still working on that
Author: froggie

Chapter 4
Lukes POV

    Graduations in a couple days!! Can't wait to get outa this town. Sasha and I plan on going to the same college. So I'll  still  get to see her all the time. It sucks Sasha is sick though, she's been sick for like a week and a half,  I feel horrible. I wonder where she got the bug. I bet mum's chicken soup will make her feel better. I'll have mum make some, and bring it over to her. 

I ring the bell to Sasha's house,
 "Luke! It's so nice to see you. Sasha's upstairs in her room, poor things been in the bathroom all  morning." I nod
"thanks Mrs. Wood" She lets me in and I head to Sasha's room. I can hear her puking, she must be really sick. She flushes the toilet.
 *knock knock knock*
 "hold on a sec" even when shes sick shes sounds cute. I hear the forcet and then she opens her door,
 "Hey, I know you're sick so I brought over my mum's famous chicken soup." I say with a smile, she smiles back at me and my heart leaps. She tells me how I shouldn't be there so I wont get sick. I sit on her bed,
 "Sash I've got the best immune system there is, I never get sick" I tell her how she needs to eat and how I know she was puking and she blushes her cute little blush. I hand her the soup, and she grumbles and sets it down and lays back down in bed. Gosh, she's tired I get the soup,
"open up" I tell her.  she smiles and opens her mouth, I feed her the soup when its gone she starts falling asleep, i get up so she can sleep. She mumbles
"Luke please don't leave me" and I know in that moment I will never leave her, I will always be here for her. I climb onto the bed beside her and rub circles on her back and she falls asleep. I love her, I've known that I liked her, but I love her. I want her to be mine. What am I going to do? I groan she's never going to like me like that, so I'm going to be here for her, until  she doens't want me here. I keep rubbing circles on Sasha's back, when I start getting drowsy I move to get up but Sasha turns over and faces me in her sleep and mumbles my name. I can't leave her, I lay on her bed, and I drift into sleep.


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