Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 60

From Christopher's P.O.V.

I felt the water around me. I remembered the recent events and awoke in a panic.
I swam to the cave floor and lifted myself out of the water. Next to me lay a pale Madalla, the only color left was her red lipstick.
I was confused.
I looked up to see an empty cave.
I scrambled up the tunnel and out into the night sky. A campfire was a few yards a way. I strolled over.
Maggie ran up to me and hugged me tightly, "I'm so glad your alright. I was a little nervous you wouldn't wake up."
I smiled, remembering bits and pieces of how I got into the water.
Maggie took my hand and led me over to the log she had been sitting on. Her right arm had no injuries. She must have put some water on it. Slake and Persephone were sitting on another log and Hailey was standing by the fire. They all gave happy looks when I walked past.
Slake laughed, "Did you eat?"
I turned to Maggie confused. She was chuckling. "Madalla?" I asked.
Maggie laughed, "Some things just aren't that appetizing Slake."
Slake laughed and lifted his hands to the fire, "Ah, I just love the warm flames."
Hailey snorted, "You can't feel the flames you idiot."
Slake laughed and put his hands down.
Persephone cleared her throat, "Why doesn't everyone inform Christopher with what he has missed. I'm sure he has a few questions."
Everyone looked at me. I looked around into everyone's eyes and asked, "Where is the other witch?"
Maggie spoke, "Caspus got away. She ran from the scene when Persephone showed up."
"Who killed Madalla?"
Persephone answered, "I did."
I winced, "Where did my dog go?"
Hailey laughed, "Gustus has been gone a while now Christopher."
"I know. But I'd still like to know where he ran off to."
Everyone laughed.


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