Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 59
Almost there

From Maggies P.O.V.

Slake was holding Christopher as quietly as he could while Christopher shook and panted. I stood beside them trying to hold the tears inside my eyes.
We stood in the trees, only a few feet from where Hailey was digging through what was left of a pile of dirt. Madalla impatiently tapped her foot beside her.
The dirt then caved in and a tunnel unfolded in front of them.
Slake carefully handed Christoper. He was heavy, but I would manage carrying him the few feet.
Madalla smiled, "Finally!" She took a step toward the tunnel. I yelled out.
"We had a deal." I stepped out of the trees slowly carrying Christopher. Madalla scowled then stepped out of the way.
I lay Christopher down on the dirt and then shoved him into the tunnel. It was probably painful for him, but I had to get him to the water.
I pushed his body into the water and it sank under the water a couple of inches before floating to the surface again.
I stared nervously into the water as Madalla and Caspus entered the cave. Madalla smiled, "You might as well get in too dear. Its the last you get."
I didn't move from my spot. Madalla laughed, "Fine, have what you want. This place is mine now though, so its your last chance."
I slowly looked at her and glared, "Persephone wasn't taken from you." I spat.
Madalla's smile was wiped from her face and her eyes turned hard. I laughed, "You lied to me."
Madalla glared, "Who told you?"
I didn't reply to her question, "I trusted you for a short moment back there." I changed my voice, "You should leave."
Madalla chuckled a little trying to hide her fear, "Your powers won't work on my dear." She paused her face red, "I gave them to you!" She stomped her boots across the the cave floor over to me, "How dare you accuse me of lying! I loved my child! Someone took her from me!"
I spoke slowly, "You lie."
Madalla screamed and she pushed me up against the wall. She raised her fist but then she stopped as Persephone joined the room glaring at Madalla's back, "Truth is, I ran."
Madalla's face turned pale and a certain longing filled her eyes. She turned around to see her dead daughter.
Madalla managed to whisper, "Persephone," Through her shaky breathing. She slowly stepped towards Persephone and raised her hand to her daughters face. She touched Persephone's cheek.
Persephone slapped Madalla's hand away and spit, "How dare you touch me?" She yelled. She grabbed Madalla's hand and and swung her against the wall. She got her face close to Madalla's who was nervously breathing, "Why did you kill my father?"
Madalla didn't answer, she avoided contact with her daughter. Persephone screamed in her ear, "Why?!"
Madalla shook as tears came from her eyes, "It was a spell to keep me alive. The more lives I took the longer I would live!"
Persephone's mouth dropped. Then she said disgustingly, "You killed him? Of all the people? You're husband?"
Madalla looked at me as the tears streamed down her face, "I- I had to do it!"
Persephone screamed, "Lies! You lousy bitch! Tell me why you killed him!"
Madalla screamed as Persephone kneed her in the stomach. Madalla whispered, "I cannot tell. Those who tell die."
Persephone breathed, "Then die."
Madalla turned back to look at her daughter. Persephone threw her onto the ground. Madalla was crying and shaking heavily. Persephone knelt beside her and flashed her two sharper teeth. Madalla gasped, "Please! Please! Do not! Change me, daughter! Change me!"
Persephone gave a disgusted smile, "Then I would only be doing you a favor." Persephone grabbed Madalla's neck.
Madalla spoke softly, "The terrible-two."
Persephone hesitated a moment at her words. Madalla smiled, "I love you."
Persephone cracked her neck to the side and bit down hard.


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