Just Call Me Helen - Completed
Author: CassidyandAnna

Chapter 12
You Can Trust Me

It takes a month before I can finally get the office to sell, and not for much at that. I call Roy in on a Sunday so we can pack up our things, both of us sitting on his desk and staring out the lone window in the room silently.
    He breaks this silence by turning to me and addressing the issue I knew he would eventually. “Hey, Helen…?”
    “Yes, Roy?” I ask.
    “You know when you said that, at the warehouse, about the miscarriage? Is that why were you crying the day you finally hired me?”
    “Yeah,” I say, looking at my hands. “But I wasn’t crying out of sadness; I was crying because I was happy. They were tears of relief.”
    “Why?” Roy asks. He isn’t judging me, he just doesn’t understand.
    I run a hand through the scraggles of where my hair is beginning to grow back. “I wouldn’t want to bring a child into a world where you can’t trust anyone but yourself.”
    “But you can trust me,” Roy says, putting his hand on mine.
    I squeeze his fingers between my own. “Yeah, I think I can.”
    The room quickly turns awkward after that— we haven’t even noted at intimate ideas since the warehouse. We’ve been too busy trying to reverse the mess that Richard made of the city. There have been drug raids everywhere, I can’t find Nard no matter how hard I look, and Katherine wound up dead. Roy and I worked with the new head councilman Campbell to fix things, but it’s time for both of us to move on from this place. There’s nothing left here.
    Roy shuffles his feet and I clear my throat.
    “So,” Roy says, still holding onto my hand— his palms are sweating. “What are your plans from here?”
    I look at him, at the bare remnants of my office and the life I’ve created for myself in this city of corruption I am so relieved to part from. “I have none,” I say truthfully.
    Roy nods, giving my hand a reassuring squeeze as I did to his only a minute ago.
    “I mean, do you have any— where are you headed now?” I ask, almost embarrassed.
    Smirking, Roy asks, “Well, have you heard about this guy named Holmes in London?”
    “Can’t say I have.”
    “Well,” Roy says decidedly. “He’s getting himself a pretty prominent reputation for obtuse and effective detective work over there, and it sounds like he could use some help with a case about a fellow named Professor Morarity, and I figured I’d head that way… I could use some help of my own though.” He looks at me hopefully.
    I smile. “Roy… May I accompany you on this case?”


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