W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 6
Hard To Starboard

“ Colbie. What is the time”, “ according to my watch, it is about 5 am”. “ So when does our boat come”, “ It comes at about approximately 6 am”.
“ yes, your correct, but guys it gets really crowded here in the mornings so we have to stay close”. “ Don't worry I'm sure we all will stay with talon s the money after all”. “ So what do we do until 6”, “ there, are a couple of benches over there, how about we all take a nap”. “ yes please I would kill for a nap right now”.

Colbie falls asleep upon Talon's lap, while Camden is resting on Talon's shoulder' and Payton is sleeping on Camden's lap.

“Hey are either one of you kids boarding the 6 o clock boat”. I peeked dimly enough to see a tall figure with a police badge, and a police uniform,
then I fully gained the strength to sit up and open my eyes fully. “ Guys, wake up look it is a cop”, “ Hi I am sergeant Collins, I am going to have to take you kids in, it appears we need to take you back to head mistress Wanda.” when the cop was not looking, I whispered to everone run”. The docks were so packed out by the morning rush, I lost Talon and Camden in the crowds, but at least I still had Payton, we made our way to the nearest ship, I thought it was going to be a little fancier, but I thought it would do.

“ Colbie where is Talon and Camden”, “ They are probably already aboard the ship”. “ I'm scared”, “ Why?”. “ I just have a strange feeling in my gut that is all”. Payton and I went through a high tech security check, they made me strip everything off my self except for my undergarments,
but both of us made it through, we got taken to a small room, it had one single bed with a few holes and dints in the walls here and there, there was annoying leak in the corner, but besides that,
it Did us quite well. “ Colbie, I'm hungry”, “ I am too, but we can't eat anything until we find Talon and Camden they have all the money”. “ But I have not eaten in the longest time”. “ Why don't I go on deck and see if I can snag us some food, after all I'm an expert pick pocket”. “ Okay, But don't be long”. “ I won't don't you worry”. I made my way to the working deck to where there was a small cafeteria, I sneaked in and started kicking one of those old fashioned vending machines, and before I knew it out came a bag of regular chips, and a candy bar, then I went into a small kitchen area, I went into the refrigerator and took a few of those packaged
lunches, which looked pretty nasty, but it was food, it was either that or starve.


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