W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 5
Leaving So Soon

Talon went as fast as he could to Colbie's room, anxiously.

Knock! Knock!, “ Coming Talon”, “ Colbie, it is time to go”, “ All right, I'm
ready to go”, “ same here”. “ So are we meeting upstairs now”, “ Yes where else”.

Talon, Colbie, Camden, and Payton made it to the window.

“ Okay who is going out onto the ledge first”, “ Okay, I think Camden should go first, then Payton, then Colbie, then me”. “ Okay, I will go first, payton take my hand”, “ Okay Camden whatever you say”. “ Okay Colbie, your turn”. “ It is okay you can go first”, “ No, your going first”. “ Okay fine,but it is really high above the ground”. “ Slow down guys, wait for me”. “ Talon there is ice in front of me, I might slip”, “ Colbie you won't slip, just do what me and Payton did, hop over it”, “ Camden, I can't do that, I will fall”. “ Talon, carry her”, “ all right if you insist”.

Talon carried Colbie, along the edge, and down the fire escape.

“ Thank you Talon, for carrying me, it helped a lot”, “ No problem, if you ever need to be carried I'm your guy”. “ All right so now we need to go to
the Yorkshire Docks”. “ Here, I will hitch hike”, “ are you sure?”. “ Yes, sir can you please give us a ride to Yorkshire Docks”, “ of course, I am going past there anyways, what are you kids doing out here this late at night”,
“ we are going to Canada”, “ Oh I have been there, they have great bacon”, so what are your names”. “Why”, “ I'm just interested in knowing
who I am playing taxi with”. “ Well if you really need to know, I'm Colbie Tallis and i'm 17 years old”, “ I am Payton Tallis and I am 14 years old”.
“ I'm Talon Friar, and I'm 17 years old”, “ and last but not least, I'm Camden Friar, my age is 16”. “ Well Thank you for introducing your selves, you can just call me Tim”, “ Are we almost there Tim?”, “ actually
we are here”. “ So what do we owe you”, “ Nothing but your utmost gratitude”, “ Thank you Tim”. “ No Problem, and by the way Talon, take care of them ladies especially Colbie”, “ Okay, thank you sir”. “ it's Tim,


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