W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 7
A Turn Of Events

on the way back to my rooms I noticed something very unusual, the ship was now flying the Israeli flag. I examined the flag momentarily, then started walking backwards in confusion, then suddenly backed up into the captain. “ are you in a rush somewhere young lady”, “ Oh, I'm sorry sir, I was just headed back to my room”. “ What are you doing on the worker's deck?”, “ I was just exploring, I'm sorry but I need to leave now, please excuse me”. “ Wait!, you know the packaged potatoes taste better without the gravy, just thought you should know that”. “ Oh Okay good bye sir”. I was still quite baffled why the captain knew I had taken the food, perhaps he saw me, or maybe there were video cameras, well I guess none of that matters at the moment all that matters, is that I have food for tonight and tomorrow morning. “ Payton! I'm back, where are you?, Payton don't go playing hide and go seek with me, right now is not the time”. I walked into the main room, and I nearly dropped my bags at the sight of my sister's clothes laying on the bed, the television was on, but no sign of Payton, I switched to the local news channel, but it was in some foreign language, then the Israeli flag appeared on the screen, and I realized that I had not boarded the boat to Canada but I had boarded the boat to Israel, that is why I had not seen Talon or Camden, I was so confused my thoughts were spilling out of my head. I picked up my sister's clothes and put them in one of the drawers. But all of a sudden a word I had seen before appeared in English on the screen, the word was Revelations. I quickly grabbed the Bible from one of the drawers and went to Revelation, for about an hour I meditated about the fact hat this was not a joke, this was a being fulfilled, this was the end of the world.
But where is Payton, I thought, I ran out of the hotel room and saw clothes laying everywhere, people in line at the front desk complaining and wondering where their loved ones had disappeared of too. I went back up to the workers deck where I had seen the captain so I could speak to him at once.

“ Excuse me sir I need your help, my sister is gone, people are missing from the ship, and their clothes are just laying around”. “ I'm sorry miss probably just a slight misunderstanding, please return to your room and remain calm”. “ No Sir!, I will not remain calm until I find the whereabouts
of my sister, is that understood, sir this is not a misunderstanding this is the end of the world”. “ Miss, your simply mistaken, or as some people call crazy, you need to stop panicking!”. “ No I will not, and I certainly never shall”. “ Miss if you don't stop this nonsense at once, I will call security to take you to the Israeli mental asylum as soon as we arrive there in about 20 minutes”. “ Never!”.


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