W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 8
The First Impression

I began to ran as fast as I could for I knew I was not crazy, workers and the captain were chasing after me to stop, while I was running I put my hair into a simple ponytail, and I dove of the bow of the boat right into the Mediterranean Sea. While dreading my choice of jumping into the ocean, a kind worker throws a life raft into the water,it was in a back pack form and all I had to do was pull the cord attached, and then voila I had a life raft, I lay there in my life raft setting adrift for Israel, my closest source of land. I began crying for I missed my sister and her company, I had no Idea where she was, while I was thinking I dove of into a long rest.

The Next thing I knew I had a strange man in a turban wake me up from my sleep yelling obnoxiously, I was still in my Raft when I awoke, I stood up and the man grabbed me by my arm and started yelling some strange phrase in his language, and I pulled him closer and yelled in his ear shut up would you. The next thing I knew I was in a market place with people I don't understand or know. But I saw as sign which said Ashdod, I then realized that must be the city I am in, my stomach started to grumble, I made my towards a local fish vendor, I didn't have any money, I waited until he was not looking I grabbed some salmon, and ran for it, I turned around and he began chasing me yelling what I think was thief, suddenly I was jolted by force right to the ground, I looked up and I saw a strong young man, athletic looking, tanned skin, and dark brown hair, with sparkling green eyes, I zoned out for a couple of seconds by the force of the whiplash I got. When I again gain consciousness, a cold hand helps me up from the ground, I look around I see at least 30 different faces staring at me, and the vendor man starts yelling at me which to me sounds like a whole lot of gibberish. The guy I banged into started speaking to the vendor man in which sounded like the same language, and then he handed
the vendor man some money, and then everything returned back to normal,
and everyone once again minded their own business. I looked around confused and the guy I banged into started walking away, I did not know what his name was so I decided to call him Dane, I caught up with him and I started saying.

“ I'm sorry for banging into you”, “ Ya, you should you cost me five bucks, and loss of reputation, you must have a lot of spare time to be
going on the streets banging into random people”. “ Hey at least I had the dignity to come and apologize, so what do I owe you”. “nothing, just knowing I made your day is enough reward for me”. “ Hey there is no need to be sarcastic, please just say you forgive me”, “ Okay, I forgive you”, “ Now was that so hard”. “ For me yes it was”. “ Your the first English person I have seen around, my name is Colbie, Colbie Tallis”.
“ Well, nice to meet you Colbie, I suppose, my name is Deandre Vega, I must say Colbie, you are very talented in the art of first impressions”.
“ Here you go again being sarcastic”. “ I apologize your highness”,
“ So want brings you to Israel Deandre”, “ I'm a tourist, from California, what about you?”, “ long story, too much to tell”. “ Why don't you tell me over a glass of water, I know this cute little joint a few little blocks down, called Deandre's apartment”. “ Sure, I need someone to talk too”.


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