Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 58
Meeting Hailey

From Maggies. P.O.V.
I was getting cold. The breeze was blowing fast onto my skin as we sped through the thick trees of the forest. Slake's arms were wrapped around me but with no body heat, it wasn't much help. His cold skin only made me shivering continue.
Then we stopped. Slake sat my feet on the ground. We were in small dirt area near the lake where the water had sucked me in. The crashed airplane was still in the water, slowly sinking. I went to the water to wash up a little.
Soon Christopher joined me. I could see his bright yellow eyes reflecting off the murky water, watching me. We made eye contact and he smiled, "Maggie, have you ever seen a fairy?"
I laughed, "I hadn't seen a lot of things until I came to this forest."
I smiled, "Hailey should be around here somewhere. She said that she would wait around for me to back."
Then a soft, smooth voice of a little girl came from behind us, "I have been waiting. It didn't take as long as I thought."
Christopher and I turned around. A small girl stood behind us while we crunched over the lake. Her long blond hair moved with the slight breeze and she sparkled, brightly. She shone brightly even in the morning light. Her eyes glowed a bright green.
My mouth dropped open a little and she smiled happily, "Hi Maggie!" She giggled, "I've heard a lot about you."
I turned to Christopher who smiled and shrugged. I smiled, "Hello, Hailey."
She turned in a circle showing off her small wings, "They've been growing. Not sure how to use them though yet." Then she gave a puzzled look, "Where are the others?"
I looked around. The vampires were gone.
Christopher sighed, "I knew they would head out as soon as we got here."
Hailey shook her head, "No, I can still feel the presence of unknown beings. They haven't left."
"Three?" I asked getting a little nervous, "There was only two Vampires."
Christopher mumbled, "Blood suckers."
Something then lifted Christopher by the neck and hoisted him up to his feet. Slake dusted off Christopher's shoulders, "We keep our word, slime, we never left."
I stood to my feet as I became aware of Persephone slowly walking towards Hailey. She circled the little girl, "So it must be true."
I stepped closer to Hailey, feeling she needed protection and Persephone laughed. "Boo-hoo. I'm not going to hurt her. I'm only interested in her magical abilities."
Slake came closer as well, "Magical Creatures cannot usually sense our presence. As Vampires, our spirits our dead, yet we still live. Only Fairies have the awareness to know when we are around. That is how she knew we were still here. Though I'm curious," He paused curiously looking around in the trees, "Who is the third being?"
Hailey began breathing heavily and nervously looking around. Persephone took Hailey's long hair and twisted it through her fingers, "Tell us dear, what are you thinking."
Hailey took a deep breath trying to calm herself then shakily said, "Since Christopher and Maggie were here I assumed that three beings had come with them here, three Vampires. But now that I know what I was feeling was the dead spirits.." She trailed off staring at the ground.
Slake crouched next to her, now a foot shorter than her, "Tell us child, who is the third being?"
Hailey looked up to Christopher, her eyes purple now, "I sense the same feeling of the Vampires as I do with Christopher."
Christopher looked around confusingly wondering what this meant. Persephone made her way to Christopher chuckling. "Then this obviously means," She lifted her finger to his chin and stroked it with a sad pout in her lip, "Poor Christopher is dead."
I gasped as I connected my thoughts and said them out loud, "Without the Everlasting Water, Christopher won't last very long."
Hailey's eyes filled with tears, "How long do you think he has? It's only been around a day since he was last in the water."
Slake shrugged his shoulders, "Who knows? I don't know how long the water would last on a dead person. But it probably won't completely wear off for a couple weeks. Unless he is seriously hurt."
Christopher's eyes looked worried beyond belief. He was shaking a little.
I stepped up to him pushing Persephone away and took his hands. "Its alright, Christopher. We have the water. You don't need to worry about dying."
Christopher was nodding at me. His eyes quickly glanced behind me and he gasped. I felt searing pain in my arm. And then an arrow pierced through Christopher's shoulder. His mouth fell open and he held the arrow in his hand tightly. He fell to his knees.
I spun around. The Vampire's were nowhere to be seen. A few yards away Madalla held a bow in her hand. Her pursed lips fell into a smile. Caspus stood next to her holding Hailey in her arms, a knife pulled up to her throat.
Madalla sighed, dropping her bow, "I guess my shot isn't that great. I was aiming for the beauty, but got the beast instead."
I was shaking as she slowly stepped closer to me, "He doesn't have much longer does he, pretty?" She stood in front of me, "The fake hole was a nice touch. I'm sure it was your idea. Letting me waste my time on meaningless dirt while you came here and played happy family." She glanced behind her, "What is she? Your dog?" She chuckled. I held my head down to the ground.
Madalla frowned, "Tell me where the water is. Or I slit her throat."
I breathed heavily. I needed the water for Christopher. But if I didn't give it away Hailey was dead.
Where were the Vampire's now? I thought they wanted Madalla dead? Was now, not a perfect time?
Without a swift enough reply, Madalla smacked me hard across the face, "Tell me where the damn water is!" She spat in my face.
I gave a big breath in her face that was a little too close for comfort, "I'll take you to the water. Give it to you even, if Christopher gets one last swim."
Madalla laughed, "Dear, you know that last dip won't help much. You'll only prolong is death."
I raised my voice, "He gets one more swim!"
Madalla gave a shocked glare, "Fine, but you carry him."
She smiled, "Caspus bring the girl, don't release your hold."
I knelt down next to Christopher, "Hailey, you know the way. Show them."
Hailey gave an unsure look from Madalla back to me. Madalla glared at Hailey, "You heard her girl, Go!"
Caspus removed the knife from around Hailey's neck but still held a firm grasp around her arms as Hailey slowly led the way into the trees.
I turned back to Christopher. He was panting. Blood damped his shirt around the wound and he shook, "Christopher, everything will be okay. It's going to be alright."
Tears fell from his eyes. A twig cracked behind me. I spun around.
Slake held up in hands, showing know harm. He motioned something on his body that looked like yanking something from his arm. I realized he meant to pull the arrow from Christopher's wound.
I looked at the arrow and then to Slake. He nodded quickly. I turned back to Christopher and took hold of the arrow. I yanked it hard.
I came out bloody and Christopher groaned heavily and his body shook more.
Slake then came closer and picked him up and he whispered in my ear, "Go along with it. Persephone has got this under control."
I nodded nervously and stood to follow Slake as he carried Christopher quietly to the real tunnel.


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