Kasin's Real, I Promise
Author: Kassandra

Chapter 3


“You guys, let’s play with the board!”

The next night at Kell’s is her party and by now, everyone is gone except for the few girls that are sleeping here tonight: Kelly (obviously), Cat, Jessica, Karrie, Kalisa, Belle, and me.

We’re making a Ouija board.

Cat is the expert on all things Ouija, so she looks around for a piece of cardboard. She finds an empty Ugg box and, with Kelly’s permission, rips the bottom off the box. Then she writes the words yes, no, and goodbye, the letters a through z, and the numbers 0 to 9 on the makeshift board in magic marker. My stomach knots. I think back to Thursday when I found the box and the sharpie on my bedroom floor.

Everyone gathers around the Ouija board and Cat takes a small magnet from Kelly’s nightstand and puts it on the board. We all say a small prayer and the game begins.


Cat, Belle, and I all have one finger lightly on the magnet, while everyone else is holding hands or, if they’re next to Cat, Belle, or I, placing a hand on us. Cat is the speaker.

“Is there anyone here right now?”

The magnet quickly glides to yes. We all gasp and swear we’re not moving it.

“What’s your name?”

B Y F O Y Q R.

“Okay, so you’re not telling us your name?


“Shocker. Okay, whatever, are you a good spirit?”


“Are you lying?”


A ball of ice forms in my stomach. I wish Cat wouldn’t continue. “Do you like anyone in the room?



K A R R I E.

We all stare at her. She smiles and rolls her eyes. She’s not really into this stuff.

“Why do you like Karrie?”

S L U T.

We crack up. That is the funniest thing I personally have ever witnessed.

“How many guys have I slept with?” Karrie interrupts.


We crack up harder and shoot her some disbelieving looks. She blushes. “It’s true.”

“Do you like anyone else?” Cat asks.


“Do you have to tell someone something?”




“Why me? What do you have to say?”


Cat rolls her eyes. Earlier on, she was telling us about how her mother and her got into a really big fight, but she wouldn’t tell us why. “What about her?”

F D  H E R  O V R.

“I effed her over?”



O D.

Cat doesn’t seem to be phased. “So I fucked her over because I overdosed?”


Cat rolls her eyes. “How is overdosing fucking my mom over?”

L O V E.

“Because she loves me?”


“Will she forgive me?”


“That’s good.”

B U T  U R  E Z.

“I’m easy?”


We all look around confusedly.

“He means I’m weak, but I’m not, I’m strong.”




“He’s just going to keep arguing with me. I’ll ask it something else. Do you not like anyone in here?”



R O S E L I N E.

I close my eyes. You have got to be kidding me.

“Why don’t you like Rosie?” I flinch again at the name.


“What’s that?” I ask Cat. “Let me sound it out. Sometimes they can’t spell the whole thing, so they put letters together that, if taken literally, sound out the word.” I nod.  She pulls her eyebrows together. “Pr… Pr-t-k-td… Pur-tek-ted… Purtekted.” Her eyebrows rise up.

“You don’t like Rose because she’s protected?”


Cat looks at me. “Who is this?” she asks the board.

S A M U E L.

Cat gasps. “Are you lying?”


“Oh this is not good, not good at all.”

“Why?” I ask frantically.

“Samuel, what do you want with Rose?”

D E A D.

“Why do you want her dead?”

S H E  I S  W A N T D.

“Wanted by whom?”

M E.

 “Kells, I’m leaving.”

 Cat feverishly flips the board over, sending the magnet flying as Kelly’s sister comes to the bottom of the stairs. Kelly gives her a big hug goodbye and comes back. Cat’s eyes are wide with fear. “I think we should take a break,” she whispers breathlessly. She looks scared, but I feel even worse than she looks.


“Oh, it’s nothing. Let’s watch a movie! I brought the Shrek series!” Cat ignores my pleading look and pops the DVD into the player. Snuggled next to her in our line of huddled girls, I whisper in her ear, “It’s not ‘nothing’, is it?” She shakes her head. “I didn’t put the magnet to goodbye before I flipped the board. I didn’t close the portal. I think I let Samuel out of the board.”



I’m dreaming again.

I’m back on a small canoe, floating down a sleepy river. There are stationary oars in front of me, manned by no one. There is no end to this voyage as far as I can see. I look behind me. The river sits between two thick, lush forests. The water is bluer and the forest greener than naturally possible.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I gasp and turn around.

I see the boy. Once again I try to get a glimpse of him. All I can see is his mouth; his soft-looking, full lips. I lean over and try to see up the hood of his cloak, but he pulls back and laughs softly. I feel like a child who just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Who are you?” I urge. His smile disappears slowly.

“All in good time, Roseline.”

“How do you know my name?”

“What name? Roseline Kassandra Loch?”

I shudder slightly. The way he says my name gives me the chills. I look down at my long unpainted nails and notice that I am wearing a white summer dress that reaches just above my knees and my small feet are encased in soft white slippers. “Where am I? Where are we? What is going on here?” I demand, longing for some kind of answers. He laughs again and whispers, “You’re on your way.”

“But what does that mean?” I demand. He shakes his head slowly, smiling wider. “Not yet, dear, Not yet. You will stay blissfully ignorant for the time being, but later, when you are ready, I will divulge my secrets.”

“Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s slavery,” I growl at him. The corner of his lip twitches. “If that is what you wish. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” The sky blackens as the trees set on fire and the crystal clear water darkens to a dirty green accompanied by a creepy mist. I look down and see that my pretty white dress is grimy and torn and my slippers are singed. I look back up at the boy. He chuckles deep in his throat. “I told you that you weren’t ready.” He reaches up to yank off his hood.

I am awake, laying sprawled across Kelly’s couch. Everyone else is sound asleep. Damn, so close to seeing his face. I look at the time. 2:59 am. Oh, it just switched. 3:00 am. I flop back down on the couch with a huff and rub my eyes. I lie awake staring at the ceiling until sunrise.



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