Just Call Me Helen - Completed
Author: CassidyandAnna

Chapter 5
This Hell I Suffer

I end up being late. The house my husband and I live in is all the way across the city from the office, as I made sure of. My husband, Richard, would not approve of me masquerading as a man, even to help people. He would not approve of me doing anything beside being a trophy wife. Lord knows I only married the man for the money. Not for myself, but to give my mother back west a life of comfort in her old age until she passes.
    If it weren’t for that, I would have left Richard a long time ago.
    By the time I have dinner started, he is already walking through the front door. Richard is a man of schedule, and I am not on schedule. My punishment is a harsh slap to the face. I cry out and stumble, but he simply throws me to the floor to kick me while I’m down. This is the reason I am a detective during the day— to escape this hell I suffer during the night.
    After a moment, I pick myself up off the floor and finish cooking him dinner. While he eats, I slip up to the sitting room for a breather. Going over to the window for hopes of fresh air, I notice that there are new papers on the desk next to it. One of the papers is a calendar. There are many dates on it, but with Maggie’s case on my mind, only one date draws my attention. It is in four days time— a city councilman’s ball. Of course Richard would be invited to go as he does stock-broking for all of the higher-ups.
    There is no way that this infamous Borislov would miss something like this, and as Roy and I have not been able to get into contact with him for an interview, this could be our chance.
    “Helen!” Richard calls from downstairs. I jump, committing the date of the ball to memory before rushing to see what Richard needs.


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