W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 13
Times A Wasting

“ Does anyone know the time”, “ Yes it is 10 to”. “ ten to what”. “ I don't know the hour hand broke off”, “ How about you captain nebula”. “ Oh why yes, the time is approximately 10 to 9”. “ what time does the boat leave”. “ It leaves at nine”. “ Oh, we got to hustle grab the stuff and go”. Jethro bolted out of the room first carrying most of the luggage, and Batia carried her purse that far behind him, then I grabbed a small handbag I found and placed the Bible and money in it, then ran, Deandre walked slowly behind me, when we got to that narrow staircase which I have a history of going down, I was distracted by the fascinating carvings in the wall, and then I tripped on Deandre's foot, I began to fall, but he ran in front of me and caught me, before I hurt myself “ Thank you Deandre, what do I owe you”. He decided to reply back with his famous whit y remark that makes me giggle every time I hear it. “ nothing just knowing I made your day is enough reward for me”. “ Funny, but we have got to catch up”. “ Come on slow poke, you make a snail look like a cheetah”. He grabbed my hand and literally dragged me through the crowds in the streets until we reached the
boat we asked someone for the time it was already 9, we looked up and saw Batia and Jethro waving for our attention. “ Hurry up guys, the boat is leaving”. She yelled, once again Deandre did one of his heroic gestures, he
asked me to get on his back, after that he took a quick fast run and jumped off land onto the plank that led onto the ship, his fingers begin to slip as he was hanging off the plank, It was because my weight was holding him down, that is when I decided to let go I dropped down into the water not knowing how to swim, I struggled to stay above the surface, Deandre dove in from the plank and landed into the water with force, he saw me slowly sinking to the bottom, he dove deep down and grabbed my hand, and pulled me up the surface, I was unconscious, the captain had seen Deandre dive in, so he stopped the ship for my rescue, some staff from the ship lifted me on to the bottom deck of the ship, and Deandre gave me mouth to mouth resuscitation, which I can't say I enjoyed, and the next think I knew I was awake, I stood up and saw Batia and Jethro waiting for us, Deandre took my hand and we both walked towards them. “ are you okay Colbie, I was so worried”, “ Yes I'm okay thanks for your concern”, “ Not a problem, your a friend right Jethro”, “ I guess so”. Batia and Jethro walked away in front of us and then I realized, I had forgotten my bag back on the bottom deck, I went down to fetch it, Deandre came along, and began to lecture me. “ Colbie, you know you scared the heck out of me, when you dropped in the water like that”. “ I'm sorry Deandre, but I was weighing you down”. “ True, but I could of made it up without you doing that”, “ Okay, sorry”. I found my bag and leaned down to get it, Deandre was talking to one of the employees among the ship, when I stood up someone banged into to me and I dropped my bag again our hands met at the bag on the floor, the person lifted up the bag and gave it to me, my eyes widened in surprise, and I realized that wasn't anyone strange it was Talon, I yelled his name and gave him a big hug, the hug lasted quite a few seconds, Deandre turned around and stared at me dimly, to him I was hugging a complete stranger. “ Colbie do you know this guy”, “ Yes this is Talon”.
Deandre gave him a really awkward look, and walked away to catch up with Batia and Jethro. “ Colbie, who is that guy?”, “ Oh that is a friend of mine his name is Deandre, I'm also here with another girl named Batia, and another guy named Jethro, were all going to kidnap Sergei's daughter to snatch some information from her, how did you get here”. “ Long story, we both got onto the wrong ship, but we never saw each other, and Camden completely disappeared”. “ same with Payton”. “ Oh that is awful”. “ I know whats going on Talon”, “ Me too no need to explain”, “ Me along with everyone else think Sergei Addante is the antichrist”. “ Yes, I know I suspected him as well”. “ I came up with a brilliant plan to kidnap his daughter”. “ Can I have a part in this brilliant plan?”, “ You can
drive the get away car, from the back of the building”. “Okay, this still amazes me how we met up on the same boat to Ramallah”. “ I know God works in mysterious ways”. We just kept on talking until we caught up with everyone else when we reached the check in desk on the top deck.
“ How may I help you?”, “ um, yes we need to rooms”. “ That is going to be a little bit of a difficulty, considering there are 5 of you, each room has two doubles”. “ Okay, we'll have 2 rooms' well figure it out”. “ Okay, there are two non smoking rooms available for you, on the top deck, rooms 103, and 107, here are your keys, your destination arrival is 9:30 tomorrow morning, that is the same time of our check out, may I be of further assistance to you”. “ No, and thank you”. “ So what are we going to do”. “ Wait, guys lets introduce Talon Friar a friend of mine from England, he is going to drive the get away vehicle”. “ Okay, who is willing to sleep with someone else, a couple of us will get to sleep on our own”.
“ I'll sleep by myself, and I guess Jehtro can share a room with me if he has the other bed”


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