W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 14
The Real Meaning Of Love

“ Okay that leaves us three, who is going to sleep with who”, “ Hey I have an Idea I'll sleep by myself and you guys sleep together”. “ No, Colbie not happening”. “ We'll I will not sleep with a guy, and that's that”. “ All right Talon you can have the bed, I will take the floor”. “ Thanks Deandre”. “ No problem”. The room wasn't all that bad it was better than the first boat I was on, but the one thing that was going to irritate me was the bathroom didn't have a door. “ the bathroom doesn't have a door”. “ where is your spirit of adventure Colbie?”, “ I think I left it back in England”. “ Well at least it has beds”, “ oh, i get dibs on this bed”. “ a bed is a bed”, “ why so serious Mr. Vega”, “ I'm still wet from diving into the water to get you, so don't be all innocent”, “ Hey, Deandre she's not doing anything wrong”. “ buddy, you really want to fight me right now”. “ that all depends, I could beat you up with my eyes shut”.
“ All right, shut your eyes and beat me up I won't touch you”. “ That's okay I'm good”. “ That's what I thought”. “ Guys stop it!”. “ whatever”.
Deandre and Talon were pushing each others buttons all evening long, Talon would test and purposely irritate Deandre to make him angry. And Deandre would make Talon Feel small and weak. “ Guys you have been fighting for hours, would you please shut up”. “ Whats in it for us”. “ Maybe some sleep”. “ She's right, I'll try and sleep”. “ Okay, thank you”.
I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling examining a spider spinning it's web, and thinking of what my life has come too, and the world, well at least I have Talon back, and I have friends to support me, I started to hum a tune to myself, and I fell into a long rest. The next thing I knew I woke up to the
sound of running shower water, I sat on the edge of my bed and saw 2 empty beds, I took my hand and took a deep breath into it my breath smelt
atrocious. I examined the room no one was there except for whoever was in the shower, I knocked on the corner of the door frame to the bathroom, and Deandre answered. “ Hey Deandre, where is Talon”. “ He went out to
start getting us signed out so we can have for time less pressure”. “ Oh, I need to use the bathroom”. “ I just won't be too much longer, you can wait a bit”. “ No, I need it now”. “ Well I still need to condition”. I need to use the toilet, and I need to brush and floss”. “ Okay but don't look”. “ No danger of that happening”. I used some of those disposable toothbrushes and those travel size toothpaste and floss. He had no idea but the white shower curtain was see through, it was really amusing hearing him sing and do a little strange dance in the shower, he never fails to make me laugh. “ I'm done Deandre you can come out on the count of three 1,2,3”.
I walked out of the bathroom and all I hear is a bang and a yelp, I look in and I see Deandre lying on the bathroom floor with his towel wrapped around him waist down, and I do the worst think I start laughing, and he looks at me with his eyebrows in a twist, and for a couple of seconds his face was completely blank, but then he started laughing in a really creepy way, he grabbed my hand, and pulled me and I ended up slipping right on top of him. “ oops, you slipped”. “ you mean you made me slip”. “ya, um,
Colbie”. “ yes”, “ I'm sorry if I have been kind of snobby to you at all lately”. “ That's fine, I mean I have probably done the same to you”. Deandre put his arm around me and he took his hand and sort of caressed my cheek, our eyes met and he sealed it with a kiss. Then I felt he actually really cared about me. “ I'm sorry about that Colbie”, “ No That's fine Deandre”. “ Okay, take my hand”. He helped me get up and then I went to my bed and I laid there in absolute boredom, waiting for Talon's return, while Deandre finished his daily beautifying process, I wouldn't be surprised if he had 6 pack shiner and toner.


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