jenny laughed.
 "Jenny you don't tell anyone or everyones going to know about your little problem" I say cruely. "Luke what is your problem why do you care? It's not like the kid would be yours!" I don't say a word. I hang up the phone and get dressed. Is Sash really pregnant? Would I be the dad? I have to go to Sash!


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