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Author: froggie

Chapter 7
Sashas POV

Sashas POV
Why are there so many different kinds of tests?? I grab the cloesest test and go to the check out isle with a bag of chips, a bar of chocolate and the pregnancy test.  I'm getting out my money and I see Jenny checking out my items when she sees the test she looks at me and laughs.  Yeah, I think I'm pregnant, get over it you stupid ho.
 "The total is 34.29" Jenny says with a smirk.  I hand her two 20's.
 "Out of $40, your change is $5.71, have a great day"  I grab my bag and walk out of the store. Out of all the people to ring me up it had to be her? Ok, just go home and take the test. I open the chips and start munching on the way home. I pass Luke's house and I see he's on the phone and yelling. I wonder who he's fighting. I get home and head straight to the bathroom. I get out the box and read the instructions.
  Awkward I have to pee on a stick for 20 seconds. I do what the instructions says and I go sit on my bed waiting for the 2 minutes to be over.  What am I going to do if its a plus?? I doubt it is. I'm just over reacting. I am NOT pregnant. The timer i set for 2 minutes dings and I walk into my bathroom and there it is. The pink plus. I slid to the floor and cry.


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