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Author: froggie

Chapter 2
Lukes POV

I see Sasha in the crowd of people, man she looks good.
 "Sasha! Your here!!" I yell over the music. I go and give her a huge hug. She's suppose to be grounded though.
 "Didn't think you'd come, since your grounded and all" I say into her ear. She smiles that smile, and I know she's not suppose to be here.  I grab her arm and bring her to the kitchen.
 "You snuck out, didn't you?" I say.
 "Yeah, mum wouldn't let me come, but it's my senior year I want to have at least a little bit of fun before college."  She tells me. Yeah it's the last party of our senior year. I get her wanting to come, I just hope she doesn't get in trouble.We both get some drinks.  Sasha and I dance for awhile but then I see Jenny.  My heart beats faster but then I see Jake dancing with her.  I dont want to dance anymore. Jenny cheated on me but I got over it, she was drunk, but SHE dumped me because I was friends with Sash. I mean yeah I like Sasha but nothings gonna happen, SHE doesn't like me like that Jenny knew that. Sasha only thinks of me as a friend.  I go to the couch and sit down.  Sasha comes over to me
 "Luke, come dance with me please" She begs. She does that little pout that is so adorable, I cant say no when she does that. She has me wrapped around her finger and she doesn't even know it. I kiss her cheek
 "Sure, lets dance" I say in her ear.  She shivers, oh crap I think I creeped her out. I chug some beer and start dancing.
I wake up  and Sasha's getting out of my bed with only a sheet covering her.
"Oh My God!" I say surpirised.  Sasha looks away from me,
 "Did we uhh?" I ask. She looks right at me
 "I don't know" and she starts crying my heart breaks for her.
 "Sash its ok...don't cry" this is all my fault. She shakes her head no.
 "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" I groan over and over.  Sasha snaps "Luke, its both our fault we both got way to drunk last night" I nod at her. She gets up and starts walking to my bathroom and she inhales like she's in pain. I grimace and look at her.
 "We did, didn't we?" I ask her already knowing the answer. She doesn't say anything just walks into the bathroom and I hear the shower come on. She must hate me right now. I just slept with my best friend and shes gonna hate me forever. OH GOD, did I use a condom? I look in the bedspread and no sign of a condom wrapper on the bed is a little blood. I go pale, was I Sasha's first? I cant think of that right now! I have to make sure I used a condom! I throw the blanket in a corner of the room and I go to the garbage and dump it out looking for a wrapper. NOTHING! Maybe it fell under the bed I'm looking under when Sasha comes out of the bathroom.
 "What are you doing?" She asks, I go pale.
"I'm looking for a condom or something to let me know we used protection. Will you please check the bathroom?" I say as calmly as possible. I keep looking as she goes in the bathroom and looks. She comes out and says
 "Luke.....I don't carry that kinda stuff. So I know I didn't have one. What about you?" I never thought I'd need one. I don't have a desk full of condoms like alot of guys. I shake my head.
 "I didn't need to, or I thought I wouldnt need to." She slids to the floor, and I have to ask her.  "Sash, tell me the truth ok? Was that your first time?" She blushes and mumbles
 "yeah" She told me before how she wanted the first time to be so specail and romantic, god she must hate me.
 "I'm sorry Sash. I remember you telling me you wanted it to be special, this isn't" I groan. She sighs
"It's fine Luke. Can we just forget this ever happened? Go back to how things were before the party?" She asks. I just nod, I can give her at least that, maybe she won't hate me after all.
Sasha leaves and goes back to her place. I can't believe we both got so drunk last night. I run my hand through my hair, I hope she understands, and won't hate me as much as I hate myself. I took her virginty....I was her first. God, she's never going to forget this.


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