W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 10

I am so sorry Colbie, for mentioning her, I wasn't thinking”, “ You know what is isn't your fault, it's okay, honestly don't worry about it, I... Just need to go now”. “ Where exactly are you planning on going in Israel, you don't speak their language, and your not carrying any money, come and tell me how that works out for you”. “ You could be a little more considerate you haven't lost an important family member to you”.
“ Wait, don't leave, stay a while longer, I have no one either, we can be friends, considering the world is ending”'. “ All right I'll stay, but stop nagging me, you remind me so much of Talon”. “Why's that”. “ I don't know your way of speaking and your protective spirit, but either than that you guys are complete opposites, your more masculine or manly as you call it, he assumes he is strong and mighty, but he really is pretty weak, I'm even stronger than him, but look at you, you have a 6 pack”. “ See when you look at these abs think about time and dedication, took me along time to get these”. “ Well, I could not be that patient, patience another good quality”. “ sure is, tell me more about Camden”. “ Oh Camden, shes great when you need someone to talk to,a good friend like her brother”, “ what does she look like”, “ Oh you know, blond, blue eyes, anyway do you have any friends around here”. “ Uh, well kind of, ya, her name is Batia Dobias, actually shes from here, she knows just about everything about everything, I can't for you two to meet”. “ Neither can I, she sounds nice”. I really did not mean what I said after all, I couldn't have cared less about, whats her face, Batia Dobias, she sounded like a snob to me I could tell by the way her name flowed, I know I'm judgemental but I have got a real issue with first impressions. “ Batia, is a very close friend to me, I have known her since I was a kid, she is also very talented, at the culinary and musical arts.” For about 20 minutes straight he would not stop raving about the talented, and beautiful Batia Dobias, and thats when I finally cracked. “ Oh my goodness Deandre!, would you please shut up all your nattering is giving me a migraine”. Silence filled the room for a few seconds, but it was so awkward it felt much longer. “ I don't understand, I thought you wanted to know more about Batia”. “ Honestly, ,I have a lot on my mind right now”. “ You could at least apologize to me”. “ I'm not apologizing for anything, you simply ticked me off!, “ Honey, that is what I call having a short fuse”. “ Aye aye aye, I can not handle your sarcasm for another minute, I'm getting out of here”. “ You can't leave, you have no where else to go”. “ We'll see about that, Thank you for your hospitality Oh kind Deandre”. Before he had a chance to reply to my sarcasm, I swiftly scurried out of the room, and was about to make my way through the door when a girl bumped into me. “ Hey watch where your going, next time, imbecile,”. “ You do realize your probably not the only one around here who speaks English”. That is when I realized she had heard what I said. “ Oh I apologize, I'm a little over my head right now, I'm not exactly in the mood to start a fight”. “ That's okay”. “ Really?”. “ Yes, where are you from, I have never seen you around here before”. “ let's just say I'm from multiple places, I don't stay in one place very long, I'm sorry, I have got to be going on my way now”.
“ Where are you planning on going at this time of night?”, “ I don't know yet”. “ Here, why don't you come with me, I'm here to visit a friend anyway”, “ All right, thank you, but whats your name”. “ Oh, I'm Batia Dobias”. My mouth dropped open in awe, I was shocked at by how nice she was, I thought she would be snobby, her appearance was how imagined though, bronze skin, shoulder length brown hair, and blue eyes, she was extremely exotic. “ my, my name is Colbie Tallis”. “ Nice to meet you colbie, come with me”. She took me back up to Deandre's room which was extremely predictable, she knocked on the door and Deandre answered.
“ So Colbie, I see you have meet Batia, I was going to come after you but
I saw Batia coming so I gave her a call have her stop you from leaving”.


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