W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 12
the pros and cons

then after we fetch her we will make our way out the back entrance into the get away car, and we will leave without a trace”. “ Good plan Colbie”. “ Ya, i guess it is okay”.
“ Well we should start now, I will go arrange or stay at the inn, and our get away ride, while Batia goes to pack everything we need, and Deandre you can call that Jethro Maddox guy”. “ Oh by the way warning, Jethro will not speak to you unless you address him as Captain Nebula”. “ That's absurd, I won't call him that”. “ Well if you don't you guys will have an extensive difficulty getting along”. “ Okay, lets do this thing”. We all went our separate ways to do our assigned duties, I was using Batia's Cell phone to make the arrangements, while Batia packed and food, and clothes, and everything else needed, while Deandre sat in the corner smashing his head against the wall in annoyance, and stress while talking on the phone to Jethro Maddox, a few hours passed as we worked away, and the next thing I knew there was a knock on the door, and I leaped off the small armchair out of excitement after that long period of boredom I had experienced, I opened the door to see a tall fellow, fairly pale, with bleach blond hair, and those black rimmed circular harry potter looking glasses, he was rather modern looking, skinny and tall, I almost predicted his personality at my first glimpse of his appearance. “ Nice, to meet you, you must be Jethro”. He gave me those judge mental scanning eyes, he took a swift glance at me, then rudely shoved me, and walked around me when Deandre said. “ Hey how's my old pal Captain Nebula”. “ All right I suppose, I hear you are in need of my assistance, how flattering”. “ Yes we do need you”. “ By the way who is your eager beaver friend over there, she is impolite she did not address me in a proper manner, I am a gentleman I will excuse her ignorance”.
My ignorance I thought, to me he gave off the fancy pants rich boy vibe to me, he was already giving me a headache, I personally though it is pretty childish to call someone captain nebula, But maybe if I call him that nickname maybe we will get along better, because now isn't the time we need we need to deal with fights between each other, there is enough of that going on in the world as I speak.
“ So captain nebula I don't think I have introduced my self properly I'm...”
“ Yes I know who you are, Your Colbie Angela Tallis, Height 5.6, weight
135 1bs, age 17, Born and raised in Yorshire England, your parents abandoned you almost at infancy, and some people call you the diskiked nickname Cole for short”. “ Well captain nebula, you certainly know me better than myself, by the way that nickname wasn't supposed to get out”. “ Cole, Ha, I'm going to use this more often”, “ Shut it Deandre”.
“ Where is that Batia girl, you tried to tell me about”, “ Oh she is almost done packing”. “ Hey, Batia you almost done packing?”, “ actually I am done, I'm coming in a second”. “ Okay, remember time is money”. “ Nice, to see you again, she spoke in her sarcastic tone”, “ Hello Batia, for now on please call me Jethro”. He was completely taken in my her feminine charm. “ All right guys lets talk about what we are really here for, Deandre did you already tell him the plan?”. “ Ya I did”.


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