W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 11
In Need Of Assistance

Boy, you Israeli, people are smarter than I thought”. “ Deandre, and Colbie, wow this is such a coincidence how all three of us have had acquaintances with one another”. “ I know, Colbie recently lost her sister and I think we know why”. “ Oh I know why too, the world is ending, the streets are in riot right now, Colbie sorry for your loss”. “ Thank you, but it isn't exactly a loss, at least I know where she is”. “ Yes, that's true”, “ Girls, what are we going to do the world is ending and we are stuck right in the middle of it”. “ Well on my boat ride here, I had a long time to do some research in the book of Revelation everything you need to know is in there”. “ I have never really been a big reader of the Bible, But isn't it true that there is an anti Christ”. “ Yes there is according to 1 John 2:18,
it reads Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour”. “ Colbie, how do you know so much about the end of the world?”. “ Well at the orphanage, every Sunday we had the Opportunity to visit Chapel, the few chapels I visited, the pastor preached about the end times, the war of Armageddon, World War 3”. ' So how much time do we have considering we are the left behinds, to tell the world what is going on, and how to prepare them selves for the toughest times of their lives”. “ I believe we have about a 1,000 years of war, until God' returns once again to rapture the people remaining”. “ So what are we supposed to do”. “ Well, think who could possibly be the antichrist?”. “Um, Oprah”. “ No, Deandre for real, how about you Batia.” “ I don't have a clue”. “ There is that new Russian leader from
Moscow, who has eligibly claimed to be able to create world peace”. “ What is his name, I can do a little research?”. “ His name is Sergei Addante, he is hostile and dangerous, he wants complete control over the world, and people's minds, he has already released a tracking microchip, that is inserted into the wrist, when inserted you can be tracked any where, and eventually there is no way you can purchase food without it and you will die from starvation”. “ Sounds like a creepy stalker man to me”. “ I doubt he would want to know some of the places I go to”. “ I think we should start our little adventure, by finding out more about the current events happening in the world, and about the riots in the streets and what we can do to help”. “ Were gonna die eventually anyways we might as well do it so we can help make a difference in whats left of our world”. “ True that Batia”. “ Wait, I just realized something Colbie and Batia, Sergei is visiting Ramallah, but he has a daughter, if we can get to her maybe we can snatch some information from under her”. “ It can't be that easy Deandre, everyone knows the end times is here, but no one knows who the antichrist is, and she probably doesn't even know her dad is the antichrist, you have no Idea how much security we would have to go through just reach her”. “ Yes shes got got a point, Deandre!, But maybe someone can come up with a plan to get us to her”. “ Hey, why are you guys looking at me?, this is really one of those times when I need Talon's brain”. For the next few hours I sat down at a round wood table, brain storming my brilliant plan to get to Sergei's daughter, it was a lot harder than I thought It was going to be, I would come up with an idea but then there would be a problem either financial, or just to difficult to handle, so there I was going through pads of paper
scribbling down my thoughts, and then second guessing them. I sat there with my pencil
basically jabbing into my forehead while my fingers were racing along the table, as I tried to comprehend all the pressure that had kindly been bestowed upon me, while Deandre lay on the couch dead to the world, and Batia standing in the little kitchen area, experimenting with very few ingredients she had to work with. Then my eyes slowly began to shut and then on occasions open and then shut again, when the perfect plan rushed through my grasp, I grabbed my pencil and wrote down what I thought while my juices were still flowing.

“ Deandre, wake up!”, “ What, what do you want!, can't you see I'm trying to get my beauty rest”. “ Aw, that's a shame for once your not going to look pretty”. “ Hey, guys that's enough”. See this is why I look up to Batia, she is always there to break the anger and strife between Deandre and I. “ Crap!, Colbie how much paper did you use, you know you probably just killed a forest worth of trees”. “ Well, I think hard, and I was jotting down a few ideas”. “ A few ideas, more like a few times a billion”. “ Guys shut up, Colbie just say the plan”. “ Well all right, okay guys, Sergei leaves Ramallah
on early Friday morning, so technically that only leaves a little over 24 hours to to completely get ourselves to his daughter, My Idea is, Tonight we prepare everything we need to bring that includes money, luggage, weapons if necessary”. “ What! Weapons that's a little far Colbie, don't you think”. “ I did say if necessary, so anyways after we collect all the things need we will make our way to the docks, and we will catch a boat to Ramallah, then we should be there by morning, when we arrive
we book our selves into a cheap inn close to where they are staying, I looked at a tourist map of Ramallah, they are staying in a big daddy resort, But Sergei completely booked out the entire Resort for a few days, so that just makes everything all a little more challenging, I will take on a persona as a maid, Deandre as a maintenance man, and Batia as a cook, we will each take out the security in our surrounding areas, then
after almost all security is taken out we will meet up again in the lobby of the resort.”
“ What do you mean almost all security”. “ Oh right, small problem, we need someone actually smart with computers and hacking software to shutdown security cameras and or systems,that would be of much assistance”. “ Wait, I know the perfect guy”. “ No Deandre please don't tell me your going to get...”. “ I'm afraid so, we need him Batia”. “ No he drives me crazy, he is so pushy, and smart, he is so annoying, please don't get him to help us, I will literally take an online hacking course if needed”. “ No we need him Batia”. “ Who exactly are you guys talking about”. “ An old friend who goes by the name of Jethro Maddox, he is smart and witty and those things Batia described”. “ Well if we really need him I'm sure I can stand him”. “ Okay, I will call him up Asap”, “ As I was saying as soon as we are met up once again in the resort lobby, we will make our way to Sergei's room, and kidnap his daughter, he won't be there he is due in a meeting with other government officials, during that time period,


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