Just Call Me Helen - Completed
Author: CassidyandAnna

Chapter 4
In the Gang

The following day I am sitting at my desk staring at Maggie’s case realizing how little information Roy and I actually have on the girl. Yesterday after we came back from the beach I called upon Katherine Fitzpatrick, Maggie’s older sister and the woman that requested my assistance— and apparently Roy’s as he has to help me now that his damned name is in the papers— to find her sister’s killer. She still hasn’t gotten back to me.
    I sigh when suddenly the bell above the office’s entrance door chings, followed by the door slamming against the wall. “Oh me sweet lady!” calls a woman’s high soprano of a voice.
    I hear Roy awkwardly clear his throat in the main office. “Um…ma’am, I’m a man, not a sweet lady… And, would you please calm yourself? I’ll…call upon Henry.”
    “Very well then,” comes the woman’s voice once more, exasperated.
    The commotion is enough that Roy does not have to call upon me. I fix my hair in the mirror on my desk, and stride into the main office just as Roy is coming to get me. It doesn’t surprise me that the woman who is still in fact standing, not sitting, hands defiantly on her hips, is Katherine Fitzpatrick. She is known about town for being a bit of a…character. In other words not many people approve of her lifestyle or mannerisms.
    “Oh! Henry! There ya’ are!” Katherine singsongs, coming over to kiss my cheek. I blink. “I’ve been waitin’ out here an eternity! You will never believe the blarney I’ve found out!”
    “That your sister was married?” I ask, as she never told me this and when I learned yesterday that Maggie was in fact married to a very well-known man of politics it threw the whole case off-kilter.
    “Oh! I thought ya’ knew, dear detective Jones!” Her Irish accent makes her words tick together. “She married the bugger without even knowin’ he’s in the gang!”
    “The gang?” I ask, and Roy shifts awkwardly from foot-to-foot.
    “Yes, the gang,” Katherine insists. “As in the gang, the gang.”
    “Are you talking of the mob, Ms. Fitzpatrick?” I ask.
    “No!” Katherine yells. “Borislov is in the gang! I saw ‘im selling drugs with me own two eyes!”
    I nod. “In the mob.”
    “No! The gaaaaannnnnng.”
    “Ms. Fitzpatrick,” I say, keeping my voice level to see if this will somehow help calm the woman down, “this sounds vaguely of mob activity.”
    Katherine huffs.
    Roy looks up from where he is standing. “How did you find this out anyways, Ms. Fitzpatrick?”
    “I spied on ‘im!” Katherine shouts, as if the answer were obvious. “He ain’t the wonderful man his campaign makes him out ta be! Goin’ around selling drugs ta wee children just ta make some extra bread! Sure, he puts me in a nice house, but that ain’t worth the wee ones’ souls!”
    “Ms. Fitzpatrick,” I say, setting a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. She is taller than me, but we are still almost eye-to-eye, so it makes getting my point across easier. “I need you to calm down and tell me exactly what is going on?”
    “He is sellin’ drugs in the gang,” Katherine persists. “It’s a conspiracy, detective Jones! Maggie never even knew— she couldn’t of known… Could she?”
    I am finally able to calm Katherine down after that. I tell her to go home and rest, and to stay out of dangerous affairs before she gets hurt. She agrees, but I am suspicious of her sincerity. After she is gone, I turn to Roy. He’s staring at Maggie’s file.
    “You know…” he says, “What if Katherine’s right? What if Maggie did find out about Borislov’s illegal activities?”
    “That would give him motive,” I say, taking off my hat and smoothing out my hair.
    Roy stares at me for a moment, and then shakes his head. “I always knew that Borislov guy was bad news. That’s why I’m helping Campbell in his elections. He may be old, but at least he’d be a good head councilman.”
    “Do you think Borislov would really kill his own wife though?” I ask, wiping cover-up from my cheeks.
    “I’m sure of it,” Roy says. “I think we should go look into it right now so we can bag him.”
    “I can’t,” I say. “I have to get home. It’s almost dinnertime.”
    “Why don’t you just come and have dinner with me?”
    I beat down feelings of wanting to accept the offer because I know I can’t. As a married woman, I’m not supposed to have dinner with other men under any circumstances. Problem being, Roy doesn’t know I’m married and I wish I could bend the rules. I do enjoy his company when he’s not trying to intrude upon my work. Not that I would ever admit that aloud, especially to him.
    “Sorry, Roy. I have to get home,” I say.


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