Kasin's Real, I Promise
Author: Kassandra

Chapter 4
Donít listen, kay sweetheart?


Today I’m going to the mall with Belle.

I got home at around four today and Belle’s dad offered to take us. Normally, I’m not exactly the omg-hair-nails-makeup-dresses-skirts-boys-gossip-gossip-gossip kind of girl, but I need something to take my mind off of the past couple of days. A combination of this weird stuff that's been happening and my father's death hasn't exactly allowed me much time for myself. Or friends, really.

I’m cleaning my room as I wait, and text messaging James. We’re discussing the board.

James: Frankly, I don’t like them. They’re dangerous, portals to hell.

Me: … But they’re way cool…

James: Doesn’t matter. They’re dangerous, Rose

Me: How???

James: Because they’re access to demons. Demons are crafty beings, manipulating humans into carrying out their unholy wishes by tempting them with empty promises.

Me: So? It’s not like I’m gonna get like hypnotized or something?

James: Oh, but you can. You don’t know what you’re up against, Rose. You’d think demons would be ugly beings, with horns and tails and wings but they’re quite the opposite and you would fall prey to their immense beauty, unfathomable knowledge, and irresistible charisma.

Me: So I’d fall in love with a demon. Is that what you’re telling me? That is such bullshit.

James: That’s exactly what I am telling you. I’d give you three days. They usually don’t reveal themselves to you as being a demon. They can take any form imaginable, they could be your mail carrier, your teacher, your best friend.

Me: … What if I’m a demon.

James: You’re not..

Me: But it is an interesting concept to exercise. What if this whole time I’ve known you I’ve slowly been luring you to your impending doom? You’d never know.

James: Well, you haven’t but if you had, God would tell me.

Me: Are you sure about that?

James: Yes.

Me: How can you be so sure?

James: It’s just one of those things you just know.

Me: But how can you really know that? Would he tell ANYONE who was about to encounter a demon? What if he didn’t?

James: I believe that if the person is close enough to God, He will look out for them.

Me: You sure have a lot of faith in him…

James: Yes ma’am I do have a lot of faith in Him.


I hear a faint beep in the distance. My mom calls up to me. “Rose! Belle’s here!”


Me: Well I have to go, I don’t have service in the mall so I’ll talk to you later. Peace brother.

James: So long brother.

I shove my Blackberry curve into the back pocket of my bootcut jeans and throw on my leather satchel. I shake out my curly hair and push my glasses farther up on my nose. Well, here I go.


I’ve been at the mall for about an hour before the weird guy.

I enter Spencer’s alone while Belle hunts for shoes across from me at Bakers. As I’m surveying all of the humorously inappropriate merchandise for a much needed laugh, I see someone from the corner of my eye.

There stands a boy, about six feet tall with thick black hair and dark emerald eyes. He’s wearing some sort of band tee, some baggy dark blue jeans, and a bright blue wristband that reads I LOVE BOOBIES. He just stares at me. I raise an eyebrow. “Yes?” I ask slowly.

He just looks from me to the wall of sesame street hats and back to me again. I’m beginning to get creeped out now. “Can I… help you?”

“Listen,” he says suddenly, “if you ever start experiencing any… weird stuff any time soon,” he peels the size sticker off of a shirt and takes a pen on sale and writes something down on it. He sticks the sticker onto my leg and finishes, “here’s my number. Gimme a call.”

I nod unsurely. “Uh… sure?”

He flashes me a million-dollar smile. He’s, like, hot, I decide absently. Then his smile is wiped away. He looks back at what he was looking at before. Then he looks back at me. “Just don’t let him push you around.” When I give him a puzzled look he says, “Don’t listen, kay sweetheart?”

I blink and raise an eyebrow. “Even if I knew who you were talking about, why would I listen to you?” I ask rudely. He shrugs, gives a lock of my curly hair a tug, and walks past me. I stand here, still confused. “My name’s Ash, by the way,” he calls to me. I nod, even though he probably can’t see me.


Four hours later, Belle’s dad drives me home. I get out and wave goodbye. I walk into my living room and say hello to my moms, assuring them I had fun and showing them what I purchased. The only things I got today were a pair of jeans from Pacsun and a small dream catcher from a strange kiosk. I know it’s stupid, but it can’t hurt. I’m desperate to stop these strange dreams, and with everything happening lately, I’m sure there are so much more to come.

As I climb my stairs, something immediately doesn’t feel right. I’m getting that feeling again, but it’s ten times stronger. I see my cat Kobe at the top of the stairs. I smile at her and say, “Hey sweetie! Did you miss me when I was gone?” I reach out to stroke her but she darts into my room as soon as my hand moves. I recoil. “What’s wrong, honey?” I follow her in and drop my bags on the floor.

Kobe is on my twin sized bed, purring, with her tail standing straight up. Like she does when I scratch her back. I hesitantly approach the bed. “Who’s there?” I croak as the air beings to shimmer again, very faintly.

I stare at the shimmering for a good three minutes. I count the agonizing seconds. Then I can only gawk in shock as the most divinely beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on appears, sprawled across my bed and stroking my cat.

“Hello Roseline. It’s very nice to meet you.”


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