Kasin's Real, I Promise
Author: Kassandra

Chapter 9
Mom, Iím fine.


“This is Kiss 95.7. Coming up: can coffee grounds get rid of your stretch marks? We’ll be-” I reach up and press the off button on my alarm clock like a normal person. I never understood why I see people slapping it in movies. Like seriously? Just turn it off, guy.

I open my eyes and roll out of bed. Walking to the bathroom, I feel kind of funny. My mom walks out of her room and smiles faintly. She’s tired. “Good morning Rose.”

“Good morning M-” I dive into the bathroom, whip the toilet seat open and throw up, all in about 1.6 seconds. My mom drops all her things and rushes over to me. “Rose, are you okay?!”

“Y-yeah, just feeling a little funny…” Another wave of nausea grips me and I throw up again.

I throw up twice more and the nauseous feeling is gone. “I feel better now,” I state simply. But Mom shakes her head.

“You go back to bed, there’s no way you are going to school.”

I raise my arms and then drop them in exasperation. “Mom, I really feel fine! I don’t even know what that was, it was like a freak thing,” I try my hardest to convince her. “I’m fine.” I repeat.

But she just calmly shakes her head, which pisses me off even more. “Rose, you’re going to lie down in bed,” she grabs me gently by the arm and ushers me into my room, flicking on my light.

I see Kasin laying there smirking at me.

“and you’re going to get better. I’ll be back up with some medicine.”

She leaves and Kasin and I are alone.

I turn onto my belly and groan into the pillow.

“Really now? I don’t even feel sick!” I roar into my pillow. Kasin strokes my back. “Listen to Mommy now, Rose,” he whispers into my ear. I flail my right hand in his face, attempting to hit him, but I miss. He chuckles gruffly and puts my hand back on the pillow. My mom walks back in and I look at her. She holds DayQuil pills and a glass of water in her hand. I roll my eyes. “Mom, I’m fine,” I insist.

She doesn’t seem to hear me, though. She opens the little pack of pills and gives them to me, along with the water. I roll my eyes once again and choke down the two rocks. She kisses my forehead and murmurs, “Get some rest, we’ll be home at four.” I sigh and plant my face back into my pillow.

This. Sucks.

Stuck at home with absolutely nothing to do is worse than school. And now I’m going to have to go back next week to make up my finals.

My mom turns off my light and closes my door. I hear her trudge down the steps, fiddle with her keys for a moment, and then leave the house. The Nissan Murano sits waiting for her in the driveway, Helen in the driver’s seat. I see them drive away.

Suddenly, Kasin rolls over, falling off the bed and taking me with him. I land with a thud onto my back next to him. He giggles uncontrollably.

“Kasin, what the hell?!” I shout. He sits up and puts his hands on either side of my head. His dirty blonde hair falls in his face a bit and his unique eyes sparkle. “We’re going on a little field trip today!” He exclaims excitedly.


“Get up! Brush your teeth! C’mon, let’s go, go, go!” Kasin gets up and pulls me to my feet gracefully. He ushers me into the bathroom, squirts some toothpaste on my toothbrush and sticks it in my hand. “Brush, let’s go.”

I raise an eyebrow, reluctantly moving the brush back and forth across my teeth.

I brush them quickly and I can taste blood on my gums. Uhm ew? Then I run back into my room and see that Kasin has carelessly thrown an outfit onto my bed. He’s got me wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, some dark blue skinny jeans, and a pair of brown lace up leather boots. I run a hand through my chocolate curls and lock my door.

I strip quickly and start wrestling on the shirt. Kasin knocks tentatively on the door and I jump slightly. “Hold on a second,” I call to him. He chuckles softly and I hear my door groan; he’s leaning on it. “Sweetheart, I’ve already seen everything, you got nothing to hide,”

I bite the inside of my cheek. So he wants to play that way, does he?

I sneak over to the door and close my hand over the handle. Then as quick as possible I open and then close the door so it slams in Kasin’s face. He lets out a cry and I laugh, knowing he’ll never lean against my door again. He opens the door and wraps his arms around me in a death grip. “You’re funny, Rose. You think you’re going to get away with that?” His arms remain locked just above my elbows. I try to slap his arms ineffectively.

“Slap all you want, honey, you’re going to get punished either way.” Kasin starts moving his fingers across my ribs. I scream instantly and start squirming. My sides are extremely sensitive and ticklish. “Kasin! Stah-ha-ha-hop! I’m-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-friggin-ha-ha-ticklish! Ahhhhhh!”

“Apologize,” he orders, laughing as well.

Never!” I refuse righteously.

He shrugs and tickles my sides harder. Finally, I can’t bear it any longer. “I’m sorry!” I cry.

In an instant he lets me go and I can finally breathe. I turn on him and try to push him over, but he doesn’t go very far. “You jerk!”

He smiles. “Ah, you love me. Let’s go, get your pants on.”

I raise an eyebrow as I try awkwardly to get my jeans on. “You know, that sounds awfully inappropriate,” I suggest.

Kasin laughs. “Rose I’m not even human! Your physical being doesn’t affect me in any way.”

I roll my eyes. “Should I take that as an insult?” I jest.

He hands me my glasses after I tug my pants on. “No. You are very good-looking for human standards, but I don’t take value in that as humans do.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Rose, your essence, inside, is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. More beautiful than any angel, demon, or human.”

My cheeks heat. Awkward. “Uhm… thanks,” is all I can come back with as I pull on my brown boots and lace them over my jeans. I stick a hair band in my curled mane to tame it and shove on my glasses before we go. Kasin opens the front door and gets into the driver’s seat of my car. I settle into the passenger’s side and immediately fasten my seatbelt.

“Oh by the way… this morning when you were sick, did you feel any pain?”

I think about it for a moment. “No, just queasiness.”

Kasin sighs in relief. “Good, because I… may have… possessed you for a moment to make you sick so you wouldn’t have to go to school today,” he informs me shamefully.

I look at him in shock, but he doesn’t meet my gaze. “Why?” I demand.

“Because I need to you do this for me.”

“And what is this exactly?”

“You’ll see,” is all he says to me.


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