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Author: froggie

Chapter 1
Sasha POV

"Sasha! Your here!!" I hear being yelled over the music, a smile instantly comes to my face.
 "Hey Luke" Luke, my crush and best friend since 4th grade, wraps his arms around me in a hug. "Didn't think you'd come, since your grounded and all" he whispers in my ear. I give him the most reasurring smile  I can, but he doesn't buy it. He drags me to the kitchen where the music isn't as loud.
"You snuck out, didn't you?" he accuses. I look into his green eyes and I can't help but tell him the truth.
"Yeah, mum wouldn't let me come, but it's my senior year  I want to have at least a little bit of fun before college." I explain. He nods, understanding, he's the same way.  He lets it drop and we go get some drinks. He gets a beer and I get a coke and captian morgans. Yeah we're young, but its the last party before graduation. No one is going to stay sober long.  Luke and I dance together until Jenny, his ex, walks in. He goes crazy over her. I still don't know why. She cheated on him, and then dumped him since he wouldn't get  rid of his friend. That friend being me. He still loves her, and everyone but him knows it. Jenny of course plays on it, she dances with  her new boy toy. Luke's mood drops instantly, and he stops dancing and goes to sit on the couch. I won't let his night be ruined because of that whore.
 "Luke, come dance with me please" I beg with a pout. He always lets me have my way when I pout. He smiles and kisses my cheek.
 "sure, lets dance" he whispers in my ear. I get chills. We start doing dance moves I think should never be done in public. Luke's body is suddenly pressed against mine, and the next thing I know, he's kissing me. That's when I realize he's drunk. My good mood is ruined.
 "Hey Luke lets take a break ok?" I ask, he nods and goes to the couch. I sneak away to the kitchen where everyone's taking jello shots. I do a couple shots then go to meet Luke.

My head is throbbing, and I'm laying next to someone in bed. I look next to me and im completly shocked, it's Luke. I move slowly so I don't wake him up, then I notice it. I'm not wearing any clothes.  I try to hold back my gasp but not well enough because Luke wakes up. He groans and then sits up slowly, he runs his hand threw his hair. He looks up and sees me, getting out of the bed with the sheet wrapped around me.
 "Oh My God!" Luke praticly gasps. I look away as fast as I can.
 "Did we uhhh?" he asks. I look up into his eyes.
 "I don't know" thats when I start to cry, I sit on the bed and sob. Luke comes over
  "Sasha its ok...don't cry" I shake my head  no, its not ok. I may have just lost my virginty to my best friend and my crush while we were drunk its so not ok.
  "I am sorry, I am so sorry" Luke kept mumbling. That snaps me out of it. It's not Lukes fault, he shouldn't be sorry. We BOTH got drunk.
 "Luke, its both our fault we both got way to drunk last night" He looks up at me and nods, but I've known him too long he still feels guilty. I get up to walk to the bathroom and now I KNOW I'm not a virgin theres a sharp pain when  I walk. My sharp inhale of breath made Luke look up and he grimaces.
"We did, didn't we?"  I don't  answer just continue to walk to the bathroom.  I take a quick shower and get dressed. When I walk into the bedroom Luke has the blankets on the floor in a corner and the garbage is piled out and hes looking under the bed.
 "What are you doing?" I ask with real curiosty. Luke looks at me pale.
 "I'm looking for a condom or something to let me know we used protection. Will you please check the bathroom" Luke says very calmly. I go into the bathoom, and check the bathroom trash, nothing. I check the floor still nothing. I walk into the bedroom in a daze, Luke is still searching.
 "Luke.....I don't carry that kinda stuff. So I know I didn't have one. What about you?" He looks at me and shakes his head.
 "I didn't need to, or I thought I wouldnt need to." I slid onto the floor, we had unprotected sex. I just sit there Luke had stopped looking, and was sitting against the wall now looking at me.
 "Sash, tell me the truth ok? Was that your first time?" I imieditly go pink,
 "Yea." I mumble.
 "I'm sorry Sash. I remember you telling me you wanted it to be special, this isn't" He says quitely.
  "It's fine Luke." It was with Luke so it WAS special but I cant tell him that.
 "Can we just forget this ever happened? Go back to how things were before the party?" I ask. He looks at me and nods.
I go back to my house, and try not to think about last night. I was with Luke. We were drunk but still we were together. Well it's not gonna happen again and I need to get on with my life.  It's still two months until graduation I should do my work.


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