Just Call Me Helen - Completed
Author: CassidyandAnna

Chapter 3
I Will Have to Let Him Help

We are at the beach a full fifteen minutes before I realize that the tide has taken away all of the evidence. The only suspicious thing to be found is a very blond, eccentric looking man walking around in circles, as if he were lost. When I call out to him, he seems not to hear me and walks off over the sand dunes, out of sight.
    I realize that in my watching of the very blond, eccentric looking man, Roy has left my company and is now talking to a reporter a ways up the beach— the vultures are everywhere and I strictly instructed him not to talk to one.
    “Roy!” I call out. “What are you doing?
    “Thanks for your time,” the reporter says meekly before scrambling off as I stalk their way.
    “I told you not to talk to anyone!” I hiss at Roy, resisting the urge to slap him.
    “Relax there, Sally. I said we couldn’t disclose any information,” Roy says easily.
    “That’s not my name,” I growl. I have also instructed him not to use feminine names in public. Out in society I am Henry Jones, a private detective— not Helen Williams, a quiet girl from Illinois married to a stockbroker. Not that Roy even knows that much…
    “Well, don’t worry about that,” Roy says. “They took down my name anyways.”
    “You mean your name is in the paper as the detective for this case?”
    Roy thinks about it a moment. “Oh hell… I am so sorry, Alice. I wasn’t even thinking.” He genuinely means it too, which just agitates me all the more.
    Now that his name is officially the name on the case in papers, the cops might only accept evidence from Roy to make any arrests. I will have to let him help because risking the cops not accepting evidence isn’t worth it.
    “You’re never thinking, Roy,” I say, and storm off up the beach. There is no evidence here anyways.


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